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Cebu Philippines Trip Report – Day 12

After a great night of sleep and a good breakfast of fruit and yoghurt, it is historical sight-seeing day. It’s an overcast day but didn’t have the threatening rain look. I must say I was quite disappointed and will probably never see these places again. I know these are some very old places but a little more upkeep is needed plus all the beggars hanging around were a nuisance.

  1. Fort San Pedro – An 18th Century Spanish Fort. (Good location for pictures)
  2. Magellan’s Cross – Cross brought by Spanish explorers in 1521, marking the start of Christianity in the Philippines.
  3. Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino – Catholic church dating to the 1500s, rebuilt in the 1700s, known for its statue of Jesus as a child.

After checking off Historic sites from my list, I looked at my map app and see a golf course about 6 km away. That would be my turnaround point. I wanted see if it would be worth bringing my clubs on the next trip.

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The hour walk to the golf course was uneventful; your typical streets of houses, small shops, food vendors, gas stations, etc. The streets were clean and have a sidewalk that you can actually walk on.

Alta Vista Golf and Country was very pleasant and had some decent facilities such as swimming pool, indoor basketball, and indoor tennis. The course was hilly and appeared to be in good shape. If I recall correctly, tourist rates were about $50 during the week, $100 on $30 if you are member’s guest.

After a little more than an hour walking and several bottles of water, I was back in Mango area and decided to stop for a nice cold refreshing beer and to see Ms. Fast Walker at Bar xxxxx. She wasn’t there but her gay boy cousin was whom I had met on a previous visit and told me she was scheduled to come in at 6. I asked him to relay to her that I would be back around 8.

I walk the remaining 20 minutes back to my hotel. After reaching the room, I look at my Steps app to see how far I had walked; 25 km in all. No wonder my feet were sore and legs fatigued. I didn’t have time to go to my favorite massage so I order an in room foot massage.

After the foot massage, email duties, and a cold shower, I order an Uber this time. It was a little cheaper than a taxi but a nicer car. After tip, it was the same because I give 100 pesos for a ride to Mango area regardless of the fare, which I think is only 65 peso.

I arrived at 9 and was greeted by Ms. Fast Walker. I order water and beer.

Her: You are late. You said 8 o’clock.

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Me: Did we have a date or something?

Her: Yes, you tell my cousin you come back at 8.

Me: That’s not a date. You are working and I am not here to see your gay cousin no matter how good-looking he is (I wink at the cousin). Actually, according to Filipino time, I am on time.

Her: I thought you come drink with me.

Me: You mean I come drink and buy you drinks too. Sure, here you go. (I push the water in her direction and start laughing).

She didn’t see the humor in what I did so she removed the cap from the water and squirted some on me. It must have been more than she intended because she quickly grabs some napkins and starts wiping my face while apologizing.

We continue talking, playing pool, listening to the band, and drinking but now it’s tequila for her. It’s approaching 11 and I was getting hungry with thoughts of you know what…..yes, the pork sandwich from Time Out. I ask Ms. Fast Walker to hold my check bin and I will be back in an hour.

I make the round, say hi to Ms. Time Out 1 and the rest of the gang, eat my sandwich, and 2 beers. Before I left, Ms. Time Out 1 asked what I was doing later that night. I replied, “I’m not sure. Send me a message when you’re finished work.”

“Ok. Maybe we will go to the disco or Karaoke”, she said.

“Sounds good, let me know”, I replied.

Upon returning to Ms. Fast Walker 30 minutes later than I said, her first words were, “You are late again.”

Me: No, I am not late. I am early according to Filipino time. Did we have a date or something?

Her: No, you never asked.

Me: I am asking now.

Her: I don’t know. Let me think about it. I make bad decisions when alcohol is involved.

Me: A beer for me and a bottle of tequila for you and the wait staff.

Her: Are you trying to get me drunk?

Me: Am I that obvious?

We continue the usual chitchat back and forth for 2 more hours whilst I played pool and she assisted other customers. It was about this time the owner and the manager get into a heated argument and then directed their anger towards two of the female staff. I couldn’t hear everything because of the music but the words cunt and bitch were very clear. This was going on in front of all the customers. The 2 girls started crying and ran into the back soon followed by several of the other female staff including Ms. Fast Walker.

Ms. Fast Walker appears about 10 minutes later and says let’s go. I pay the bill and we head toward Mango Square. When we get to the corner and about to turn left onto Mango Ave, Ms. Time Out 1 and her 2 friends are crossing the road. I don’t think they had seen me yet so I did my best to avoid being seen. That didn’t last long. It’s very hard to hide when you’re a head taller than most people around. Surprisingly they did not say anything when they spotted me.

It starts to rain so we jump into a taxi and go to Cubana. Order some drinks and some food for her. She tells me about the episode that had occurred at the bar. Apparently one of the girls is a mistress for a police officer and the two girls that were being berated got into a fight with the police officer’s wife. Of course the police officer was very irate and was threatening to have the bar closed. That would have pissed me off too but you still don’t call them c’s and b’s especially in front of customers.

A couple of drinks later it’s time to leave. We take a taxi to the hotel and she needs a lot of assistance getting out of the taxi and up the hotel steps. We make it to the room, she lays on the bed and is out within minutes. I remove her shoes and cover her with the blanket.   I lie down as well and check my messages on the phone. It had vibrated many times after Ms. Time Out 1 spotted me. No need to tell you what was in the messages but she wasn’t any too happy to see me with another girl. Her last message said it all, DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.

I would contact her again but that’s another day. Time to sleep.

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