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A Strange Story

This morning I woke up very early, don’t know really why, could be the stress or not enough sleep…

The day before I receive another 3 letters declining my job application and I just thought : Life is Hell, I will never get a job.

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The world is going through a big change since many top and middle business positions are handled by women and for a basic educated young man, there are not so many options. After laying down a bit more, I think again about the conversation I had the day before in a bar on soi 22 with a young fellow from the UK who told me, ‘’Bro, not a chance you get a job in your expertise field now’’, too many women there but you can make good money by becoming a Bar boy!

What the fuck, I replied. No way I go to work in the bar scene…. This was actually my position. But money was disappearing and I wondered how long I could survive like this. So I come to my friend and told him I will join him at the evening where he works, somewhere in Soi Cowboy.

Evening came and I go there with a bit of anxiety and a heavy stone in my stomach. He was there already talking to a women taller and larger than him (made me laugh). When he sees me, he waves and comes to talk to me : She is one of my regular customers he say, easy to satisfy and good money he adds with a smile! Yes but she is not attractive at all, I reply. Who cares, say my bloke, you are here to make money as much and as fast as you can! Come on, I will introduce you to the mamasan!

The mamasan was a big girl and fat but seemed to be nice. She told me, Okay you look handsome, go in the back, put a bikini on and come to see me again. I was so reluctant to do that but as I said before, I do not have many options. So I came back and she explained to me the basic rule of this business. Talk to and smile at the girl, ask them to buy you as many drinks as possible and if you are smart, they will like you (or get horny) and take you to their room!

So I stood up there as a stupid idiot looking for my friend laughing and talking to her customer. After a while (it seems to me an eternity), 2 women in their 50s, tall, fat and not attractive at all come in to the bar! Unfortunately, one just waved at me and asked me to join, so I did.

I followed strictly the mamasan’s rule and engaged her in conversation. Where do you come from Are you here for business….. and please buy me a drink!

We had few drinks and she told me that she was a successful business women and she started to touch me more and more including my naughty part! It was not funny at all as she was definitely not attractive but I have to make money so I played the game. After a while, she told me that she wanted me to go with her for the night and how much would it be. I went back to the mamasan who told me the barfine was 500 baht and that I should ask 3,000 baht for the night as I was good looking, she add with a smile. I replied that the girl was not attractive at all and that I was afraid of not being able to perform. She had a big laugh, gave me one orange pill and said, be careful to take it 20 minutes before you arrive in the room and all will be fine!

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So we left the bar and went straight to her hotel. She asked me to take a shower with her….which I agreed to even if it was not the best experience of my life. Luckily the orange magic pill worked out and she say she never had such good sex when she wake up in the morning. She also add that she was in Bangkok for 4 days and intended to book me every day. So I left and came back to my place. I took a long shower while feeling dizzy and quite uncomfortable with this. But a small voice was already talking inside my head and said, Look, this is easy money, make as much money as possible in a short time and you can have a better future for you and your family. Indeed, I was already a BB!

The next 4 days, I stayed with them and played my role quite well. I told her that my handphone was broken and as the money for her was not a problem, she went and bought me the last IPhone15! She was so happy about our sex sessions that slowly a brilliant idea came into my head. I played the last scene during the last evening. The whole evening, I looked sad, sulky and very unhappy. After a while, she asked me why and I told her, I do not like my life in a bar, I want to have better future and I want you to take me to your country.

To make better effect, I also added some fake tears in my eyes (thanks to the water!) to make it more real. She sat in front of me and told me that she couldn’t because she has a family in Europe and so her kids would not accept that.

But she added that she really liked me and she will help me to get out of the bar scene and will come as often as possible to Bangkok. I ‘’cry’’ and say she was so nice and that I loved her very much.

The day before she left, she agreed that she would send me 20,000 bath/month if I promise not to work in the bar anymore, which of course I did. So she left giving me my first month’s allowance.

I took a rest first, then phoned my friend and told him the whole story. All he said was ‘’Brilliant, bro’’ but you’re still 2 girls behind. Actually I have 3 sponsors and they send me more or less 60,000 baht per month. I was astonished and asked him why in this case he was still going every night in the bar? His answer was simple, if you got the opportunity to make even more money, will you reject it? He explained to me also that he was now working on a very wealthy Asian girl who like him very much and he was expecting to marry her and move to her country!

I thought about for a long while and the evening coming. I was back in the bar, business as usual.

At 5 AM I woke up totally soaked. I stand up and go to the freezer for cold water and thought, What a NIGHTMARE this one, lucky it was just a bad dream! I stand for a while looking at the beautiful Sukhumvit lights I see from my 12th floor condo and say to myself, tonight I go to Cowboy to pick Lek and Nook, they are such hotties! Hopefully they do not charge me too much! With this happy perspective, I fall asleep again immediately and forget about my dream.

The conclusion of this fiction can be various but for me it will be :
Try some time to imagine if the roles were reversed and it was us men who have to work as hooker to make a living. Would we be so different to the bargirl? I personally think that in this case we also would lie, cheat and make up stories in order to make as much money as possible.

If you enjoy bar scene and bargirls (which is not my case as I did not play on this fields in 7 years), just don’t be naive but enjoy, have fun and make the most of it. But more important, be respectful and gentle with those girls who for most of them do not have much other opportunity to make a living.


The author cannot be contacted.

The author cannot be contacted.

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