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Bangkok Pattaya Part 2

by Transformed

Sitting in the minibus, I was so looking forward to Pattaya. I was on my own and free. It surprised me the type of passengers I was traveling with. Couples, a family, single women, all seemed to be under 35. “Not your stereotypical Pattaya tourist”, I thought. The scenery sped by but not fast enough. It rained heavily enough to give me a feeling of apprehension. Thankfully it was the only time it would rain during my stay.

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As we turned the corner to go down Beach Road, I spotted my hotel. Luckily it was on the way, as I had no idea where it was located. The bus driver courteously let me off and I said goodbye to the passengers.

I checked in. Amazingly the hotel was as good as the Internet pictures. What luck! As seasoned travelers know, most hotels market themselves like a dating site!

“Wow, I got an awesome place near the soapies for only 35 AUD a night” I thought to myself. They upgraded my room as well. What a great start. I unpacked. had a refreshing shower and then an afternoon nap.

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A scooter was hired and I was off. What a feeling of freedom. On my own and riding a scooter in Pattaya. I cruised the sois, then made my way to the big Buddha. Made my blessings and took photos. A great view from that vantage point. Like you, Stick, I love taking photos.

I felt happy. I was unshackled from silly western doctrine, and in a completely different environment and culture. I was away from weird western sexual values born from idiotic women’s lib and the sexual confusion the west has morphed itself into. I remember walking down soi 6 one afternoon, and watching a tall western transvestite parading as if he belonged there. All he got from the katoeys and working girls was laughter and ridicule. He looked so silly, stupid and unnatural.

This is the effect Thailand has had on me. As men we dream of a fantasy place of unlimited easy girls and freedom and fun. I have never mongered or soapied, or anything in between here in Australia. I could never even contemplate it. But Thailand, it’s just too easy and way more fun and cheap! And it feels normal and natural.

Evening arrived. I dressed in my trousers and collared shirt and was off to the soapies by foot.. Fortunately my hotel was that end of town so I did not have to walk too far. I hadn’t touched a girl in nearly 2 months, saving it all for my first night and new sensual experience. I was having trouble keeping balance and walking due to the extra load I was carrying between my legs!

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To my frustration, after an hour or so of walking and entering the various establishments, I still had not seen a girl I liked. I arrived at the last soapie place, feeling apprehensive.

“What if there is no girl I like there either? I can’t go back to my hotel without completing my first night’s mission”, I thought. I sat down and started to ogle and drool. I mean discerningly peruse the available girls. Finally my eyes laid upon no.33. “Yep, she’s close enough.” My other brain was talking.

“Let’s go room now, no sit down talk”, I said to number 33. My other brain was in control.

“No time to waste“, it was thinking.

Yay FINALLY I was going to have that massage, bath and slimy stimulation I had so been looking forward to and waiting so long for.

She took me up to the room and commenced her routine. Slow bath, then lilo massage. She was rubbing herself against me; up down, left right, angle left, angle right, all conceivable directions and points of the compass. I felt like a gymnast’s mat. She was spiky down there. My sensitive hands felt that she had implants.

She then dried me off and we went to the bed. I got a shock when I looked up and saw my reflection. I let out a shriek.

She said “What’s wrong?”.

“I can’t look at myself!” I replied.

“Why not?, many client say very sexy”, she said.

“Sorry not me, I don’t want to see myself naked gross .. too weird!’

She laughed.

“No worry” she said, “just look at me.”

“OK.” But it was still unnerving. Anyway, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t last the whole 1.5 hours as the pressure down below was too great. Her hands and orifices too nimble and tempting for me to last my allotted time. And of course once the cork pops, the show is over. Oh well, at least I got it out of my system. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Was she going through a routine? Yes, of course, but so what!

Here in Australia you pay hundreds for a soapie, half as good. I slept well that night.

The next few days were spent sightseeing and taking photos, around 1400! The Sanctuary of Truth to my surprise is not old, but relatively new. The wood carving is amazing, and to watch the artisans at work was fascinating. Buddha Mountain was tricky to find, but well worth the trip. A peaceful setting although the elephant farm across the road was anything but!

Koh Larn Island was a lot of fun. Catching the ferry in the morning was an adventure in itself. I hired a scooter for the day and did a beach crawl, visiting seven of them and having a swim at each one. I made the ridiculously steep climb to the temple by foot, but it was worth it as the view is amazing.

I spent a day watching a regional high school Muay Thai tournament. Although not professional, it seemed more genuine as it was only Thais fighting and it was amateur.

Tiffany’s was a good show, although I must admit it was nothing different to the drag queen shows I have seen here in Australia. Getting photos with them was fun. One of my country bumpkin friends said that a good day’s work in the fields with a pick and shovel would sort them out! I laughed at his suggestion.

The most fun thing I did was go to the fishing park in Jomtien. I had always wanted to catch a nice big fish. It didn’t feel like cheating to me at all. Wow, cast my line and within 3 minutes I have reeled in an 8 kg catfish. Now that was fun.

Walking Streer was hectic as usual. I tried a couple of bars, but they didn’t interest me. I kept walking to the very end, near the pier. A Russian enticed me to enter the upstairs nightclub with a 2 for 1 drink voucher and I duly obliged. I walked around scoping the talent. It dawned on me that most of the girls would be freelancers. I smiled smugly.

I sat next to a girl and said, “How are you? I like the dream catcher tattoo on your arm.”

“Oh you know what dream catchers are!?” she replied.

“Yes”, I said. Then she came straight out with it.

“How much you pay me for night?”

“1,500” I replied meekly, expecting a brush off.

“Ok” she said.

“Gee that was quick and way too easy” I excitedly thought to myself. The Russian gave me a look of surprise and a congratulatory smile as walked past him with girl in hand. Literally in 10 minutes I was scooting my way back to my hotel with girl on back!

On my way in to Pattaya from Bangkok, I had noticed advertising for the Thailand Golf Open. Being an avid golfer, I wondered if it was still on. I checked the dates and it was. Yay, what luck I made mental arrangements to go and watch the last day.

Girl and I showered. What a lovely set of boobs she had. Not too big, not too small. The porridge was just the right temperature. After making her feel like a gymnastics mat, I slept very well.

I woke the next morning, and remembered “The tournament!” The girl was yapping about trips to Koh Larn island, expensive hotels, restaurants blah blah blah. This time the brain on my head was thinking.

“Sorry lady me busy all day.”

“What about tonight or tomorrow?”

“Sorry lady me busy busy” I had to push her out of bed and hurry her up. She didn’t want to leave, “Was I that good in bed. Does she like me?”

“Nah, this is Thailand” cynical me said. She was stubborn, but I was on my way.

The scooter ride to the Siam golf course was, as we say here, hairy! Going on the freeway, and negotiating the traffic was intense. Speed limits, what are they but number! But that’s how I like it, crazy and exciting. I had a satisfying day watching the tournament It had an exciting finish and it was good to talk golf with a couple of expats. The ride home was equally scary as I had to do most of it in the dark!

On my last night, I went to the Lisa Bar on Second Road near Big C. I sat down, and was expecting the usual blowfly invasion. I waited 5 minutes, nothing happened. Huh? Oh well, I sat and enjoyed ogling, I mean perusing the lovely ladies. A man sits next to me. I turn to my left and see a large, balding sweaty man. Within 5 seconds at least 5 girls had surrounded him. I looked at me, I looked at him.

Then one of the girls said to the fat, old, balding, (I forgot to mention) ugly man, “Helloooo hansum, you very sexee would yoo like drink? One for mee too?”

To which he turned to me with a cheeky grin and said “I haven’t been called handsome in years!”

I laughed and stupidly remembered “I’m in Pattaya, of course he’s the most hansum man alive!” Found out he was from Queensland. We had a great conversation sharing various anecdotes and stories from our travels. I love random meetings like that. He had to leave, and to the disappointment of the girls, he left alone. Finally a couple of girls approached me. I chose a cute one. We proceeded to play the usual games, of which I was happy to do. I must admit, the level of education still surprises me. She didn’t know anything about France or even where Europe was. But she kicked my arse at connect four.

After agreeing a price, she changed into nice clothes and put a little make up on. Wow what a difference. She was even hotter. Turns out she was only 22 and from Laos.

She made me feel like a gymnastics mat, hmmm maybe I am starting to feel my age. Also she wanted to leave once I was finished. Maybe I’m not that great in bed, after all? But I know she loved the money I gave her. Anyway I was glad to sleep alone, as I have done so most of my life and am more comfortable sleeping that way.

The next day I had to leave. I felt satisfied with my trip. Bangkok was more than I expected. Pattaya was crazy fun as usual. My mission felt complete. I went to the soapies, had a freelancer and got a girl from a bar. Going to the golf tournament was a nice bonus as well.

Yes, Thailand is an amazing place. I can do any of what I mentioned here in Australia. But it would be much more expensive and nowhere near as much fun.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Will I return again? Absolutely!

Until next time, stay safe happy and put yourself in a place where you are free and content.

Stay tuned for more.

Transformed 🙂

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