Stickman Readers' Submissions June 7th, 2016

Relationship With A Thai Woman Who I Am Almost Double Her Age

Dear Stickman Readers

After reading some recent submissions by men who are similar in age I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a lot of commonalities about life in the Green Mango yet the prevailing common factor is that it’s all about the women. What really spurred this submission was Mega’s pay for play experiences across the region and how I’m following a very different approach. I’ve chronicled about how I recently opened an office in Bangkok and I’ve been visiting LOS for about a week every month since January.

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The first few trips I went out almost every night to sample the felines after a 4-year absence from Thailand. I was definitely playing the two-week millionaire routine but this hedonistic activity wore thin quite quickly. I ended up in a relationship with what Mega would describe as a wannabe hi-so part-time hooker. She has a business but in no way can she maintain her hi-so lifestyle without having liaisons for money. This relationship has been going on for about 5 months and it’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least. When I’m in Thailand, I’m working so I’m only hitting the clubs on weekends while going out every night to restaurants. As many people write, why get into a relationship when there are so many fish in the sea. Some men like the experience of changing woman like we change our underwear and having sex without any feelings. I’m the opposite. To me, having a purely transactional pursuit just doesn’t rock my boat and it becomes meaningless after a while. So instead, I’m in a relationship and not to delude myself, it’s paid for in a discreet way so it doesn’t feel transactional. Let’s face it, why would an amazingly hot 29-year old go out with a man who is almost twice her age if it’s not for money? Like everything in life there are pros and cons so I will write about them concerning our relationship. By far the biggest pro is having sex with an incredibly hot woman. I mean mind-blowing sex where I feel like a teenager all over again. I’m no superman but she can get me up four times in a row for marathon sessions that just blow my socks off.

We made a decision to have each other tested for STDs so it’s been bareback ever since. When we first met she was so adamant about using a condom that I feel that I’m taking very little risk if she does go out with the occasional customer even though she promises me that she has stopped.

Next on the list of pros is companionship. She is somewhat intelligent and an easy conversationalist. When travelling for business month after month it can get a bit lonely so having a hot lady by your side definitely helps.

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Another pro is that for a young lady she is so mature in her demeanor and the way she dresses. No tramp stamps and she almost never wears jeans. That is part of her problem is her need to be in the latest fashions. She reminds me of a Thai Audrey Hepburn. We can go to the nicest restaurants and she is never out of place. Of course when asking where she would like to eat tonight I will hear Zuma at the St. Regis instead of MK at Terminal 21.

So she ticks the boxes for looks, incredible sex and nice companionship. You may ask what can be so bad? On top of everything, she has never asked me for money since our first night.

Here comes the difficulty which lies in all relationships with a kept women. What she really wants is something I cannot give her. I’m 100% honest about my life and my family so it’s only natural and human nature to be jealous. She would love to hook up with me on a permanent basis but I’ve been clear with her that that will never happen. This creates mood swings which I will not put up with and add to the fact she is a 29-year old woman. The only way I can deal with this is being absolutely strict. Let me give you an example; one night we went out and she was not happy with me or the restaurant I chose or she was just being a brat. She basically had an attitude all night so when we got back to the hotel room, I told her to pack her things and get out.

This created a bit of a stir and she pleaded with me to stay the night and started crying. I didn’t relent and threw her out. I’m really not that cold-hearted but she needed to be taught a lesson. And guess what, it worked! A few nights later I took her back and thankfully there was a real attitude adjustment.

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When I’m back to Dubai, we message each other and talk a lot. One time I returned and she felt that I did not give her enough attention so she told me that our relationship is not right for her. So I completely ignored her for a week and guess what? She came back and apologized.

At the end of the day we both get something out of this relationship. I’ve got a hot girlfriend and companionship when in Thailand and she has help maintaining a lifestyle she cannot achieve on her own. I guess it’s mutually beneficial. Where will it go I don’t know but for now it works. – dating in Thailand with Thai girls from Bangkok and all over Thailand!

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