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– A short story by Dick Headley


It’s hard to say how the idea started. Frank had been going on about Thailand for quite a while. Majorca was getting a bit boring he said. Why don’t we go somewhere different? Some mates at work had just come back from a two week trip and had a effing brilliant time.

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“Shagging those bar girls I expect,” said Stella, Frank’s missus, who had seen documentaries about Thailand on TV. “Knowing those blokes it was all beer and bunk ups.”

“Do you think it’s really that bad there then?” asked Frank.

“Why do you think all those blokes go?” asked Stella.

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“Wouldn’t mind a peek myself. Just to have a look like.”

“Well if you think you’re going to Thailand on your own forget it.”

A few days later they went to see a travel agent and booked a package to Phuket. Then without telling Frank, Stella did a bit of research on the internet. She found one message board in particular very helpful.

Hello, (Stella wrote) we are planning a 10 day trip to phuket in may 2006.
Now we are looking for bisexual girls who wants (sic) to spend some time with us.
Does anyone know were (sic) bisexual girls can be found in phuket?

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back came the replies…

just ask in the Bars, you will soon be pointed in the right direction. have fun


no problem. Just ask. The girls won’t be surprised.

she got some strange replies too. One fellow certainly wasn’t shy at all…

i had 2 who became regulars as they liked to play with each other while i taped the whole thing……great fun to watch and then join in later and of course watching the Video while i am in Farangland…..

Must have been a Ball , said another poster…. had a few Threesomes myself last trip. Pattaya is no problem to get action like this, Bankok (sic) neither , dunno about patong though (that would be the area on Phuket Island where the action is)

i’m still trying to think of a way to watch the Video while my Filipino GF does things to me…….but i think a no-no as i think she would be pissed off and it would be the end of our relationship……..perhaps i’m a bit pervy but i do like to have a Girl watch me getting a BJ or a fuck from another Girl…….i do find it a turn-on……..

Stella posted back: Thank you for your help. We’ve been reading that topic several times. We know much more now. Thanks again.

“I’ve been doing a bit of research online,” said Stella to Frank one evening, “I must admit I’m getting quite excited about this trip.”

Later she and Frank were looking through some brochures. The more they talked about it the more excited they got.

“Nice beaches it looks like,” said Frank. “What do you think the food’s like?”

“They probably eat snakes and stuff.” Said Stella.

“Hey here’s a bit about the nightlife. Lots of clubs it says in a place called Patpong.”

“I think that was on telly,” said Stella, “that’s where they do the naughty dancing.”

And so the great day came. Frank and Stella arrived in Phuket. They took it easy the first day. Walked on the beach a bit.

“It’s very nice here.” Said Stella.

“Bit hot,” said Frank, “but the people seem nice. Cheerful buggers.”

In the evening they sussed out the bars. It was bonkers alright. The music was loud and there were a lot of dodgy people about. Some of the girls looked like blokes and there was a fella with a big snake. He stuck it in Frank’s face for a laugh. They sort of got pulled into one place by some girls who asked them what they wanted to drink. They decided to give the local beer a try.

“Hello.” Said one of the girls, “my name Nut.”

“Hello Nut” said Stella, “fancy a drink luv? On us.”

Nut said she’d like a cola. Then Nut said, “You want I go wit you?”

“You go with us like?”

“Yes. We go boom-boom.”

Frank and Stella had a little think.

“Sounds OK.” Said Frank.

Back in the room things got off to a slow start. Frank felt a bit awkward to tell the truth. So did Stella. It was Nut who got the ball rolling. She helped Stella undress then Frank watched as she and Stella got each other worked up. Kissing and licking like nobody’s business. After they’d both had a climax or two they got to work on Frank. There was flesh everywhere. Hard to tell who it all belonged to and after a while nobody cared much anyway. The girls kept rolling around so Frank sort of slipped in wherever he saw an opening. It was an exhausting few hours. The time just disappeared and slowly one by one they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Stella was the first one up next morning. She went to the bathroom then stood looking at Frank. He was snoring peacefully still with Nut’s beautiful black hair draped across his chest. He must have sensed her standing there because he slowly opened his eyes.

“I’ll be buggered,” he said, “what happened?”

“It’s alright,” said Stella, “we’re in Thailand remember? Ready for breakfast?”

“I’ll be buggered.” Said Frank again.

“What about you Nut? What do you want to do?”

“I take shower.” Said Nut.

“OK then. I’ll see you lovebirds later,” said Stella, giving Frank’s winkle a playful tweek. I’m off for a bit of jogging.”

Frank must have dozed off because next thing he knew someone was screaming. He rushed naked to the balcony and found Nut, wearing just a towel, hysterical “OH MY GOD!!! WATER TOO MUTT!!!” Water was rushing along the street just below the balcony, cars, motorbikes, deckchairs, people all being swept along by a huge rush of water. Frank couldn’t believe what he was seeing. All he could do was stand helplessly looking… then shouting “Oh fuck! Where’s Stella???”

Frank ran out of the room and down the corridor. He found the stairwell a gurgling mass of frothy brown water. Other people were running around yelling or just standing shocked into numbness.

Back in the room they watched as the water started to go back out to sea. It receded almost as fast as it came. As soon as it looked safe Frank and Nut ventured downstairs through the shattered lobby to the street now a shambles of debris, mud and broken glass. And a few people struggling through the mess many with broken arms and legs.

“Stella.” said Frank, “where’s Stella?”

“Go room better.” Said Nut, “water maybe come back.”

Days of confusion followed. Frank wandered the chaotic streets, the beach, but no Stella. The hotel became a sort of refugee camp. People were just sitting numbly on the soggy cushions, waiting. Some of them just quietly sobbing. Nothing but misery and confusion and outside the weather was still beautiful. It was madness. There was no electricity in the hotel, no food. Nut managed to find some bottled water. Frank and Nut got what sleep they could. Nobody knew anything.

Then someone said bodies were being taken to a central location. Many, many bloated twisted bodies. Eventually Frank and Nut found Stella among them.

Later in bed Nut said, “Hab new wife now.” What?? Was she serious? Surely she couldn’t be joking about something like that. Stella was dead for fucksake! But it certainly was nice to have another body to hold onto.


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