Stickman Readers' Submissions October 27th, 2016

My 100K Thailand Sexpedition

Yes the figure is now settled at 100k Baht for my 3-week Thai vacation with my sweetheart of Isaan descent. And this figure does not include an extra 20,000 – 30,000 Baht spent on various expenses such as hotels, miscellaneous shopping excursions to 7 Elevens, restaurants, food stalls, bars and transportation.

So I have been asking myself is this the way to go – am I not better off going through and thoroughly completing that pesky check-list in my head which includes brothels, street walkers, soapys, freelancers, and my recurrent fantasy of one or two spring chickens dancers plucked right out of Crazy House after a night of heavy drinking? Also included in this list is my urge to try out on-line dating services for a concise afternoon of debauchery and relaxation with a modern day webby débutante. I could also list a trip to Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam as something on my imaginary check-list of to do activities for the aspiring sex tourist that I could have become.

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But this is not the case as I am rather content with my current arrangement with my 40 something year old sweetheart at 100k Baht for 25 days or 4k Baht per day. This woman after many years as a factory worker in the electronics industry on the outskirts of Bangkok, my virgin sweetheart, ventured on to Pattaya to try a career as a masseuse.

As with many Thai women, she claims to have had a tomboy phase and does not find the average Thai farmer available to her for mating as desirable husband material. Saddling herself to a life of debt and conspicuous consumption (the new pickup truck, the house, the kids) did not appeal to her and lest we forget that an Asian woman of her background has no recourse to child support or social assistance from the state once that Thai man decides to bugger off.

So in this respect we see I to eye on her life philosophy and life choices but I do keep asking her how come a sweet, attractive woman like her never got married. I guess I knew a lot of the answers instinctively as I live with and support an Asian woman of humble origins back home and as of the last 5 years I have been furthering my knowledge on all things MGTOW including very interesting content as it relates to Asian culture. If anyone is interested to further their understanding on why more and more Asian women are shunning away from marriage and view it as a bad option Thinking Ape’s MGTOW YouTube channel has some videos relating to this social phenomena.

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A hardened sex worker she is not and as a 30 something year old virgin in 21st century Pattaya she also presumed that when she will marry, presumably a farang, sin sot will be exchanged. This is where I enter the picture and even with zero knowledge of Thai culture I was very wary of taking her virginity and was also on the keeneeow side of things when it came to providing her with remuneration during our initial get together period.

Since then I have made it up to her (at least in my mind) and rather randomly decided that a minimum of 100k for a 3 week visit will be the minimum I will provide her as I have respect for her and wish to make a difference for the better in her life as she certainly has for me. If I am not in a position to spend these amounts I unequivocally stated to her that I will not make my bi-annual pilgrimage to Thailand.

I can only explain my lack of proper compensation when we first met as a defense mechanism after being subjected to a barrage of nickel and dime scams as a single traveler to the land of smiles prior to our initial get together. This made me very suspicious and apprehensive at the time and I do believe I made it up to her monetarily, as our relationship progressed, for my lack of comprehension of how things work in sin city – even for an inexperienced virgin masseuse and a hardened monger-john rendezvous situation.

I no longer compare her to my Asian woman back home but rather strive to appreciate the best of what I get from each one of these fine ladies. They both have their merits and both were virgins prior to meeting me. I guess I have a knack for finding women of humble origins and developing them as we go along. I suppose I dodged the metaphorical bullet by not going the traditional route of farang wife, kids, a costly divorce and possibly destitution. These trips to Thailand would certainly not be possible had I gone the traditional route.

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Also being in Thailand with a local lady makes a tremendous difference for the better in my experiences as a traveler in what is still in my eyes an exotic and unfamiliar land.

True, I may have gotten more sex if I were to itemize my sexpedition to a pay per shag/BJ arrangement but having a familiar anchor that I enjoy being with and enjoy handing some of my hard earned cash to is a lot more satisfying in the long run and when I do stay with her in the naughty areas of town having some short time encounters is as easy as grabbing a Singha Light from the 7 Eleven and prowling the pavement till something suitable catches my fancy. With the amount of showering that goes on during these encounters (at the short-time hotel) and my ability to come up with some instantaneous BS on demand – I think that I can safely say that I have not deprived myself of some extracurricular fun in addition to spending precious time with my now familiar yet special Thai lady friend.

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