Stickman Readers' Submissions December 15th, 2016

A Massage Girls Point of View Part 2: Meeting Scotty

Hi Stick / Readers,

So I have been getting a lot of skeptical confused people. Let’s clarify somethings. I am in fact a woman. Each submission is entirely real as it focuses on my past experiences.

He Clinic Bangkok

My real name is Alex. But I wrote and signed my name at the Bottom of my first submission “A Massage Girl’s Point of View” as Violet. Violet was my massage girl name at the time. I thought because I’m bringing back to the time I played “Violet” I would write as her, therefore sign my sub as her. But Violet and Alex are the same person… ME!!

So I guess to make it easier I will strictly use Alex as myself. Instead of bouncing back and forth with names.

Meeting Scotty:

CBD bangkok

I had been working at a massage spa for about a month. The money was great I could finally afford to help my mother with rent. I even got my brother some new uniforms that fit right for school. Things were good financially. I worked 14 hours a day and the rest I slept away. Days I would be off, I would go shopping to buy some more outfits for work. Get my nails and hair done because it was protocol. I didn’t have much going in my life but work and more work.

Thursday December 9 2013 – Day 32

April comes in (She’s The Manager) “Hey Alex your in room 8 paid for 1 hour”.

I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure I was presentable.

wonderland clinic

Slipped into my heels, grabbed oil, lotion, towels and made my way to room 8.

I went in.. there with me was a very attractive fit 42 year old man lying on the massage table.

He was sweet, funny and I really enjoyed my time.

I initiated everything. I climbed on top of him and everything after that.. lets say he came every other day after (pun intended)..

He asked me out for drinks one time and I got really tipsy that night. I wanted to go over to his place but he said it’s late and he had work in the morning. So he drove me home.

We would text and he would come in all the time. Sometimes it didn’t go there physically. He would bring a bottle of wine and we just sit and talk about anything and everything.

He satisfied my mind and very much my body. Which was actually RARE. He really left me wanting more.

I think it was a Thursday when I hinted to him I wanted something more.. I wanted to see him often outside of these places. Maybe a movie?

He rejected saying work was too busy for him to have a social life for more then 2 hours a week…

So as immature as I was at 19 I played games.. I would try to get him jealous talking about my other sessions. I thought the though of other men being with me would make him want to take me just for himself.

It worked and backfired all in about 2 minutes. He yelled and said he didn’t want to hear it, and also said, “Your just as annoying as my wife”.

“Wife?” I asked…

“Yes.. But she looks just like you”, “That’s why I like you so much”.

Well that made me feel like shit… So we ended it there. I said I didn’t want to continue things. If hes looking for his wife then just go home.

I’m not sure if it was a heartbreak or just betrayal or what but I changed that day.

I decided to end the cute look I always went for when standing in front of men hoping to be chosen so that I can make ends meet.

I dyed my hair blonde. Got a tan.

When you come out to greet your potential customer many girls go in club wear. Like a skirt or dress. I used to wear short shorts and a tank top with my hair in a braid.

Now My hair is down long and wild. I basically come greet men in nothing but a thong. Lets say I made triple more being a little bit bad.

I was more rough in the rooms. But it was exhilarating it got me to an orgasm almost every time.

I forgot about Scotty in about a month.

I wanted to try to find something beautiful in a dark place. But this was only the beginning of my experience with betrayal, dishonesty and so on…


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