Stickman Readers' Submissions August 30th, 2016

Twister Bar (Where Rainbow 4 Used To Be) Is The Absolute Worst

This is super long, but bear with me. I am here on a holiday in Bangkok. Been looking forward to getting back here all year as I have been slowly stacking up money from working to be able to have some fun here. I have been to Bangkok about 5 times over the past 7 years so for the most part I'm pretty familiar with a lot of things and am used to all the cultural nuances that are different that you need to adapt to, being that I am from the US.

One of my favorite spots to hit up in regards to bars was Rainbow 4. I came to Bangkok last year, and during my time here then, Rainbow 4 was closed due to some underage girls working there or something. It didn't open back up till I had left. Fast forward to now, and I go to where Rainbow 4 use to be and didn't know it wasn't Rainbow 4 but instead Twister because I had A). not looked up at the sign, just saw the layout being the same assuming it was the same bar, and B). I was pretty tipsy.

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I see a girl I like and have her come over for a drink. We talk, we get along well and we have similar interests, especially in music. I ask her if she would like to do long time and she says yes and says bar fine is 1,000 and for long time with her it would be 3,000. I'm like, great! Though the barfine is dumb high, I thought the 3K for a long time was pretty good value. When I pay the barfine, the mamasan or whatever the person they call who takes the barfine said I had to pay the girl 3K up front. At first I was opposed but then figured maybe they had changed how things were done here? I decided to take a chance and go ahead and pay the 3K. We leave and I ask her if she wants to go to the club because it was still pretty early. She says yes.

We go to Chookah (spelling?) which is a hip-hop club. It's like 9:30 PM, so it's fairly dead. We get stamped and leave and go back to my hotel to chill out till it gets later in the evening when Chookah is seeing more action. I ask her if she wants to put on a movie because I brought some Blu-Rays over with my PS4 and she picks a movie. We watch it, and as we watch it, I try to make some moves but she's like "later later" and points to the movie. Near the end of the movie we decide to head back to Chookah.

Chookah is jumping at this point so much so it's hard to even move between people. We party there till about 3 AM and I bought her about 3 drinks, and bought myself 3 drinks. Then she asks to go to McDonald’s. I buy her a burger cause that is all she wants. After she eats we head back to my hotel. I put on a movie for her while I take a shower. After I take a shower, I try to get her up so she could take a shower, but she asks if she can sleep for just a little bit cause she is "draaaunk." Instead of being a dick about it, I let her sleep a little bit. She stays knocked out for hours. I stay up just watching random shit, (I think it was Better Call Saul because I brought the whole season 2 on a USB drive). Around 8 AM I eventually pass out. She wakes me up at 11:30 AM and says her mom says that she has to go home. I am like "hold on, we didn't even have sex!" She stops then realizes the error and keeps saying "sorry sorry, I was so draaaunk." So I am like, well you should give me my 3k back. Hell I should get 4K back but whatever, just give me my 3K back and we will call it even. (Mind you, I use Google translate to help translate a lot of our conversation from here on out). She says "I want money, but so sorry" and she is looking confused and looking like she is about to cry. I didn't want to ruin my vacation by being a dick and being mean but at the same time, fair is fair. I give her an alternative and say, Fine, just give me 2k back and we will call it even. She is still quiet just staring at the ground, and I say "That is MORE than fair" and she says "Yeah, I know, I know, I am thinking." She sits there thinking and keeps putting her hands towards her eyes. Then I say, or if you really need the money now, then just meet me on Sunday and we can have sex then without me paying for it since I paid for it already. She thinks about it, and thinks about it, and then agrees. I let her know that I am putting my trust with this in her hands. She understands. She says she isn't going to work the next day (Saturday) or Sunday. We say our goodbyes and she leaves. FYI I was super nice about the situation, as in I didn't raise my voice or threaten her or anything. Stayed calm and gentle about it.

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Saturday comes along and against my better judgement, I go back to this Twister place (which at this point I realize it isn't Rainbow 4 anymore because I actually look up this time before entering.) I go back cause there were some other hot chicks that I wanted to try, and picked one girl that I saw from the previous day. She comes up and is all over me from the jump. We chill and talk for a little bit then get to the negotiation part. She says for me, long time 4,000. Bar fine is 1,000. I'm like ok, cool. When I pay the barfine, again, they say I have to pay the 4,000 up front. I refused and they insisted it is the only way for me to take the girl out and while I was hesitant at first because of what happened earlier, I was thinking that was just a unique situation, and this is how they do it here, and that other girl is going to give me what she owes me on Sunday anyway. So I pay everything.

We leave, and me and this girl go to my hotel. Long story short, she does justice to the 4K. 2 pops and she was very loving. She also kept asking me to be her boyfriend and I'm like nooooo. Anyways, near the end of her visit, she is on the phone and she says she is talking with her sister about her hair and that she wants to change her hair color, etc because her sister recently changed her hair color. I look at her phone, and see that her sister IS THE SAME GIRL I TOOK THE NIGHT BEFORE WHO DIDN'T PUT OUT. I was kinda shocked at the moment. I just had sex with her little sister twice. Anyways, my point of that story is to be fair in the sense that, I did have one good experience from Twister.

Fast-forward to Sunday evening when the girl who I paid but she didn't have sex yet was supposed to meet up with me to have sex. I hit her up on Line since we are connected on it, and she says "Sorry sorry, cannot meet, I will just pay you 2000 on Monday." While I am disappointed, I'm like…."Fine" and we make a plan for me to stay outside and I hit her up on line and she will come out and give me the money. I agree.

Fast forward to Monday evening. I walk up to Twister, hit her up on Line and tell her I am out front. I then just look in, to see if she happens to be on stage and she sees me. I go and sit down on a stool outside and just chill, waiting for her turn to come off the stage so she can pay me back. She actually comes off stage early even though it's not her time (I am watching from outside) and then she is speaking with the guys out front. She and a bargirl friend are both talking to the guys at the front for a long time for some reason. Then 2 different people come from inside (the people who get the barfine) and are talking to her, then they go back inside. Then the woman who I paid the barfine to that night for this girl comes out and is talking to the guys and this girl. Then the lady who I paid the barfine to walks over towards me with this girl, and asks me "What is your problem?" and I'm like huh? Then she says "Why you want money back?! You cannot have!" And now I am like what the fxxx…. Then I explain to her that nothing happened so I should get the money back. She states "She stayed with you all night right? so you do not get money back!" and at this point I am getting pissed, and I tell her, "Look, you should give me the whole 4K back to be quite honest, but I am trying to be nice here and just ask for at least 2K back." She says "No, she stay with you all night right? so you don't get money back" And I say "BUT NOTHING HAPPENED, I should get the money back" Then she says "Yes, this is the same anywhere you go, nothing different." And she motions her hand all around Nana, as if people aren't paying for sex, but paying for a girl to fall asleep in their hotel. (un-fucking believable). We argue for about a few more minutes and I have to tell myself A. I am not in my home country. B. I am alone. C. Don't let your anger make you do something you will regret. During this time, I look at the bargirl like "C’mon dude, seriously?" and she can't even look me in the eyes, the whole time she is just looking away like she is embarrassed. I realize that this is going nowhere and the further I take it will only end up bad for me, so I just say "Ok, if you guys wanna screw me over on this little bit of money so bad, then fine, but it will only be apart of your reputation. The barfine lady says "Fine, I don’t care, this is finished!" then she and the bargirl walk away. The whole time I am sitting there like, wow. I have been to Bangkok often. I have never been treated this way ever, anywhere in Bangkok or Thailand in general. Hell, I never been treated this way anywhere in the world (Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan). I was shocked that they just really didn't give a shit about customer satisfaction and about doing the right thing. Like they really didn't give a shit about their brand.

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You know, at the end of the day, it isn't even about the money so much. I mean yeah, I want the money back as the equivalent trade was not completed, but you know what, in the big scheme of things, 2K or 4K baht, isn't anything to truly sweat. But it's the principle of it all that really bothers me, hurts me, and angers me. I always treat the ladies well here (Bangkok) and there (anywhere else in the world). I never have been a dick. In fact I am almost gentlemen like. Yes, I don't give tips to the random waitresses and the mamasans who beg me for 100 baht. But I always tip whoever is waitressing me, and I always am nice and kind to the bargirls. When bargirls come up to me asking me to sit and drink and I am not interested, I give them a polite no with my hands together and a smile so they know it's nothing personal. Whenever I take out a bargirl, I treat them well, buying them drinks, or taking them out, or getting them food, etc. There are guys out here, straight raping these women. Dudes out here fxxxing these girls and then not paying them. Dudes out here beating or even killing these women. Not only do I try to treat them like people and be nice to them, but I do everything right. I pay what I am supposed to pay and I take care of them. Even afterwards, I give them money for a cab ride home. It just hurt that I would get treated like the other type of guy. It's just disheartening in so many ways. I had a great appreciation for not only Thailand, but also the bar scene in general. I have a sense of sympathy for these women, cause I know a lot of them are just trying to make their life and situation better. I get it. I play the game right, so it was just disheartening that I got played like I was one of the foul players.

So not only do they turn away one of the good guys to use their establishment, but they turn away all of the possible money I could be giving this establishment. I mean I am here for another 7 days. That 2K doesn't mean much to the tens of thousands of baht I could have ended up spending there. The unfortunate situation is I am just powerless in this situation as I just have no real way of doing something about it except write about it for your submission. I am sure I am not the only one who has gotten the shaft here. My only hope is a lot of punters read this and do not spend a dime at this shithole. The problem with this is though, a lot of Japanese use to go to Rainbow 4 and they THINK (like I did) that this is rainbow 4 because when I was in there I saw so many Japanese like I use to at Rainbow 4. And the Japanese aren't going to read this. I spoke with some friends I have made in the bar scene (basically a few bar girls and waitresses at Bangkok Bunnies) and they told me they heard that Twister is very bad. Anyways, all I can say is hopefully my experience is a fair warning to anyone interested in Twister and they avoid this shithole like the plague. Bangkok Bunnies (who apparently is now owned by the people who own Bacarra (spelling?) now in Soi Cowboy) is the best spot in Nana and worth the time and money. It's become my "home" in Nana. Sometimes Ill just go in they’re not looking to barfine, and just chill and drink and see the people I know. RIP to the OG Rainbow 4. (New Rainbow 4 isn't as great apparently, though I haven't stayed in there to find out, it just seemed lackluster.)

Stick’s thoughts:

I have mixed feelings on this. I understand that you paid up front with the expectation of getting sex which ultimately didn’t happen and which would have been a disappointment, but I think that is as much down to you as it is to the lady. Taking her out to a late-night club, getting her drunk and then expecting her to perform is optimistic. Yes, plenty of guys manage that but the combination of alcohol and a long night affects ladies differently. What happened to you is disappointing and it’s a great example of why paying upfront in a gogo bar is not recommended as it may lead to disappointment. It should be noted that Twister is popular with Japanese and Asian men and the system you describe works fine for them, largely because they don’t try and turn it in to a girlfriend experience, rather they simply take the lady to the nearest short-time hotel, do the business and then go home or back to their hotel.

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