Stickman Readers' Submissions October 21st, 2016

An Internet “Dating” Odyssey, Part 2 of 2


In this submission I wish to present a real side-by-side comparison of: Internet Dating, versus Bar Girls.

Executive Summary: “..The more you pay, the less you get..”

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Please allow me to be honest. I’m retired and living in Thailand as an older-than-dirt “sex-pat”. I’m here for the ladies, the women, the girls.. I’m here for pussy, and that is the only reason why I would live in this country. I’m nearly age 70, I’m nobody’s dream date, and one way or another, I’m paying for almost every relationship that I have with a Thai female, whether it is sex, or something more innocent like female companionship for restaurants and movies.

OK, sure, I’ve received a few “freebies” from really old (age 55+) Thai ladies who have forgotten what an orgasm feels like, and they’ve never even heard of cunnilingus. They don’t know they’ve got a clitoris, a “G-Spot”, and a “Deep-Spot”, and they sure as Hell never had a man try to find any of those little wonders of nature.

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Let’s dispense with this shameful subject now – – Old Lady Freebies are worse than bar girls. After one explosive tumble between the sheets, I’ve always had to change my phone number. The old ladies love me, DTAC loves me, but it’s just not my thing. (Fortunately, I’ve always had the good sense to meet freebies in short-time love hotels, and not at my home, so they don’t know where I live.)

What I really want to present here, in this torrid little screed, is “Good Girls” versus “Bad Girls”, and illustrate why there is essentially no difference, if money is involved.

The interesting thing is how they behave, how they find men, and most especially – – how they see themselves.

Also, I want to contrast the “honesty” of the girls in the various venues, where I’ve found “pay-for-play” (“P4P”).

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In the venues where the girls are straight forward and honest about P4P, the girls aren’t hiding what they do, and they are unashamedly advertising “services” for a price. In the physical world, this includes gogo bars, every kind of massage establishment, beer bars, blow job bars, and Nana parking lot. In the virtual world (the Internet) there is CraigsList, BackPage, eBangkok ads, Bangkok Hotties, (etc.) and countless escort websites. All of that is very honest, and the girls aren’t hiding what they do – – they are selling their delicious little pussies for grand daddy’s Dollars.

Conversely, there are several very good “Internet Dating” venues, such as Thai Friendly, and Thai Cupid, (etc.) where the forum operators have good intentions, but many of the girls have “flexible ethics”.   A few of the girls are very honest, openly admitting that they are on the Thai dating sites for P4P.   However, many of the Internet Dating “Good Girls” pretend to be “innocent”, and they hide behind a veil of “niceness”, (and “save face”), while still taking money for sex.

Figuring out who is who on Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid is not that difficult, however.

Firstly, any girl who uses her phone number as her screen name ain’t playing hard to get, that’s a dead give away.

Secondly, if you have the premier membership, you can word search.. try searching for – – “I need money”, “I need help”, “I look customer”, “I find customer”, “I need customers”, “my mother is sick”, “I’m doing this because”, “massage”, “I like sex”, “my breasts”, “my pussy”, “short time”, “meet you”, “rates”, etc., etc. Be creative in your searches.

But, what about those “Good Girls” who have Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid memberships, and their profiles are squeaky clean, and neither their screen names nor their photos are suggestive? If they are really “side-liners”, doing either occasional (or, frequent) P4P, how do you find them? Answer – – Easy, they will find you.

In my Thai Friendly profile, I added some blatant suggestive words to the subject line of my introduction. Then, in the body of my profile, I simply said, “..I’m a nice old guy, just looking for fun, looking for short-time, and I pay a fair rate..”

“Ba-Boom”.. Click Heaven. All of the “Bad Girls” clicked on me, but quite a few “Good Girls” also “showed interest”, or actually sent the first “Hello” message.

Now, so as not to disappoint any drooling old punters, I want to present a side-by-side comparison of two sterling examples of P4P, in which I will compare a “Good Girl” sideliner-in-denial from Thai Friendly, with a blow job bar “Bad Girl”, with whom I’m intimately familiar.


The “Good Girl”:

Introducing the Thai Friendly “Good Girl”, and I will call her “Rung”, which is not her real name. Rung’s online profile and photos are innocuous, and I wouldn’t have guessed that she was a “side liner”.   However, she clicked on me, merely saying, “..I would like to meet you..”, and that started what amounts to an “escorting” relationship. She doesn’t think of it as P4P, but “she needs a little financial help”, and she expects a little cash at the end of each date. We agreed on a rate of 3,000-THB, regardless of the nature of the date, or the length of the date.   Rung is age 44, has a college education, never married, never had children; She is very cute, very healthy, exercises every day, eats healthy, does not smoke, does not use drugs, has absolutely no tattoos or piercings, and drinks only lightly. She is very small, slim, and athletic, with the face of a 30-year old and the body of an 18-year old (seriously). In the course of playing with her twice a week for the past three months, I have discovered that she is also unemployed (since 2010) and she has no visible means of support.

Good-Girl Rung lives alone in a mid-range one-room condo. I have also figured out that she has many social media and “Thai Dating” type accounts, and I finally got her to admit that she has other guys who she sees regularly, and we’re all paying an “honorarium” for each “date”. Rung averages 5 dates per week, so she is earning an average of 15,000-THB per week from old punters like me, and there is also some old guy who auto-wires 20,000-THB a month to her, even though he hasn’t seen her in years.   Grand Total: Rung is making an average of 80,000-THB per month. The sex with Rung: Not hyper-professional PSE, but very good, and very much a “girl friend” experience. Rung’s behaviour in public is interesting. For a “Good Girl”, she is not at all ashamed to show affection to me in public, in front of other Thais. She is also very much at ease in fancy restaurants. On the surface, Rung is really a nice girl in many ways, but the underlying “gold digger” motivations are starting to come out, and there have been a few too many impromptu shopping trips, which I was expected to sponsor, where she would look at gold, new phones, expensive clothes, etc. She didn’t come right out and say, “..won’t you please buy this for me..”, but the intent was clear. I always avoided the high-end pricey stuff, and instead I took her to the lingerie section for those hard to find 30-AA bras for really tiny girls. In other words, I’ve bought small gifts for her during impromptu shopping (like at a shopping mall after a movie), but I ignored gold necklaces and high-end phones in preference to cute bra and panty sets. I like Rung, but it doesn’t feel right, and I wasn’t born yesterday, so I will undoubtedly end it soon.

Lastly, the biggest thing that bothers me about Rung is that she is lying to herself and lying to everyone she meets.   I had to know her a while (and of course got hooked on her) before she would finally admit that pre-Internet-dating, she was a “pick-up-girl”, going to every night club in town, and whoever hit on her, and bought her a drink, and made a good offer to her, that was who she slept with that night, and she would be paid as she left the next morning. Now, Rung does the same thing electronically via Thai Internet dating sites (and she also has a few regular clients) and that is much easier for her. Does it bother me that she has an average of 5 customers per week? No, not at all. But it does bother me that she lies to herself, and she lies to every new client, until she either confesses or they figure it out. Rung’s whoring doesn’t bother me. Rung lying to herself drives me crazy.


The “Bad Girl”:

Introducing a certain blow job bar “Bad Girl”, and I will call her “Pim”, which is not her real name. Pim is age 36, has a sixth-grade education, never married, and has 2 children by some Thai dead beat dad in Isarn. The children are of course being raised by Pim’s parents, the typical bar girl family model. Pim is relatively cute, fairly healthy, does not smoke, does not use drugs, has no tattoos, and only her ears are pierced, and she drinks “moderately”.   Pim is really very small (except for the inflated bolt-on boobs) and while she is really cute, her age shows. She is age 36, and she looks 36.

In the course of playing with Pim an average of once per week for the past eight years, I have discovered that she is hard-working, reliable, and never misses a day at the bar without permission from the mama san. She lives alone in a low-end one-room apartment. Pim has serviced literally thousands of guys of every description over the last 8-years, but she is earning only an average of 10,000-THB per week in total from punters.   My weekly meetings with Pim are easy. I call her, she bar fines herself, and she comes to my room. Pim gives me all-in (no-limits) full-service, and her rate is only 1,500-THB plus a 400-THB bar fine, for at total of 1,900-THB.   Pim has never hit me up for the “sick mother” or the “dead buffalo” scam. It’s a job, I’m a client, and we both enjoy the transaction, and that’s it. The sex with Pim: Very professional, really very good, essentially no-limits, and very much a “Porn Star Experience”. Pim’s behaviour in public is acceptable, but she has low self-confidence and low self-esteem. In Thai culture, she is a “Bad Girl”, and consequently she is not totally at ease around “nice” Thai people. I’ve taken Pim to a movie one time, and to a seafood restaurant one time. I like Pim, it has always been fun, and I will undoubtedly continue to see her.



Pim is an honest “Bad Girl”, who is working her ass off, and she earns an average of 40,000-THB per month. Rung is a self-delusional “Good Girl”, who takes only one escort style date per day, usually only 5 dates per week, but she is earning an average of 80,000-THB per month.

Pim, the BJ Bar “Bad Girl” is truly salt-of-the-earth, a stereotypical gutsy whore with a “heart-of-gold”. She works her ass off, and spends very little on herself, and she really does send most of her wages home to her mother, father, and children in Isarn.

Rung comes from a big family, and all of her brothers and sisters have good jobs and normal lives. Rung has many nieces and nephews, but she wants no children of her own.

I can spend 3,000-THB a pop with Rung, a “reasonably skilled” Thai “Good Girl”, from Thai Friendly, and run the risk of being snared into the “gold digger” trap. Or, I can spend 1,900-THB a pop with Pim, a blow job bar “Bad Girl”, and get unbelievably good sex, and when she leaves my home at the end of each tryst, that’s it, there are no unrealistic expectations.

I’ve decided that I’m simply more comfortable with Pim, the “Bad Girl”, than with Rung, the “Good Girl”, based on performance, and expectations, and honesty.

The old monger adage applies – – “..The more you pay, the less you get..”

The other obvious conclusion is that the online world is probably not the best place to find a genuine “Good Girl”, if that’s what you seek.

Lastly, (and as an aside) I remember back when Stick did “Bar Girl Investigations”. In today’s world, how could anyone really “investigate” an Internet “good-girl” from a Thai dating site?   I don’t believe that it could easily be done, and therefore those Internet dating sites provide a safe haven for “sideliners-in-denial”.

Your mileage may vary. Do what’s right for you.

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