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Bangkok Craigslist, A Union of Protected Whores ?

This isn’t a whimsical story or the usual humorous post. I’m complaining. I’m publicly venting.

The point central to my thesis is that Bangkok Craigslist seems to especially protect its female prostitutes, who ply their trade for money, while openly discriminating against more normal women, who are simply very horny, and who are (quite frankly) just giving it away because they aren’t satisfied at home.

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Put simply, ads placed by prostitutes almost never get flagged; Ads placed by just normal horny women almost always get flagged. It really is that simple, and that obvious.

There is definitely an odd sort of discrimination in play here, as well. The biggest group selling their bodies on Craigslist Bangkok is ladyboys, under “t4m”, followed closely by women, in the “w4m” category.

There is something odd, or perhaps “queer” about the entire discrimination process. For example, consider who is giving it away, and do they get flagged?

m4m – – The horny gay guys, who are offering “sex for free”, almost never get flagged.

m4w – – Normal horny men, who are either offering or seeking “sex for free”, almost never get flagged.

w4m – – Normal horny women, who are desperately seeking “sex for free”, almost ALWAYS get flagged.

And, as they say, that’s my “beef” with Bangkok Craigslist.

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I draw your attention to this part of the local Craigslist website, where you can see all Personals Adverts on one page – –

You should especially read the “t4m” and the “w4m” advertisements.

Revealing, isn’t it? Craigslist claims to abhor illegal activity, yet it openly provides a forum for prostitution, while at the same time openly discriminating against one single group of normal consenting adults (w4m) who simply want to get laid.

Here, don’t take my word for it, read the Craigslist “Terms of Use” – –


The above page leads to this Link, which lists what is “Prohibited” – –


Bulleted item number three includes:

“recalled items; hazardous materials; body parts/fluids; unsanitized bedding/clothing”

Yes, even ” unsanitized clothing” is a no-no, yet the lady who frequently advertises her used panties for sale never gets flagged. I can only assume that she is protected by the Craigslist Whores Union.

It gets even better – – bulleted item number six includes:

“child pornography; bestiality; offers or solicitation of illegal prostitution”

OK, let’s have a field day with item number six, shall we? – –

There is a frequent poster on Craigslist Bangkok, who openly advertises for “mothers and their young daughters”. Obviously, his advert is a thinly veiled request for child prostitution, yet his ads seem very durable, and they are rarely flagged or removed.

There is another poster who advertises for “a woman and her (male) dog”. He makes it pretty clear that he wants to watch Rover hump the lady’s heinie, yet Craigslist doesn’t recognize that as a request for bestiality.

Then of course there is the Craigslist rule against “offers or solicitation of illegal prostitution”. Are you kidding me? If it wasn’t for prostitutes, Bangkok Craigslist would have much less web traffic. The Craigslist business model is all about web presence and income stream, and as a consequence, the prostitution adverts are not only allowed, but clearly protected.

That being said, I have no problem with the prostitution advertisements, none at all.

I do, however, take serious umbrage with Craigslist failing to protect the needs of normal horny women, who just want to get laid, and who get their ads flagged and removed within 24-hours or less (sometimes, immediately).

I have personally had several recent disappointments with Craigslist failing to protect normal women, and I will cite four examples:

#1 – – A young Thai college girl, age 20, who made it clear in her advert that she was giving it away, and she was just horny. Judging by her photos, and by her self-description, and by her writing skill and style, I observed that she was:

(1.) Smart and nerdy;

(2.) Funny with a sense of humor;

(3.) A little chubby, but a real cutie never the less;

(4.) Very, very horny and in need;

(5.) And she plainly stated that she didn’t want any money or other compensation.

Now, honestly, who wouldn’t want to at least give her a try? Three-hours after her advert went up, it was flagged for removal, and my answer to her advert was lost in the ether.

#2 – – Then, there was a 20-something year old Farang girl, who was vacationing here, and who clearly wanted some good sex, and she plainly said, “fun only, no financial interest required”. Yep, down it came, her advertisement lasted less than twelve-hours before it was flagged and removed.

#3 – – Next, there was a 40-something year old Chinese lady, who advertised that she worked here in Bangkok teaching language, and she would like to see a different man for sex every weekend, no money required. And, you know the rest of the story. Flagged and removed.

#4 – – Lastly, (and this was just yesterday) I logged back on to Craigslist Bangkok early this morning, with the intent to answer a “w4m” ad which went up late last night. The lady (judging by her photos and self description) was Thai, about age 35, mega horny, and interested only in trading mutual oral sex with men, no money required. Yep, sure enough, her ad was already flagged for removal and taken down. (Not self-removed, but removed by Craigslist)

Lastly, I have lodged multiple complaints to Craigslist, over the years, via this contact – –


Yet it does absolutely no good, they don’t even respond, and nothing changes. Also, you will find that after another consenting adult’s advert is taken down, the above online form is designed to prevent third-party complaints. Unless you save every URL address to interesting ads, then forget it, there is no way to complain, the above form won’t let you “send” unless you enter the URL address to a specific ad.

There, I’ve vented, and it’s too bad that there is no real alternative to Craigslist for consenting adults, who aren’t looking for money., you say? Well, yes and no. If you look at all of the adverts here – –


You will see that Backpage is 100-percent prostitutes looking for money, and zero consenting adults who are just looking for fun. And that’s too bad, because Backpage has a better and more user-friendly layout than Craigslist.

Updated: Although I must say, The best place for genuine escort posts is now Smooci. They base their ratings, reviews and flagging on genuine bookings which have been confirmed and complete. They do this by tracking the movement of the escort to ensure the booking took place and only then can a client review the escort.

Respectfully submitted,

Judge Dredd


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