Stickman Readers' Submissions November 3rd, 2016

Dream On


I’m lying on a beach chair in Thailand; on a splendid beach with my beautiful girl. She is a fabulous girlfriend and doesn’t cost me anything. I can’t believe my luck. It’s a lovely day, not too hot, and we are both sipping Pina Coladas – watching the world pass by.

Then all of a sudden my scantily clad, beautiful buxom girl leans on my shoulder and gives me a little kiss on my ear and whispers … let’s go back to our room – I want you to f**k me hard for two hours. I just couldn’t believe my luck … then suddenly, my mate who is my traveling companion give me a good shake to wake me up; as he has just bought back a beer for both of us.

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He says I had the silliest grin on my face while I was asleep.

Shit … I had just dreamt a whole love story in the space of 10 minutes.

Well, my friends, that is probably as close as we will get to this ideal scenario.

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In other words friends, “Dream On”.

Fact: Every pussy has a price … be it a service provider, girlfriend, wife, gik or if you swing the other way … a ladyboy.

From the beginning of time women have discovered they have a coveted commodity; that is sought after by pretty much all heterosexual men. And it is highly marketable. It’s use can be made available to men – on condition.

Yes, its use is conditional … some girls require marriage; some required the assurance of marriage or at least an exclusive relationship (monogamy). Some will demand the exchange of money, lavish gifts, wine, meals, and travel. But make mistake … you will pay.

Some girls will even try to delude young handsome, muscular fellows that they can have pussy for free.

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Wake up fellows … there is very little in life that’s free. There are nearly always strings attached to the free dinner. Sooner or later.

Put yourself on the other side of the gender equation. Would you give away your most sought after bargaining chip. Your pussy. Unlikely. Why should you, its gold lined after all.

Why not deny entry when you know it’s highly prized. Why not maximize you potential by extracting as much as possible from the men that are after it.

Yes, as men we want it. And unless you can go without; by developing calluses on you right hand and growing hair on your palms (grim man … grim) then you must pay for its use.

Accept that reality. It is a universal fact of life.

Now if you are lucky to find a loving girl that meets all your sexual expectations at a minimal cost … fantastic.

Most likely it will be your wife … if you choose very, very carefully and are almost 100% compatible. (LOVE)

If you choose wrongly; it will cost you a great deal, to stay in the relationship OR to get out of the relationship. So take your time to choose very carefully. You owe it to yourself.

For others, that can admit that monogamy and marriage is not for them, then there are very little alternative (unless you are lucky to find someone of the opposite gender that is only after sex and is prepared to give access for free. Well good luck … keep hunting.

So in order to satisfy your carnal needs we must pay.

As I have previously stated – you must look for the best deal and the least expense.

A cheap freelance girl … is there such a thing?? Well maybe … depends if she is financially desperate.

A gik that wants a quick tumble; once in a while when the hubby is away.

Setting up residence in cheaper countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam may be an option.

Maybe a blowjob bar where the desired ending will be the same, without the pussy being used.

Maybe a massage parlour, where you can have some rollicking fun and achieve your objective – without commitment.

Or, if you come from Australia you can seek out cheap countries like Bali- Indonesia and seek out massages there … starting price will be $7.50 for 1 hour massage and if you do your research well ahead – cheap extras can be negotiated.

But just be careful wherever you go be it Thailand, Bali or the Thai shop in Australia because some of these play the game of “bait and switch”. It happened to me in Bali and more recently in Australia.

I booked a special massage at this new Thai shop. Seemed quite cheap; so I gave it a go.

I was lead in by a beautiful Thai girl … I kid you not. Asked to fully undress and lay face down.

Then the girl came is … so I thought. Well it wasn’t who I thought it was.

She was very rotund, had an ok face … but I was not in the position physically (naked) to make an excuse of having to go. Also, the fee was paid in advance.

The manager obviously would have struggled to provide her work – so it was done surreptitiously.

The massage was ok … but under the circumstances my sausage wasn’t interested in raising its ugly head, and the girl was getting upset when I refused extra services.

To spare the poor girl embarrassment – if lied through my teeth. I said I was very tired because I had done a 12 hour shift at work. She seemed more at ease with that.

Lesson learnt … Always ask questions as to who will do the massage, how much extras will cost … and an escape plan should the arrangement not meet your needs.

It’s your money – make sure you don’t waste it.

You need to be in the driver’s seat at all times.

Essential (if possible) in all aspects of life.

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