Stickman Readers' Submissions June 11th, 2016

My Excursion Finale & So, You Want to Marry a Thai Girl Do You?

….Continued from 25/5/2016… Whew !

Having spent a pleasant time with Ahn, time to return to the Aetas Hotel to start my holiday in Thailand.

mens clinic bangkok

Time for introductions, with the tour director and the forty people on the tour. Only 2 Aussies; the rest Americans.

Aged 18 years to 80 years… all got along very nicely.

Breakfast and some dinners were included in the package; although food is very cheap in Thailand. It was a great deal.

The first few days we toured the famous Bangkok sights, Wat Po (what an amazing place that was and a must see for anyone), the giant reclining Buddha, an abundance of temples, floating market (many bargains and delicious food to be had, flower markets, Chinatown was amazing.

Then off to Ayutthaya and what amazing temples…. my favorites being the Summer Palace with magnificent grounds and shrines, Big Pagoda Temple and Wat Mahathat.

I guess in terms of historical significance, lasting impressions were in Kanchanaburi.

It was heart rendering to go to the Hellfire Pass, the Museum, the War Cemetery and find out the history of the construction of the Thai – Burma railway. What an appalling time the prisoners of war had to endure building this railway.

If you do go to the Hellfire pass be prepared to take water and you will have a couple of hundred steps to go down and climb up again. And bring insect repellent…. Hungry flying and biting critters.

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Also, it was a joy to actually walk across the “Bridge over the River Kwai”.

It was surreal.

Now on to the resort that was part of our itinerary. It was a jungle setting, from a pier it took 20 minutes in a long tail boat. It is completely isolated, only way in and out is by long tail boat. But they do have a restaurant, coffee shop, and kiosk. There are dozens bungalows fully equipped with air conditioning, hot running water for showers, TV but no telephones, wifi, it is truly a jungle setting and absolutely beautiful. There is a swimming pool and massages are available.

After settling in my bungalow I of course wanted to try the massage. A booking was obtained for late afternoon. I was escorted upstairs in a sheltered but open air communal verandah. There were mats on the floor alongside each other. The massages were fully clothed pressure point massages… not my favorite… but beggars can’t be choosers under the circumstances.

The massage girls were these lovely Mon girls from Burma. They have light white circular paining on their cheeks. Ahhh the ones on their faces hehe. They wear very ornate, figure hugging skirts that was flattering to their great bodies. How I love the top of their hilly bottoms…. when you look at them standing sideways.

The massage begins first laying face up, and then they ask you to turn sideways so they can massage the back.

They did excellent massages and I was so relaxed when mine asked me to turn sideways. Until, I opened my eyes … another pretty girl was massaging someone else. Her cute bum was about 30 cm from me. Evil thoughts came to mind immediately. “If that cute little arse comes any closer, I’ll give it a firm nip with my teeth”

Ok so a great time was had in Thailand. It was quite brief but sufficient to take in the exotic wonders.

I found the people friendly, polite, didn’t feel unsafe, food and drink cheap, massages cheap. What more could someone want. I left with a very good impression.

Would like to explore some more of Southeast Asia … and it’s very affordable. A BIG plus; as far as I’m concerned.

As Arnie said : “I’ll be back”… I think.

“Yippity yippity th-that’s all folks !”


So, You Want to Marry a Thai Girl … Do You?

By Sidney

I must preface this submission. It is a theoretical strategy… but based on personal observation and dialogue though.

As I have said before ad nauseam, I’m a sucker for massage.. Any massage, preference being Asian or specifically Thai massage. Generally you will find pretty massage girls at these massage shops.

Not the case if you have a massage with a western girl… either they are older desperate women, strictly legit professional types, or skanky types.

Now, for a gentleman interested in hooking up with a Thai woman there may be a fast route.

No, I don’t mean clubs, pubs or going to china town.

I’ve often thought an ideal way would be to go to a few strictly legit massage places, and have some regular massages. I would advise only 30 minute massages, as in Australia a longer one would start to cost big money.

You may have to go to a few places; to see a little darling you fancy. Make sure you book her on a regular basis; to start to develop some sort of rapport.

Maybe as an opening line you could say that you will be going to Thailand on holidays…. say in a few months time. That will cause her ears to prick up (or cock up).

Soon during the massage she will slip in some qualifying questions… who you go with…. wife, family, friends, or girlfriend? Where you go?…(answer: well Bangkok / Koh Samui / Phuket) …. How long you stay?… you been to Bangkok before?.

When she asks these questions, depending on your answers…… you may well be on her radar…. You may be in her cross hairs as a suitable candidate for a long term liaison… maybe even marriage.

In Australia, there are many girls working in massage shops on student visas, to supposedly learn English, Hairdressing, Cooking, Accounting, Tourism and the list goes on. It really would be naïve to believe this is her only motive.

No, she is on the prowl to improve her life situation. They scrape up enough money to travel to Australia, for the purpose of study and reconnaissance.

Whereas if the girl is dark skinned; from the Northeast Thailand (which I have noticed plenty are), it’s been noted that they are shunned and not sought after by the local men in Thailand.

But, word gets around over there. They quickly realize in western countries they are sought after… and they can have the pick of the litter here.

Unfortunately, some start to develop “attitude” as a result… and they should be rapidly culled.

When here, reality sets in quickly. Some have to supplement their income as the Thai baht has little buying power. Some do cleaning duties. Some choose to work in the grey areas of the massage industry. Not prostitution, but adult massage including HJs.

Dragon ladies running many of the legit / non-legit massage shops only pay $80 for a 10-hour day.

With that, they have to exist in a foreign and expensive country, pay tuition etc.

Now the reason for sticking with the legit shops, is that if you are looking for a marriageable girl… do you really want someone that has pulled hundreds or thousands of cocks before yours? And will her mind be on yours; when you are wed to her?

Would it be tantamount to marrying a bar girl? If you are ok with this.. fine!

Many of Thai girls in these shops are really pretty, have nice personalities and are looking for good men with marriage as the intention.

A work of caution though:… treat them with respect if you get an inkling they may have you on their radar. Then it’s up to you to advance the situation.

That is: Don’t be a mongrel and try to take advantage of them; if you don’t have serious intentions then find yourself a skanky western girl.

I would advise this.

1. Stand naked before a full length mirror. What do you HONESTLY see? Are you flabby and in need of exercise, then try and improve your appearance. The idea is to match like for like (if you are average looking don’t try for a “10”); it just won’t work out in the long run.

2. If you are butt ugly, stop now and book in for plastic surgery, buddy.

3. The age difference should be no more that 10 years

4. If she is not interested in living in your part of the world… Even better as she is not targeting you just for a permanent residency visa.

5. Are you prepared to settle in her country? Very advisable. If she stays in the western world she will be corrupted and lose her qualities; as the western girls will coach her on how to treat guys (effing shits, I’ve seen this happen before).

6. If she asks if you own a house, unit, expensive car (red flag)… she may want to rapidly live a life, she wants to become accustomed to living (at your expense, and maybe own it as part of a future divorce settlement). Just a paranoid thought!

7. Even if you get married … “keep your eyes on your fries”…. Tell some white lies…. Be reticent to tell her everything (until she proves herself) about you assets, and keep a very fat billfold tucked out of sight…. should the worst happen and you are stripped of your assets… call it an emergency fund for the future.

8. Yes, I know #6 is being dishonest and the do-gooders will say “that’s no way to start a relationship” …. Bullshit is what I say to that…. Get real!!

FINALLY: If you think you have hooked up with your dream girl, just step back a little. For instance: She is putting you in a special category as a massage customer. Then one day your jaw drops as she just treats you like anyone else.

Well no matter what the stage of your relationship is, if she starts to act odd… maybe treating you with indifference or not as friendly or a little distant or….or….or….or well my advice is give her only one chance to redeem herself (she might be having her monthly). The point is it’s not your job to search for answers. She may be an emotional terrorist.

Some of the “or” reasons are… she may have found someone else, she is married, she has a boyfriend back home, she has changed her mind about you etc etc.

One chance and then move on quickly. There are plenty of suitable women out there and Thai women; I think are largely clones of each other.

OK… Nothing profound…. all common sense stuff.

Good Luck…You might end up with a real gem

Cupid Has Spoken… hehe.

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