Stickman Readers' Submissions August 12th, 2017

Cebu Philippines Trip Report – Day 11

Bright skies this late morning. I put Ms. Time Out 1 in a taxi and head toward to the airport for my Helicopter tour. This was going to be my first ever helicopter tour other than ones provided free-of-charge by the US Army. I was really looking forward to the 75-minute tour over to Bohol even though I was feeling some of the effects from the previous night. We board and take flight only to return 3 minutes later. Flight canceled due to impending weather approaching. I was slightly agitated but understood that safety comes first and I didn’t want to end up being fish food. They wanted me to reschedule but I just wanted my $400 back since it was canceled twice already and didn’t want to make another 90 minute round trip in a taxi for no reason.

I get back to the hotel and decide to just relax by the pool for the remaining daylight or until the rain clouds roll in. After some swimming, reading, and catching up on emails, it dawns upon me the clouds nor the rain had appeared and it’s been 3 hours. I return to the room, shower, get dressed, and go over to the Terraces at Ayala Center for a dinner meal. Before I proceeded to the 4th floor, I stopped by to see if Ms. Cologne was working. I peek in but didn’t see her and when I turned around, I almost ran over her. She had finished work about 15 minutes earlier but returned to get a bag she had forgotten. I reminded her of the dinner invitation she had accepted a few days earlier and asked if she was busy. She accepted but only had about 2 hours because she was going to visit some friends later. Instead of going to the Terraces and possibly being seen by Ms. Etouffee, we go to TGI Friday’s.

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We have a nice dinner and I learn she is 29, some college, 1 kid, marriage was annulled, and she lives at home with her parents. She hopes to open her own store one day. After we finish, I walk her to the Jeepney stand, and then I go get a taxi destined for Bar xxxxxx to see Ms. Fast Walker.

I arrive at bar xxxxx and the place is packed with only a couple of stools available at the bar. I look around for Ms. Fast Walker but don’t see her so I take a seat at the bar and order a beer. I strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me. He had been living in Cebu for about 8 months so I start picking his brains. He is the guy I mentioned in my first submission that was very successful with online dating. A fellow American but about 15 years younger than me. He wasn’t working and never said exactly how he earned a living but some comments he made led me to believe he had made some nice investments over the years in real estate. Finally Ms. Fast Walker appears from the back, takes an order from the guy sitting a couple of stools to my left, and then comes from behind the bar. She sits on the stool next to mine but instead of facing me, she turns toward the other guy. He’s much younger than me and far better looking. Well, shit, I thought. There goes any plans with her tonight.

I continue talking to my new American friend; mostly about life in Cebu. The topic turned to the nightlife and we decided to head over to Mango Square. The bill paid and off we go. We make the round of hitting all the discos (in and out, no drinks) but it was still too early and not many people so we go to Time Out for a game of pool. On the walk over to Time Out, I receive a text from Ms. Fast Walker asking me why I had left. “You were busy”, was my reply.

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We arrive at Time Out and receive the ‘Cheers’ like welcome where everybody knows your name, except from Ms. Time Out 1 who was avoiding eye contact. The band is playing one of my favorites, Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”, and doing a very decent rendition. We do the usual; play pool, consume a few a beers, and talk to the waitresses. I sensed a little tension between my friend and Ms. Time Out 2 so I asked him what’s up. When he first arrived in Cebu, she was the first girl he had dated and it didn’t end well. That is when he decided to no longer date any of the girls working in the bars and stick to online dating except for the occasional chance meeting. He likes to frequent the bars and didn’t want to deal with the crap from the girls when the relationship sours. “Don’t shit where you play”, he said. Makes sense to me.

We leave and go back to Mango Square and the clubs are starting to get a decent crowd. No luck in the first club, move on. No luck in the second club, move on. Several Pros around but not interested in them. Things were looking better in the third club after we made one round in the club looking for the right opportunity. We both look over at the same table that was occupied by two girls seeming to mind their own business. We offer and they accept drinks. After our second round, we suggest going somewhere else. When outside, the girl I am with asks how much I pay. “Pay for what?”, I asked.

“For us to party with you”, she replied.

“We pay for your drinks and food if you like but that’s it”, I said. The look on her face said it all, so out of curiosity I asked her how much she wants.

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“1,000 if you just want to party and 3,000 if you want more than that”, she explained with a little attitude in her tone. I am getting a little perturbed now because the sweet girl from the club has now transformed into a Pro with an attitude so I thought I would see how low she would go even though I had no intention of it going any further.

We negotiate and I get her down to 2,000. “So there is no confusion later on, you agree to 2,000, right?” I asked.

“Yes”, she said.

I replied with, “Ok, a bit strange but if you are going to pay ME only 2,000 to have sex with you, I also need taxi money.”

The look on her face completely changes and she asks, “You’re joking right?

“Of course I am. I don’t charge a girl to have sex with me.” She smiles but then I continue, “And I am not going to pay YOU to have sex me.”

She says something to her friend in Visaya and they storm off and go back inside the club.

I know that was a little crude but I really hate when a girl, especially a Pro, gets an attitude. All was going well until the bitchiness came out of her. I may have even considered paying her if it hadn’t been for that attitude. Reminded me of some Russian ladies I have encountered.

My friend and I were both surprised they were ladies of the night. They were dressed in typical Pinoy street clothes of blue jean shorts and t-shirt and didn’t give the come hither look when we first passed their table. Their hands stayed to themselves, no flirting, and actually seemed a little shy.

Having had enough of the discos, we walk down the street to Bamboozers. Drink a couple of beers and talk to the very attentive waitresses. Unfortunately for me, Ms. Bamboozers from a couple of nights before was not there and I was stuck with one of the less attractive staff but had a good time nonetheless.

I decide it’s time to go back to the comfort of my bed and get some much-needed sleep. Instead of a taxi, I opt for the 20-minute walk instead. I am joined on my walk by a ladyboy offering all kinds of services for the lowly sum of $10. I gave him 100 peso ($2) to go in the other direction.

As I continued walking, I witnessed 4 families (man, woman, and child(ren)) sleeping on the side of the road in makeshift cardboard houses. It really tugged at my heart to see this. Yes Stick, I truly felt blessed that I was born American and never experienced poverty. As I passed each one, I placed a donation on the ground by them and wondered what brought them to such dire straits.

Safely back in the room…lights out.

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