Stickman Readers' Submissions November 10th, 2016

A Massage Girl’s Point Of View

Though I’m not from Thailand I feel as if I’m a mirror image of the traditional bar girl/massage girl. I chose this lifestyle because my mother was a single mom of two and didn’t graduate middle school. I was trying to find a way to keep the lights on at home. An eviction letter wasn’t as uncommon for us as people might think.
I applied online for a receptionist position and came across an ad. I went for an interview at a massage parlor and got the job doing reception. It was only 15$ CDN cash. Which was ok money but when men came to look for a girl, they were interested in me. I would let them down nicely but when I saw how many guys were interested and the money these girls raked in, I quickly changed positions.
I am not a superficial, cocky girl. But I do have an exotic look. Asian and Spanish look. I am curvier then the typical Asian without surgery. I got natural big breasts and a flirtatious personality.
I also started waitressing at a bar. In the bar you had to flirt with men, drink with them, etc etc.. so they would keep buying more drinks and tip you well. There were mandatory uniforms like HOOTERS but sluttier. Sometimes I was a sexy bunny, sexy nurse, sexy whatever.
Though money was a big factor into why I got into this sort of field. A lot of things made it enjoyable. The attention was great and made me feel very attractive.
Girls who are in this field at the beginning is a lot different than girls in it for a while.
The mind games, tricks and lies are ALL from women who have been in this game too long.
When I first started I was naive and submissive. Each session went how the man wanted it to go. He wanted the girlfriend experience he got that. He wanted some nasty, rough, sinful shit.. I could make that happen.
But because I was new there’s a lot I opened myself up to.
Readers wonder if women act.. or if they actually want you, like they say they do.
Well .. catch a girl on the right day and your penis is nice and big…. YES she might want you.
I’ve seen some that made me crave it… made me need it and leaves me thinking about it later.
But also times when I didn’t. I acted..
Think about a women’s body language.
Words are easy.. I can say what a man wants to hear on command. If she’s a little shy and nervous,  she’s usually scared, unsure and debating money over morals.
If she’s aggressive she either knows the game or she wants you. When I want you.. it’s a whole different ball game baby. The wanting is very rare!! As we see guy after guy every day.
Can we fall in love?.. Is it real for her?
If she’s been in it for a long time chances are no. I’ll tell you why…
When I first started I saw some people who seemed genuine. Who cared about me. Who I felt a connection with… We had our good times.. I enjoyed their company. I even felt weird to take money because that wasn’t the only thing I was here for at that point.
But when we see those guys getting into rooms with our other co-workers. Kissing, holding then, fucked them. We come back to reality that men see us as what we are here to do.
But because I was new I gave many men a chance… But eventually they can’t be trusted. All that matters is money. Money is guaranteed.
Years later the words that I use to mean like.. I want to see you, I miss you become just manipulating words to real in some new fish.
That’s when I played games with Men who might not even deserve this kind of treatment.. But I’ve been burned to many times time to take the chance on this thing we call Love.
We were open to finding love in the ugliest of places. Someone to take us out of here. Some men played their own games with our hopes and hearts. Now money.. it’s all that matters…
We massage girls/bar girls test men who say, “baby it’s only you I want”. WE GIRLS ALL TALK. Think of us as cult. If you say you come for me but one day I’m not there so you take another girl instead.. I will know and then its all business from there. Regardless if later on you fall for me hard. You commit to me. Business is now business. What is real to you is not real to me. Trust broken.
If she’s fishy and lies a lot. Someday’s she’s sees you, someday’s shes missing. She has someone. It can go two ways. She has another because you aren’t giving her the amount she desires or needs. Or shes taking from you to pay for rent food for her and her REAL man because he can’t land a job… But she loves him.. and can’t ever leave him.
But not all hope is lost… remember this
I want to feel like I am special like there is no one else regardless is she’s younger, sexier. You make your choice and that choice will forever be written in stone.
I don’t want to do this forever but I’m not sure how to … stop.
I need security, help and someone honest.
I’ve seen a lot of disgusting lying dirty men.
Show me that your different and be patient with me. For I trust no man.

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