Stickman Readers' Submissions August 4th, 2017

Dancing With Myself

Sad to hear you are giving up your dream. In life, everything has a beginning and an end. It’s hard to run a business far away from the source like in this case. The need of fresh news and updates makes the site feeling outdated nowadays. Even if some readers send some random news like myself. Need to write locally, in place when feeling the vibe of the big apple.

But I was not writing this submission because Stickman’s column is ending soon. I have the suspicious that it will not end. Last time when Stickman decided to leave Thailand and come back to his homeland a lot of turnovers occurred. I don’t think an investor or sponsor spending money in someone or something will give up so easily. It sounds like throwing money across the window. I think we will assist another novel like 2 – 3 years ago.

He Clinic Bangkok

In another hand that big no sense of writing about a thing (the bars) that no one feels compelled to attend anymore, makes the business running low, although some hardcore expats from 20 – 30 years ago still use for personal fun. I was never interested in the bar industry gossip. Never been in Nana Plaza or Patpong, and I visited Soi Cowboy because I was close to the Asoke junction and I just took a short stroll across that particular soi one time. In Phuket I felt compelled to attend Bangla Road: a different vibe and a good atmosphere. The last thing I want to do when I go Thailand is stay many days in Bangkok. I’d rather go somewhere and quick.

I took a short time of my own to update some of my apps on my cellular and I found out that ThatFriendly has an app to use in your Android or IoS devices. So, I tried out the app just for fun and to see what’s going on. The same kind of ladies saying “hi” are back. That is a nightmare. They just say “hi” and don’t say anything anymore! That’s kind of annoying. Most of them are not attractive so I take it as a plus and feel relieved.

There are some really attractive cxxxs around there, most from the Sukhumvit area, but now the fee to talk with them is 20 USD$/month because they are so popular (go figure it why? ☺) and I don’t feel a need to pay for play nowadays. I want to stay away from those cxxxs living in the Sukhumvit area because I already know they are gold diggers or freelancers, although freelancing is my thing. With the cxxxs currently living in Pattaya I always ask for the price and they reply with their prices: spot on with those cxxxs! A big thumbs up! They are there to make a living and they don’t hide it.

CBD bangkok

The ladies I got under my eyes come mostly from the Ubon something or Nakhon elsewhere. Those ladies are really beauties and are genuinely looking for a teerak farang. They are still naïve but easy-going like I remember when I spent time on this site looking for some beauty. With those ladies I can have some enjoyable talking since their English looks fairly better than before. One of 2 things could be happening: they are improving their English skills or they learnt from prior relationships. The last option put them at a level above naïve and more for the gold digger level. Who knows and who cares since I’m only playing and having some fun.

Impressive are those ladies in Phuket. I already know they are more easygoing, but their readiness to have a date the same day keeps puzzling me. One of these cxxxs asked me to pick her up in another location even when I said I was in Patong. She was so available and I was so horny, because she has a nice ass. That’s beyond easygoing. My assumption is they are bargirls or freelancers pretending to be nice girls. The nightlife in Phuket is far different from Bangkok and like I said before: Phuket has a different vibe and I mean for the better. I felt I can easily score a lot of cxxxs if I want in this website nowadays.

I refer to those ladies as cxxxs because they call me guy. They never call me mister or sir, so they will have the same treatment and to be fair they are a bit of sneaky cxxxs.

Something really odd came across in those days of pure fun on the TF app, and I mean something in the agenda of this site over the last few weeks: I came across 2 profiles of African cxxxs living in Sukhumvit which reminds me of a lot of complaints from the mongers attending Nana Plaza nowadays and some crackdowns from police officers in that area as well. They came 7  -8 years later trying to make business like the local cxxxs already do. They are extending their business to the IT area as well. Someday I will come across with some “quistan” (like someone called them) either.

wonderland clinic

Of course, there are some fake profiles as well, but they will be deleted or blocked by administrators quickly. They are easy to spot and never last more than a couple of hours, although someone called Kate something with random numbers on her fake profile is quite persistent. Maybe a man with too much free time, who knows?

Interesting was the fact when I installed the Instagram on my cellular last week and something odd happened. One of my contacts from Thailand that I stoically kept during years and that I supposed was a woman turned out to be a man. He has pictures dressed with army or official uniform as well. Sadly for him he’s not my kind of man. Luckily, only I can see him and not otherwise. Once she was a delight for my eyes. Magnificent body from some Issan lady. I think I will delete his contact from my cellular. He broke my heart. I thought I was her teerak that time. ☹

Coming again to the hot news last weekend from Kiwiland, I think the site is a piece of art with around 20 years of labor and making a dismissal of it sounds odd to me. I bet it will last at least for a couple of years more and will have more turning points. I will stay tuned for the next episode because I believe there will be one.

Stick’s thoughts:

No need to use the C word…it’s crass.

There are talks going on at the moment so, yes, there is a chance that things might survive.  When I wrote last week’s column it was 99% sure that it was the end.  Now I’d say there is a chance it might continue.  What sort of chance?  The best I can say is “a chance”.  More on Sunday.

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