Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2017

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I first visited Thailand in 2007 and like many men at that time I met many Thai girls online. Then in 2011 I met a beautiful girl from Si Saket, East Thailand.

Over the past 6 years I have been going to Thailand every 3 to 5 months to spend time with her. She has 2 children from a Thai man who is 20 years her senior. That man has a good job as far as Thailand goes but started running around with the nurses at work after they got married and she had the newborn babies.

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During our years together she has lived in her ex-husbands flat in Bangkok which is the size of a crackerjack box but does not look as good from the outside. The fights and bickering with her ex has resulted in her having to spend time in the hospital with anti-depressant pills for weeks at a time. Her nice parents who live on the rice farm in Si Saket were always so happy to see her ex when he came to town to pay them for being with their daughter and donate money to make the house larger!

Me? I only donated a few thousand baht in their hands when I first arrived so the smile has faded to a just look the other way and go about my farming business in the rice fields.


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Her brother was a respected monk in Si Saket until 2013 when he gave the police a dirty drug piss test and no longer can be a monk. He spends the day at the farmhouse with tears in his eyes because nobody respects him now….because he has no money.

Last year my Thai girl used money she got from her ex to buy part of the farmhouse for herself from her parents. Now her 3 sisters demand that she pay them hundreds of thousands of baht each or they no longer want to know her!

Just recently she met up with an old farang from Canada who is 25 years her senior and promised to send her money every month. When I asked her this week why she wants to be with this guy who she also says has assaulted her and threatened her life, she tells me that the flat her ex husband has in Bangkok is in his mother’s name and she does not want her there anymore and needs more money to live in her village.

Last month my girl was in the nut-case ward at a hospital in Bangkok for 18 days after a fight with the ex. During that time her daughter blocked our Facebook pages but kept me somewhat up to date about her progress. After she came home from the hospital she re-connected our Facebook accounts and asked me to send her 50 thousand baht to help her buy a pre-owned Rolex Watch! If I did this, then she would not need to go see the Canadian. I agreed and offered to give her that amount on my next trip to see her in a few more months.

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Two weeks ago she blocked my Facebook account and asked me to set up a new account and use a woman’s name so she could communicate with me as she was on her way to Rayong Beach to shack up with the Canadian. She has told me not to look for another girl because she never knows from day-to-day how her life can change!

From reading Stick’s site for several years now and hearing other farang stories and being around many Thai women with Farang men, I have realized several things about Thai people:

  1.  Most all Thai girls that get involved with Farangs are in a desperate situation and have been pumped and dumped by a boozer loser Thai guy who now is a womanizer who will not contribute much if anything to her and the children.
  2. She has very limited options for work that pays any type of money!
  3. I have heard this from other Farangs that Thai people really do not care to invite farangs over to their house unless it is totally necessary.
  4. Thai girls seem to try to get the farang to spend as much money as he can on anything to not lose face while she socks any money she has away for herself and not contribute much to the farang.



Over the last several months I have been talking to many Vietnamese girls online who are of all different ages and are very slim and fit and have not ever been married and don’t have any children. When I tell them I have visited Vietnam 2 times in the last year and a half they invite me to come visit them and stay in their home when I first arrive! They seem to not be so much about money in the same way the Thais are, and I feel they have something to contribute other than sex should they end up a part of my family. They are not in a depressed state of affairs in life like the Thai girls that go after farangs. In addition when I talk about the cost of my trips to South-East Asia, the Vietnamese girls always have some advice as to how I could have saved some money had a done something different.



The Thais are best left to their own prostitution devices!


Stick‘s thoughts:

It sounds like you got involved with a troubled lady whose life is difficult.  I’d run away from her ASAP and don’t look back!

Be careful of generalising about all Thai women.  Yes, there are Thai women involved with farang men for reasons that are questionable, but there are also many Thai women involved with farang guys who enjoy happy, loving relationships.


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