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First Time Phuket Pattaya Part 2


After our amazing and crazy week in Phuket, we were off to Pattaya. Neither Steve or I had been there before, so we were really looking forward to it. Our experienced LOS friends had all advised to fly as it was a long distance. Me being the adventurous type, I suggested we catch the bus. Steve agreed. Finding the bus station and booking our tickets was an adventure in itself. After a few wrong turns, we found it and bought our tickets. We were looking forward to the journey, even though it was going to be a 12 hour overnight trip.

We had chosen the top front seats. Great, we had perfect view, although most of our trip would be in darkness. Placed on our seats were a complimentary bottle of water, a small cake and a blanket. “Nice touch” I thought. The bus was modern and clean.The porter loaded our bags and our we left on time at 6pm. We stopped at a large terminus around midnight, for a food and toilet stop.

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I woke early the next day, as I am a light sleeper, although I did manage to get a decent amount of rest. We were on a raised highway. It went on for miles ! Amazing. Kilometer after kilometer of a highway that towered over the factories, rivers and rice paddies that we were crossing. Abruptly the road ended, hanging there in mid air. What a strange sight.

We arrived in Pattaya in good spirits and full of enthusiasm. We were to have a couple of disappointments, although only minor. The first was our hotel. The setting was great, right in front of the beach, but the standard was poor. Hot water was slow, water pressure was weak. The other was the beach. We had one look and decided that it wasn’t worth it. It reminded me of St. Kilda beach back home. Luckily our hotel had a good pool, so all was not lost. I had always imagined Pattaya to be a beautiful tranquil beach resort.. I was wrong. Just seemed an extension of Bangkok, with shipping docks in sight.


We unpacked, settled into our hotel, hired scooters and we were off. We explored all the Sois, quickly getting our bearings. The first thing we noticed about Pattaya was how much bigger than Phuket it is. Walking street during the day was all commerce and re-stock. “My goodness”I thought, what is this place going to be like at night ?

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That night we left the hotel with high anticipation. We caught a Baht bus instead of riding our scooters as we were going to have a night of drinking. We got off the bus early as we wanted to soak up some atmosphere before reaching the start of Walking st.. Noticing some Muy Thai fighters in a bar, we walked in and had a look. They encouraged us to come into the ring. We posed with the fighters, and took some great photos. We tipped them money and they were appreciative. The girls at that bar were hot, so we decided to stay for a drink. Scored a couple of kisses from a young cutie who took a liking to me. I Said to her “ Sorry me no bar fine you. Still much walk walk look look … byeeee” She looked disappointed. . My Thai/English was getting better. I love the way they say “same same”.

Finally we arrived at the start of Walking St. I took a big breath and commenced my journey. The first thing I noticed was that most of the bars seemed to be behind closed doors. It wasn’t as in your face as Bangla rd. You had to make the effort to see the girls. We checked out some bars, they seemed nice enough, but in some I felt the money sucking vacuum at full force. Everything seemed like triple the intensity of Phuket. “Sam was right” I thought, “Phuket is primary school, Pattaya is university”. The amount of bars, girls, boguns, tourists was overwhelming. The lady boys, were much more aggressive. Walking street seemed to go on forever. The walk was starting to get tiring. Its so long ! We got to the end turned and walked back, eventually choosing a place that we both agreed upon. I decided to leave early as I wasn’t feeling well, leaving Steve on his own. I wanted to be full strength for long time.

Still tired and very sleepy, I woke to hear Steve return with a big boobed lady. “Good, this time he didn’t need my help.” I Thought. Luckily I fell asleep again, thus slept through the commotion. I woke refreshed, Steve was snoring soundly; smiling. How do people sleep with a smile ?

The sun was shining, the pool refreshing.

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Night time couldn’t come quick enough. We went straight to the same bar where Steve had scored. He found the same girl he had the night before. Not hard to miss due to her ample bosom. . Unbeknown to me, he had asked if she had a friend to bring along for me. I stood there drinking my beer, and she arrived. She was wearing a beautiful apricot colored one piece dress and high heels, wow “how elegant” I thought. How could I resist. She spoke with her friend, took one look at me and jumped. She was just the right height, had short hair that I like. It was an instant connection. We danced together. Then we all left for another bar to enjoy a shisha. I coughed a lot, as I don’t smoke. The girls laughed. They went off and did their bathroom talk. My girl came back a cuddled even closer. Nice. Thanks Stevo.

We caught the Baht bus back to our hotel, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The night went on as planned. My girl looked just as nice sans vêtements. Steve was at it again, even showing off his very rigid crow bar. He was laughing, i was pissed off. « Stevo i dont want to see your friggin willy. Its the girl you want to impress not me ». Gosh no taste whatsoever ! To my disappointment, the girls didnt want long time. OK, no worries, we paid them and they left. Drats she was so nice. « Oh well at least i can sleep peacefully. » The next night we both took a break and found a place close by just to drink and eat.   Walking along the beach just relaxing was nice too. Although how anyone can contemplate getting a beach girl, i dont understand.

Two days later, feeling recharged, I went off on my own to find the same girl. Luckily she was still there, but looked distant. After about half an hour, she came to me, and seemed very happy. She asked where I was the day before, I said I was tired and wanted a rest. We didn’t waste anytime and left straight away for the hotel. Steve wasn’t there when we arrived, great ! Again she only wanted short time, but at least she gave me a nice massage and everything went a lot slower. I paid, she left. My bed felt lonely.

I was woken at some ungodly hour of the night by Steve busting through the door with a black lady. “What the hell is that”, I said feeling very annoyed. All he could respond with was with “ Look at the arse on this thing”. I wasn’t impressed at all. Luckily I was tired and my nuts empty, so I fell asleep again straight away. The next morning, Steve had told me that she asked for money, so he told her to leave. “ Couldn’t you tell she was a street girl ??” I said still annoyed. Steve embarrassingly apologized, “ I thought I scored a freebie. Plus I always wanted a black girl”. He said.

“She was wearing a wig as well”, I said, just to make him feel him even more stupid.

Next day we zoomed off to explore the infamous Soi 6. It looked like any other road to me. It was a laugh, as we did about four laps cheering and calling out to the girls every time we rode past them.. I saw the biggest titted lady boy ever. I took her photo, she blew a kiss at me. On our 4th lap we chose a bar to drink at. Playing pool with the girls was a blast. I kept pulling on their tops to get a peek of their breasts, to which their reply was to grab my salami as I was trying to hit a shot at the pool table. Not easy !! Very distracting. A shisha was ordered. How contended we were. Smoking a shisha, girls by our side, me blowing smoke down their tops. Haha what fun. One of the girls undid my zipper, and blew smoke into my trousers !! All this in full view of the street. Couldn’t happen anywhere else I thought. I never had so much fun with girls before. We waved them goodbye, they looked sad to see us go. Im sure they had never seen anything like we two. That was our motto, just have fun with the ladies and be generous. They must get so many idiots and boring people.

Next on the list to try were the soapies. I had never been to one, and was keen to try. That evening we headed up Second road where they are located. I was told that Pattaya had the best ones, and it was true. On the way we passed a lady boy bar. The katoeys there looked so hot. One grabbed me trying forcefully to drag me in. I resisted, but motioned that he could kiss me on the cheek. He did. His outfit was awesome, all gold. The effort they put into their outfits and makeup just amazes me.

We continued along reaching the first of the soapie bars. How could I ever forget the first time I walked in. It was surreal. All these girls to choose from. Just pick a number. Wow. I thought I was I in heaven. The way they winked, waved and tried to entice me. Some trying the “ Im ignoring you” tactic. We went to see all the soapie bars, five in total if I remember correctly. I couldn’t choose a girl in any of them. My brain was in overload. I had to wait 1 hour for Steve. No problem for him !

Walking back down Second Rd. we had to cross paths with the same lady boys. I got a kiss on my other cheek by the same one in the gold outfit. The look was complete, matching kisses. As I was walking conversing with Steve, I noticed that he wasn’t responding. I turned to look, i saw that it wasn’t him! For 50 meters I had been walking and talking with a Thai stranger who was giving me a strange look. At that instant I turned to see where he was .. the sight made me laugh so hard. There he was being literally dragged into that same lady boy bar by four of them. He expression said “ HELP !!” I walked into the bar and rescued him from the clutches of those horny katoeys. I was laughing my head off. “ I cant leave you anywhere” I said. He looked so relieved.

On our last night, we decided to try some different Sois. We settled at Soi 2. It was around midnight, both of us feeling very tired. The bar was empty of farangs, we got swamped by girls. The mamasan was checking us out. She could see I wasn’t interested in any of them. They all were all older. Then out of nowhere came a girl who promptly sat on my lap.

“ These mamsans are so smart. They suss you out so fast”.   I thought to myself. She had obviously seen my lack of interest with the current girls and called out for someone younger. I asked the girl on my lap how old she was. “21”was the reply. “Hmmmm im old enough to be her Dad !” was my first thought. She then proceeded to entice me. Her inexperience showed, the mamasan watched intently. I decided to see if she was fun by pulling forward on her top to cheekily peek at her boobs. She replied with “ Me no have, me no have”.

“You do have” I replied, pulling on her top a little harder. Ahh good just the response I wanted. A fun lady. The mamasan then asked if I wanted her. I said all I have is 1000 baht left. “No problem” She replied. Excellent. She was on the back of my bike in a flash. It felt so manly to be riding with a girl on the back. Even if it was a 90cc scooter and not a Harley.

Back at the hotel, she was a little shy and nervous, ringing the mamasan a couple times, but the night went well. Stevo scored too. Yep you guessed it, big boobs. I woke to see him sleeping so peacefully in spoon position with his girl. It was a picture of contentment.

We said goodbye to the girls and packed to leave. To my annoyance I didn’t get to do much sight seeing in Pattaya. Steve as usual would wake around 11 in the morning every day and would be annoyed if I wasn’t around.

Yes the departure lounges in Thailand are depressing. I found holiday love and it was wonderful. But I also felt sad knowing I would never see those girls again. I took the wise advice that I was told by friends and had read in the book. It echoed in my head throughout the whole trip. “ Don’t get attached !! Have fun then leave, as hard as it is.” It was hard. How can you not fall in love with those girls. The physique, the attitude and of course the smiles. But I was under no illusions. My mundane world was calling me back …. until next time LOS and Girls of Smiles … GOS.

Next article, my 1st time Bangko and return to Pattaya..

Thankyou for reading my stories. I hope you get some enjoyment and insight from them.



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