Stickman Readers' Submissions June 24th, 2016

Right Place, Right Time For Misses Right

Hi, it’s me again http://www.stickmanbangkok.comReadersSubmissions2015/reader9124.htm and http://www.stickmanbangkok.comReadersSubmissions2015/reader9188.htm. I’m now 27, still living in Melbourne and getting more advance in my Thai language speaking. I still advise everyone who goes on Stick to learn Thai, if interested in Thai girls… Anyway, enough of that, loads has happened!! Not sure if I can write it all, since I’m not much of a writer. Never was and never will be. This is the story how I found Mrs Right, while I was in the crazy world of dating.

I went through a lot, I broke up with my first girlfriend which was the first article and I was in the dating world enjoying my new vocabulary in the 2nd article. The old lady I helped in my 2nd article, I saw her a few times and she still smiles at me for helping her out which makes me happy. Nothing better than helping an old lady in a tough situation. Anyway, back to my story, I was in the dating world going to Thai restaurants, talking to girls on the train, you name it :p etc using my newly acquired Thai speaking skills to get dates and possibly a girlfriend! The more I tried, the more numbers I got but learnt none of them were hook, line and sinker… If they were easy to pick up they are not girlfriend material I started to realize. If you try too hard it will never happen so just act yourself and the universe will make it happen for you, I realized. If only I knew this in the past. I wouldn’t have stressed so much and been upset with being single.

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Anyway, I was going on numerous dates and got a boys trip to South-East Asia planned in the horizon since we were all were single boys and a lad trip was way overdue… Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia were in the travel plans. 4 months before the trip, I met my girlfriend. I started teaching English while getting Thai language taught back on a conversation / learning site. On the site people talk to each other to learn languages. That’s where I met her. Just like me, she wanted to learn English as I wanted to learn Thai. She a hotel receptionist from a Phuket holiday resort. From humble beginnings of written emails to study the language we started learning a lot about each other’s lives and we advanced to one phone call a night, the duration of each call was around 4 hours a night. Soon there was no English or Thai lesson being taught just casual phone, Facebook calls and Line app messages about what we had done during the day, etc. If we didn’t get a phone or fb message we missed each other. Chemistry was huge and still plays a major factor with us. The boy trip was coming up and I decided after the trip when the boys left for home, that I will stay two extra weeks in Phuket. So I can finally meet her and be with her while doing some muay Thai training at the same time. All though we haven’t formally met she consider me her boy while I consider her my girl, strange how that works out. Like always if I tell someone our situation, how I met her, they give me weird looks and tell me Thai horror stories or stereotypical views which I’m used to know.

The day finally came when me and the boys went on a huge boys trip, secretly I couldn’t wait until it was over so I could spend time with my Phuket girl. But being a good sport I didn’t want to show it in front of my mates. Since it wouldn’t be fair, it’s their trip also so I done the typical partying, drinking making memories with my boys so we can remember a good trip. Of course on a big trip like this there are up and downs, laughs and fights but overall it’s the memories that counts, like how I nearly died 3 times in 10 minutes at Koh Chang. Funny story. I was walking to my bungalow, walking on a wooden staircase, it broke TIT (this is Thailand) tumbling down a hill screaming, with monkeys in the background laughing they then decided to throw 2 coconuts aim at my head after my tumble of death. Lucky they were bad shots because they both missed. With all the commotion all my friends and a few bungalow stuff came running down thinking I was being attacked by monkeys. In floor and in pain/shock.. The stuff smiled and walk off TIT, if this was Australia I could have sued. After my big boys adventure, the day finally came, boys go home. ….I go to Phuket to see my girl, who I was line messaging most holiday when in bed at night. At the airport I was only leaving the boys for 2 weeks but for them it was an eternity and they thought that I will never come back home, big hugs all round which made us look like weren’t going to see each other ever again. I wasn’t too big on our goodbyes but my mates where, they showed it. Secretly I was happy, I was at this part of the trip. Finally I was in a taxi going to my hotel which she help me booked, knowing I don’t like touristy/farang areas she got me booked into a hotel in a local Thai area. I was in heaven, no scooter drivers, no scammer’s just street food, shops… I felt like the only farang in that area which was awesome since I spoke Thai and everyone was super nice to me. I walked into my lobby and there she was sitting on a chair waiting for me, room already arrange for me with a scooter already booked for me which she organized with her ID, she didn’t trust me giving them my passport.. Always thinking ahead for me.. the nice Thai hospitality you normally expect with proper Thai girls. So drop bags off in room, hug and was already out the door to enjoy our first night together. We caught up with her friends for street food, typical friends want to scope me out to see if I’m “Mr Right” for her. I love Thai food and eat it all the time and have eaten nearly everything cool, but to this day I still don’t know what I ate that night. I think the friends were doing the test the farang taste buds thingy for enjoyment. All I remember was there was blood and animal intestines (I think) in my food, not wanting to look like a typical farang since I spoke Thai I ate everything with a smile on my face. That small act earned me points to her friends I think…… The meal was over, it was time for the bill…. Knowing too well I was the farang, and farangs generally had to pay for girlfriend friends. But to my surprise it was the complete opposite, all the friends paid for my meal saying it was a present for me coming to Phuket. It didn’t cost much but it was the thought that count. I respected them even more. The friends made a good excuse to leave us together and me and my girl walked around Phuket down, looking at the old French colonial buildings before calling it a night.

The next day I jumped on a scooter and went to the local muay Thai gym for the 7am session, breakfast than beach for a snorkel. On the way home I fell off my scooter typical rookie mistake of using the back brakes on gravel instead of the front.. Slide out with a huge gash on my left knee. Went to the local pharmacy. The pharmacist clean and patch up my leg in the back toilet. Left a good tip. Thai pharmacist are just as good has western doctors, I reckon. Came limping back to my hotel the lobby lady notice it and instead of talking to me about it like a normal person: s, she rings my girlfriend! Since she left her number under the scooter hire info. The lobby lady made it sounded like I killed myself in the accident, my girlfriend wasn’t happy when she came running to my hotel after her shift to see only one bandage on my leg , she worried all shift because the old lobby lady made it sounded 10x worse than what it was…

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After that day, I had the best routine I will ever have in my life, wake up besides my misses.. Bring her to bus stop for work, head straight to muay Thai gym at 7am session, come back for street food breakfast (kha kha mu or kha mon gai). Go beach for a snorkel and then come back for shower. By then it will be around 2pm, I open up one bottle of beer while watching Thai soap operas, fall asleep and wake up with my misses knocking on my door after work around 6pm ready to spend the night with me, dinner date or something cute. This went on for the whole 2 weeks and I went from 85kg to 75kg just by being active and doing this routine. If I was with the boys I would never have the chance to do this routine so I’m learning in my older years traveling by yourself is much better than doing the boys trip just like when I was younger.

Everything was going great, we made the best memories.. There was only one memory that, disturbs me and makes me upset. It was the day she nearly drowns.. I still blame myself by inviting her snorkelling that day :’( . Lesson one never bring a Thai girl swimming, they are not like Australian who are forced to learn, water safety etc. I took her snorkelling and without realizing we were both being taken out by strong current, soon she was struggling and I swam to her to hold her up, I can swim back but I wasn’t going to leave her behind, so with my strength I held her up while calling for help. Help came and took her back to shore unconscious. Holding her up and the commotion I didn’t have the strength to swim back so had help paddling back. I felt less of a man in my entire life and felt like I let her down.. if I think about it, I will have trouble sleeping, thinking of not doing my duty as a man to protect her from the sea. She woke up on beach, went to the hospital overnight with water in lungs and was checked out the next day being fine, I stayed overnight in hospital with her not leaving her side. She had a drip which help remove excess water from her lungs. The next day after the incident, I was back in my routine and the bond between us got bigger.

Sadly all my fun and games where coming to an end and my trip was coming over. Trip ended. Came home and still continue to do our 4 hour talk a night, our bond is much bigger since we been together. Something you can’t achieve with only phone calls and emails… It’s been a few months since my trip and my girlfriend just applied for her working visa. Being a typical good girl she didn’t asked for my help. She’s a hard worker and wants to do it her own way which I’m happy about. We both agreed that to keep our relationship going one of us had to move and I couldn’t because I have a home loan. So she coming to stay here and I’m happy I have met her.

If It wasn’t for my love of everything Thai and wanting to learn the language I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend online, if it wasn’t for the boys trip taking place I wouldn’t have seen her… sometimes the universe lines them up just in the right spot.. Right place, right time for misses right!

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