Stickman Readers' Submissions March 15th, 2017

Experiences of a Bangkok Bargirl

I dated a Bangkok bargirl (Ging) who was from Surin for 2 years. It ended badly and that is another story which has been published on Stickman.

Dont trust a bargirl!

He Clinic Bangkok

The Thai bargirls do not ask for money up front. You pay the barfine up front. The bargirl accept the money after the act. This is a very big risk to the bargirl. The bar does not have bouncers or anything similar. So they are at the mercy of the customer.

When she was a bargirl she shared some things with me. She has returned to being a bargirl in Bangkok.

  • She rang me twice to complain about customers who had slept with her and not paid her. The customer had pushed her out of the room and slammed the door. She did not know what to do. I said you need to ask for the money up front. This is not the Thai way. Thai girls will generally not shout and make a big deal in public. This again favours the customer.
  • Customers would try not to use protection. She would insist and put protection on them. But in the many manoeuvres some men would remove the protection mid way through the act without her knowing it.
  • Indians would try to always beat down the cost. They would also try to bargain even after the act was finished!
  • Some customers want to film everything. This was something they were always on the look out for.
  • Bargirls say they do it to support their family. I don’t believe that. They do support their family but they do have other options. They like not having to care for their children full-time. Thai sleep with their children. So they get more uninterrupted sleep being a bargirl rather than being a mother. They like the money to buy anything they want (clothes, hair dressers several times a week, new iphones).
  • Bargirls quickly know the english words to say to farang. Bargirls all use the same words. The words are all hollow and they will use them to get what they want-money!
  • Bargirls value Facebook and image. Most bargirls do not tell their friends and family (besides their parents) what they do. They are ashamed of what they do to a point. Their image would be eternally damaged if their friends and family knew what they did for a living. Bargirls also like to post pictures of themselves daily looking nice so that others can comment. Bargirls always ask you not to mention how they met you to her friends and family. Just say restaurant they say.
  • Bargirls are clean (maybe not drug and disease) and expect you to be the same-including breath. They shower many times a day.
  • Bargirls do love their children. But they are happy only to see them once a month (for a few days). If they are home longer than a few days the kids will be offloaded to friends and family so they can get their hair done or go shopping or eating with friends. They do not like the loss of sleep. They sleeping patterns are out of wack when they return to see the kids. Bargirls start at 5pm and go to 2 am unless they get a long time. They want to leave the long time by 9am so that they can get some sleep before starting at 5pm. They also have to do their own washing, makeup etc for the night ahead.
  • Bargirls rent apartments for about 6000 baht/month plus electricity cost. Bargirls have periods and get sick. Bargirls are not on the pill. Bargirls will go to the  chemist (if they have their period) and get a special pill which stops the bleeding. The bargirl will delay sleeping with her customer for several hours so the pill has time to work. This shows that bargirls do not get customers every night. Bargirls go to hospital which costs 3000 to 6000 baht depending on what is wrong and if they have to stay overnight. Staying overnight is a good way to recover and get fluids into their system from weeks of drinking with customers. Bargirls have 2-3 days off a month. Also there are the annual holidays (Buddha etc) where sometimes the bars are closed. This reduces the number of days they can work. Yes they can make good money for long time and short time. But they do not always get customers.
  • If they leave the bar forever they have to pay a large barfine. Ging had to pay 12000 baht. Moving to Bangkok cost 80000 baht. This was to cover transport, basic furniture and 30000 rent bond up front. <I don’t believe that 80K baht number for a momentStick>
  • Bargirls enjoy the life style and freedom that money can buy. Their favourite customer is a short-time. This is because they can have many short times a night.
  • Bargirls do not plan long-term for costs. They money to cover the cost until the next long time/short time. Friends and family who lent them money will always be chasing them for the money and will pressure the parents for the bargirl to repay.
  • Bargirls do not enjoy most of the customers and zone out during the act.
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