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It’s Changing – So What’s New

  • Written by Sidney
  • October 28th, 2017
  • 4 min read

A recurring theme we read about on Stickman’s and other Thai-centric sites is the ever-changing demographics of Thailand. Certainly there are more Chinese visitors and perhaps they are holidaying there as it is near to mainland China and it seems to be an affordable destination. The food available can certainly cater to the needs of Chinese folk. No doubt cashed up wealthy Chinese or Asians in general would find the affordability of apartments delightful.

Westerners also like to holiday in Thailand – it’s affordable – it’s ideally placed and reachable no matter where one resides.

Indeed Bangkok has become a rather modern sprawling city, and is inviting for many tourists.

Accommodation is plentiful and often inexpensive, food is cheap and it’s a rather interesting place overall.

It has a robust infrastructure with all services that are available in western countries. Thailand has advanced medical and dental services equal to many western countries, and often much cheaper.

So much so that many westerners decide to unshackle themselves from their western domiciles, and become expatriates in Thailand. The dollar can stretch much further after all.

However, one facet of Thailand that is of some concern to some gentlemen (particularly veteran expats) is how they feel that the cost of one of the biggest attractions for them – being the companionship of Thai working ladies. Bangkok and Pattaya being the epicentre of such a culture.

Interestingly, it only seems to be expats that have the long-term history – of just how much prices have escalated. They know what it was like and how things have changed.

They yearn for the old days when costs were much lower, when girls gave an almost authentic girlfriend experience and doted on punters; without complaint. Yes, of course fond memories are great but the march of time is relentless. Costs never diminish – they invariably always rise. That is a financial fact of life.

We all want more out of life, and whilst it’s tempting to say that money doesn’t buy happiness (possibly naively true) – it certainly makes being miserable and unhappy more tolerable – if you have plenty of money and resources for diversions and to pay bills.

So, having plentiful resources affords a means of enjoying oneself.

That’s possibly the next best thing to this nebulous notion of happiness. But have costs risen out of reasonable proportion for ahem the companionship of working ladies.

Maybe it has for those that are permanently residing in Thailand; with perhaps limited budgets.

Those gentlemen that have not factored in inflation, scarcity of resources (fewer beautiful girls willing to enter the industry) driving prices up and widespread modernisation – giving the indigenous population more work options.

But let’s not kid ourselves, modernisation leads to more demand by the population group. A population enjoying a big modern city life but still very much lowly paid.

There is still much poverty throughout Thailand. And with a very low population growth maybe it will always remain so.

Fewer people to pay taxes and fund essential infrastructure.

Apparently it’s still possible to find a willing freelance girl along Beach Road, Pattaya for THB 1000; for a short time liaison.
For a long time session possible THB 1500 -2000.
Double those figures for gogo venues with prettier girls.

These numbers need to be put into perspective.

In Sydney THB 1000 will buy you a ½ hour massage – that’s all. (no sex).
And THB 2000 will buy you a 1 hour massage (add another THB 1000 for an additional happy ending). Again no sex.

So, folks get real !!

It’s more costly in the western world for sexual liaisons. So stop moaning. You still have it good over there in Thailand. It’s much more expensive elsewhere.

I was looking at website here in Sydney that promotes massage parlours the other day.

The asking price at a brothel for female companionship is in excess of AUD $280 (THB 7000).You will most likely end up with a geriatric working lady dragon to boot.

Now, many gents looking for a better bargain have quite rightly decided to move to more affordable locations like Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Makes me wonder why, our dear friend Phet hasn’t seen the light and moved on to different locations and greener pastures. Why this fixation with Thailand. It seem he didn’t enjoy himself recently. It seems he is caught in some time warp.

Maybe a reconnaissance trip to the Philippines to meet sweet more amenable little brown feminine girls, on whom he can use his considerable British charm. And be able to impart his wit to an appreciative audience that can understand him – for less expenditure.

But he first needs to unshackle the ball and chain around his ankles (his two dragons), that will give it to him in the neck – sooner or later !!

He is in love with some sort of fantasy – sap !!

I fully endorse the two-week millionaire phenomena.

Just set aside a travelling / holiday cache and visit the SE Asian country of your choice – Then get back to the real world. Then repeat the process – again and again for your pleasure.

If you intend to live in SE Asia much though needs to be given.

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Spoken like a newbie.

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