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A 22-Year-Old’s Perspective On Thailand

A 22 year old’s perspective on Thailand
Coming back home from Thailand has definitely changed my perspective on things, particularly the way the west perceives Thailand. The U.S., in its infinite wisdom, is simply doing it wrong. I just can’t even deal with how women in the U.S. are now. In Thailand, women are happy to see you approach them and are definitely much more feminine than western women, not to mention 300x more attractive. Below are some of my thoughts.
Political Correctness
This is the biggest one. I live and work in California, one of the biggest PC places on earth. If I were to go up to a Thai woman born and raised in the U.S. and say Sawasdee, I would be labeled as a creep with an Asian fetish and likely ignored or rejected. In some cases, the girl might even take a picture of me from afar after and send it to her friends or post it on Facebook talking about how disgusting men like me are and how I am appropriating their culture.
In Thailand, they don’t overanalyze this BS. In Thailand, knowing the language is is a huge asset. In the same situation in Thailand, this often leads the girl to being genuinely curious as to how a foreigner knows her language as well as a couple of laughs and a strong chance of getting her LINE details.
As an American, when did we forget to embrace other people’s culture? It seems as if now we are told to actively reject it.
Due to the hot weather, girls in Thailand are always wearing something nice which does give them an advantage. But again, Thai girls’ personality is a lot more easy-going and fun. It’s a real date as opposed to going on a date with an American girl where it seems you are simply being judged. It’s comical really to see how unattractive some American girls are yet they hold themselves to such a high degree. It’s baffling really.
Also included in this is the aspect of drugs. I personally hate drugs, marijuana and everything else. It’s simply not for me. But in the U.S., one look at Tinder and it seems all girls do is smoke marijuana and pop pills on the weekend. Because these drugs are illegal in Thailand, no girls do these drugs. It really just seems like for 90% of girls back home , smoking and going to raves is a requirement for compatibility.
Supply and Demand 
In Thailand, there are so many girls who would certainly love to date a foreigner. As a foreigner in Thailand, you are in scarcity. One of my Thai female friends prefers dating a farang so much she doesn’t date men at home and would rather be in a long distance relationship with her faring boyfriend which she currently is in now. For whatever reason, maybe the girl/s may want to move to the U.S. one day or settle down with a foreigner in Isaan or build a future with them in the city of Bangkok. Who knows, but in Thailand the odds are much more in your favor and you are treated with much more respect.
It seems women in Thailand are also more curious to learn and share their culture. For example, if I tell an American I have been to Hong Kong, they will likely just say ‘Oh, cool’ but they really don’t care. And god forbid you talk about your family or life, ON THE FIRST DATE ! Red flag in America, too deep. While in Thailand, if I tell a girl where I have travelled to she at least seems genuinely curious as she goes on to list places she has or wants to visit. Talking about your life in Thailand to a woman, it seems as if she cares a whole hell of a lot more as family is big in Thailand, as well as understanding your significant other. If you ask an American girl about her life, you might get a small amount of information but certainly nothing that would make you guys connect instantly. In Thailand, I have had no problem with asking a girl about her parents and her life. Usually they open up and we connect on a level that you simply wouldn’t be able to in the U.S.
Easier To Find Interests with
I am 22 years old. The internet has made it so much easier to find similar interests with Thai women. For example, I love the hip hop artist Drake. When I meet Thai girls and we are hanging out, I will play some of his songs and they will go nuts and say wow! I love this song, this song I know! One girl even told me she loved hip hop so much she made a mixtape with her friends. My point being that in 1998, for example, you’d be hard pressed to find a Thai girl who had similarities in niche areas such as hip hop music. I believe the internet and how things can be shared globally has made it easier to find similarities with girls from other cultures.
DISCLAIMER: I came to Thailand for the first time this year, but these are the observations I noted from talking to “regular” aka non working girls in the day.
Now on to the nightlife.
I went to Thailand this past month to celebrate something big. Money is/wasn’t something I wanted or needed to haggle over for this trip so please keep in mind as you read this situation. I went to Baccara and wow, truly amazing bar with hot ass girls. I was there around 11 PMand coming from the U.S. , bars here usually empty out by 1 AM – 2 AM, so felt a bit rushed to choose a girl in my mind. My first question is: I was curious as to what the environment is like in bars when it’s closing time, are girls more aggressive in trying to find a customer for the night? I barfined a gorgeous girl for 1000 baht I think and paid 6000 baht for long time at around midnight I would say. We eventually went back to my room around 1 AM, boom boom and slept till like 6 AMat which point she told me she had to go. (In total I spent around 7,000 – 8,000 baht.) The money isn’t an issue so i don’t care about being “ripped off” but what I do care about is what the typical long time experience is like? I should have discussed this with the girl the night before. We seemed to get along great as her English was excellent and we had many similarities. It would have been nice to spend the next day with her showing me around (I would have been willing to pay for this of course). Reading stories online made it seem like these bargirls would be clinging on for every possible second for $ but nah, wasn’t like that unfortunately. Regardless, Thailand is awesome and I hope to be back either in the winter or next summer.
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