Stickman Readers' Submissions February 22nd, 2017

A Different Thai Girl

Hi Stickman,

I’m a European guy and I went back to Thailand for the second time in my life 6 months ago (the first time was 10 years ago) so there was a huge gap and I’m always amazed and entertained about the cultural differences I discover.

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Anyways, let’s get to my main point. The girl I met on this trip.

I’ve dated a few Thai girls, for me it’s very important that they are not prostitutes or haven’t been prostitutes before (or gold diggers, anyways you get my point).

I enjoyed the previous article entitled “What Farangs Don’t Get About Thai Women” written by a Thai that basically explained what type of women a farang typically has access to.

Here are a few interesting facts about this girl I met:

– She’s not an Isaan girl and is has pretty white skin.

– She paid for nearly all my expenses when we were together, this included meals, hotel nights, drinks, taxi rides, motorcycle renting… etc… I have no idea how much she spent on me but it was at least a couple of thousands of baht.

– She’s pretty, young and has no children, and she could get a decent Thai guy easily.

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– She’s educated, went to university, has a decent job.

– She has her own car.

– She made our relationship public on social media, so all her friends know about me now.

– She traveled a lot around the world with her family, no cheap backpack travels.

So you get my point – the girl has money and she does not need a man to support her financially. So I naturally believe this girl “really really likes me” (and I tend to be very cautious when I make such statements, especially with Thai girls) since there was absolutely no financial advantage for her (quite the contrary).

Now some facts about me:

– I’m pretty good looking, I would say above average.

– I don’t have an incredible “status”, I’m no doctor or whatever, I’m not a rock star, I just have a regular job with a normal paycheck in Europe.

– I don’t walk around with expensive stuff, I just wear normal clothes, etc.

– I’m pretty successful at dating women in my home country, I’m not one of those farangs who can’t get a girl and I did not expect to start a serious relationship with a Thai woman. I’m attracted to Asian girls but I’m also attracted to western girls, not all Thai girls are beauty queens in my opinion, I have seen very ugly ones too.

– I understand girls better than most guys do, a lot of friends often ask me for advice about women and dating.

– I will never bring a girl from abroad back to my country to give her a “better life”.

When we met each other I was immediately attracted to this girl, but I tend to not show this too much. I did not try to go to bed with her early on, as I said before I already have had much success with women and got laid more than most people so I tend to “not care that much anymore”.

I showed interest in this girl but not that much, she was the one who insisted on doing all kinds of activities together.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this girl especially now I know her better but I’m always careful about a Thai girl that shows she’s interested in me. (I immediately tend to think “what does this girl want from me?”).

There were 2 reasons why this girl paid for all our expenses:

1) She said “I pay” nearly all the time.

2) I just let her pay and almost never took my wallet out when we did some activities (way more than I would do in my home country where I tend to be more “old fashioned gentleman”).

The reason why I let her pay was to be sure she didn’t want me for my money because I wouldn’t give it to her anyways, I did not tell her that, we just never talked about money.

For a one-night-stand I wouldn’t have minded paying for the drinks + taxi + hotel but this girl was not like that and I could sense it.

So I finally decided she would be my girlfriend and I’m now monogamous. I will visit her again in a couple of months, I often get calls from her and she insisted I can call her anytime (even by video chat) so it would be very difficult for her to have another boyfriend around at the same time.

I completely believe all the things the author of the article “What Farangs Don’t Get About Thai Women” wrote but I think I just happen to be lucky and found a different Thai girl.

Anyways, I wanted to share this, please feel free to give me your opinion about my story Stick.


Stick’s thoughts:

It sounds like you met a lady who was genuinely looking for a relationship.  Many Thai women make great girlfriends, even if some of the stories on this site make it seem otherwise.  So long as you choose a lady who has good intentions and you both have enough in common then there is no reason why you cannot have a great relationship with a Thai lady.

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