Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2017

Cebu Philippines Trip Report – Day 4 – 6.5

Given the uncertainty of Stickman site continuing past Sunday, I will condense my submissions and try to complete them before the demise.

It is now Friday and from what I’ve read and have been told, the weekend is what it’s all about in Cebu City even though during the week is not too shabby.

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I start the day at the breakfast buffet around 10 AM and have a light meal of fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice. I am a little tired but plan to get some sleep in the afternoon. I go on a 3-hour walk throughout the city with no particular place in mind. Just walking, sight-seeing, and talking to strangers when the opportunity presented itself. I take after my father who can hold a 1-hour phone conversation on a missed dialed number. There is much to be said about the city itself but I don’t have the time to write about it.

After making a quick stop by my room for a shower, I make my to Ayala Center for a cup of Joe at Bo’s coffee shop. Same-same as before. Some obvious pro girls hanging around the outside terrace and the place is packed to the gills. No room to sit so I take my coffee to go and start window-shopping in the mall.

I stop by and say hi to Ms. Cologne from the previous day. We had exchanged a few messages during the past 24 hours and I think she was about ready to accept a dinner offer. I had already planned to stop by this day and say hello to her. In preparation, I had placed a Dove chocolate bar and a small bottle of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in a little gift bag inside my backpack. Bless my Cebuana ex-gf for making this suggestion. Good chocolate is rather expensive in PI for your average wage earner and a small gift, especially one that has a nice fragrance, goes a long way to breaking down those barriers. The chocolate bar and hand sanitizer cost no more than $5 in Dubai but you would have thought I bought her 10 grams of gold by her reaction. The plan worked like a charm except the chocolate was melted somewhat. Note to self: place the chocolate in the refrigerator so it will not melt within 5 minutes of leaving the room.

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I offered and Ms. Cologne accepted my dinner invitation but she could not commit to a specific day because she did not know what her work schedule would be the following week. She worked that day until 10pm but wasn’t sure about the next day, Saturday, because one of the girls had quit and the manager hadn’t posted the new work schedule. We left it at that. She would let me know when her schedule was favorable for us to have dinner.

No sooner than I had left her store, I received a message from Ms. Vixen, the girl I met at Semi-final and spent some time with in J Ave. She said she would like to come to Cebu City for the weekend but didn’t have money for the bus fare. Being the horny gentleman that I am, I told her if she could make it to Cebu City, I would pay for her round trip fare.

I continue window-shopping around the mall with not much luck. I head back to my hotel to drop off my bag and then proceed to Cebu Holiday Spa. After another wonderful 90-minute massage, I go back to my room and sleep for 2 hours waking at 7:30 PM. I read the messages on my phone but none of them from Ms. Vixen. It has been a few hours and no response from my fare offer. I take yet another shower and grab a taxi to Mango. I go to Time Out where I am greeted like a long-lost friend. The cute waitress from the night before, I’ll call her Ms. Time Out 1, seemed a little distant and I was somewhat puzzled by her actions.

No problem I thought. I ordered a SML and a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. The sandwich was so good and reminded me of home so much that is all I ordered on each subsequent visit. Nothing on the side, just give me the sandwich.

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I was passing the time playing pool, talking to anybody that would listen, flirting with staff (girls only), listening to the band bringing back memories of the good ole days. Two hours had passed in a blink of an eye and then I received a message from Ms. Vixen who had just arrived in Cebu City. At this point in time, I had given up on her since I hadn’t heard from her in several hours. I asked her to join me at Time Out but she refused saying her ex-boyfriend may be there and she had no desire to see him. Fair enough. We agree to meet at Semi-final in 30 minutes.

I finish my beer, pay my bill ($15), say my goodbyes and start to head for the door. Ms. Time Out 1 walks out behind me and questions me where I am going. To another bar is all I reply with. I told her that it seems she wasn’t interested in me so I was going to meet some ‘guys’ I met the day before to play some pool. She apologized for the way she acted but didn’t want anyone to be suspicious of her and I. Suspicious of what I asked. She said she needed to be very discreet and that she liked me and could she meet me later after she got off of work. I told her I didn’t know what my plans were for the night but when she got off of work, to send me a message.

I left and went straight to Semi-final to meet Ms. Vixen. I arrive and she’s not there but I get a chance to flirt with Ms. Brown Eyes. My God, she is beautiful. I buy her a shot of tequila and we talk for a few minutes before she needs to head back downstairs. It’s now about 30 minutes after the time Ms. Vixen was supposed to meet me. I am getting a little agitated but there was some other talent in there I was talking to in order to pass the time.

Finally Ms. Vixen appears an hour late and she has her two friends with her, the hot bods from 2 days before. I am really starting to re-think this. Are they after just a free night of partying or do I really have a chance with Ms. Vixen? Ms. Vixen apologizes for not messaging me sooner but the Internet connection where she lives is very unreliable. She had received my offer about the bus fare but couldn’t reply. She said her friends were only there because that is where she went to shower after arriving in the city. I accept her story with a grain of salt.

After consuming two rounds of drinks, we head to Mango Square and do the disco hopping, bouncing from one disco to the next, and dancing a few songs at each place. I finally tell her that I am tired of listening to the electronic music crap and wanted to go to Cubana and listen to the live band. I wasn’t sure what she would do but didn’t really care at that point since I didn’t know what her intentions were for the night. After talking with her friends for a few minutes, she grabs my hand and said let’s go.

We didn’t see her friends the rest of the weekend except when we went by their place to pickup Ms. Vixen’s bag about 5 am Saturday morning. They lived in a decent small 1-bedroom condo owned by one their parents.

It was a blissful weekend to say the least and we said our goodbyes on Sunday afternoon. As promised, I gave her the bus fare plus a few thousand more peso ($60 in all) in case she wanted to return to see me. I never did see her after that but we stayed in touched and still do to this day.

Ms. Time Out 1 did message me early Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Saturday night. All was ignored and not read or replied to….I had some explaining to do. Stay tuned for day 6.5 and beyond….

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