Stickman Readers' Submissions May 31st, 2016

First World Clarity

We had a good run, Stick! It's been 10 years since I stumbled upon your website after doing my initial research on Thailand and its women and customs. But me and your website are done. Gone are the compelling readers letters and reality, instead replaced by the likes of the constantly annoying Steve Rosse. Whatever he pays you weakly to advertise his drivel, isn't enough and it's harming you. But you know better than me.

His last weakly letter was one of the most cringe worthy to date. Yes, weakly.

He Clinic Bangkok

He is a Blue Pill, SIMP, Mangina (look it up) with a long list of rationalizations validating his list of NAWALT unicorns.

But I must also thank Steve for helping confirm how lucky we are in countries like Canada and New Zealand because we were born into the optimal matrix.

Speaking generally for myself (because that's what rational thinkers do), instead of taking everything personally and looking for the exception to the rule and being absolute about all subjects…being raised in a western culture is like being born into a family that owns a candy store. After a while we get our fill of the sweet life and start to grow bored and become like spoiled princes and children of billionaires and we start searching for something better, new, foreign and exotic.

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Thailand is the place I thought was better. It took 10 years of living in the illusion of love on ThaiLoveLinks before swallowing the Red Pill and realizing I was the prey and not the hunter of women.

Women choose men, and not just Thai women. I mean women in general, whatever the country. And to be more specific, young women. Because nobody cares about old women unless they are family because they have lost their beauty, their only real trump card.

For 10 years I was asleep or on autopilot bowing down at the Alter of Cunt and frantically searching without satiation to this Pussy Cult. It's exhausting, unhealthy and futile.

Women have a few interesting features and almost no benefits besides feemale assisted ejaculation…for which we pay greatly for with money, time, energy and our sanity and their nonsense. They are just hardwired completely different and don't love men the same way we care about them….as in the love of a child.

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We are a utility or plow mule to women. They are liars and deceptive, adorning themselves with all manner of affectations, alterations and disguise…this is nature’s strategy for women.

The Beatle, George Harrison has my favorite quote on the subject and I am paraphrasing–

All I need from a women is to find her attractive…for everything else, there is men.

When was the last time a woman made you laugh so hard that you blew chunks out your nose or cried tears of joy? For me it's zero, unless you include something she did that was so stupid I raised my hands to the sky and just broke down and laughed insanely.

Until 18 months ago, I also thought women were interesting, deep, insightful and all the other platitudes, myths and slogans, weak men spout about feemales. Yes, two (e's).

I've sat through those dinners, loud nightclubs, sibling visits and all the other things women organize to make me jump through enough hoops for them to deem me fit enough to touch my penis without having to pay money immediately. If I pass all the tests I'm invited to give them pleasure and wait for their next requests to please them. Which they never are satisfied.

When a man marries a woman he says to her, "You're perfect, I hope you never change".

A woman says, "You're pretty good, but now change".

I would smile, nod my heads and agree, like a good boy, for hours or days. Yes, both of them. I had a 3 date maximum rule and if she didn't give up my favorite parts —delete files.

Sitting around and chatting about what I ate 3 hours ago and what I'm going to eat in 2 hours is not interesting for me. Standing around a loud nightclub waiting patiently for my penis touching time, was only slightly more compelling.

Chatting endlessly about nothing and not even having an agenda of sex with a women and to be cast into the Friend Zone is about as interesting as listening to old people with dog food breath, drone on about something that happened 50 years ago.

Now, without any official handlers for 18 months I find I'm free to do all my hobbies and pursue interests I felt were put on hold for the last 10 years. Being in any relationship with a woman stifled my dreams. I lost my autonomy, I went to bed when she did and followed her around and did all the tasks good boys are told to do for women…

BTW, mom, you are completely wrong about everything you preached about how to treat women, in fact it's the opposite. Women are dream killers and mojo thieves. They don't respect us when we fawn and treat them well. If you want to keep a women, treat her like you treated girls in kindergarten when you didn't know a decipher. But be warned, it comes at the price of your freedom.

All women know they are fairly useless unless creating children…which BTW, in western countries belong to them and the state with the rules enforced via violence by the police and courts that serve as their monkey paws.

Society would break down in 1 month without men. Men invented everything…almost. Yes, Curry invented a good drug and another women invented Kevlar by accident when working on some arts and crafty project, but besides a few women inventors there is almost no contribution by women that makes my life better today. I don't need women to pick out my clothes or tell me to do anything the way they see fit. I'm a man, we do everything better than women except for baby making. Yeah, I said it.

If the grid goes down, do you think any women will be climbing telephone poles in a storm to get your power back on?

If shit hits the fan, will women all of a sudden take up arms and fight off the marauding bands of thugs intent on taking your resources? No.

History clearly demonstrates that women will survive and create tall sons for Genghis Khan and his troops of winners. And it won't take long for them to forget about us. They will be fucked well, and fed from a new and better rice bowl and our genes will end there. Women have no loyalty to their servants…just ask any man that has been divorced a few times.

I don't need organization. I like to come and go as I please, without explanation or apology or the exhaustive process of lying to protect the delicate gossamer thin ego of women.

Without women, there would be little need for wars…without promise of the big back end of virgins in heaven, what would be the use of killing non-competitors?

Their tactics are to slowly grind away with shit tests until we become a shell of our former self and give in to all demands without questioning. Sit, heel, roll over, fetch boy.

Strip clubs everywhere, but especially Thailand, are shrines to women where men sit around in a trance paying reverence to women dressed as sex clowns. Slowly we sip our beers ,Tequila or Umbrella drinks, smiling like retards while uneducated farm girls pretend to be interested in us, asking "Where you from", “What your job" or the other 27 standard phrases whores use to pigeon hole us and decipher how gullible and controllable we are.

I know what a lot of you are thinking about now…I'm a little harsh on women and a women hater who was jilted by a women that broke my heart, and you'd be wrong again. My list is considerably higher than Steve by a factor of 10. I might not know much, but I know about dating women and particularly the Thai type.

I don't hate women, I just don't want to deal with their petty nonsense. It's just not worth a weak 5-second release that I'm required to say was amazing, even if it was bad to mediocre. I can do my own pipe cleaning maintenance and get on with my day, bettering myself, exercising, getting shit done without being distracted with tripe. I will never have to use Viagra , because that drug is not for men. It is for the self-esteem of women.

Don't get me wrong, I like sex with women, in fact I prefer a women carrying the semen from the bedroom to the bathroom then having a momentary refractory period before mopping up myself.

However hollow, prostitution's cheaper and much more exciting then wife / girlfriend sex that grows stale as a unsalted cracker after a few hundred reps. Just look at those old couples in a mall restaurant eating the same 6 meals over and over again, not talking and resenting each other more over time, yet too old and tired to move their ass. They gave up long ago. Don't be that guy.

If you are reading this now and your wife or girlfriend is watching a Thai drama or on the phone chatting and laughing like she never did with you and completely oblivious to your interests, then I suggest you swallow the Red Pill and dodge further bullets.

Maybe you are sitting around with her and a group of her friends and they are completely ignoring you because your only purpose is to pay the bills…it's time to wake up and escape the Third World Shithole Relationship.

The worst thing in life is not loneliness, it's being with someone that makes you feel you are alone when you are with them.

If what I write makes you angry that's good…it's called Red Pill Rage, and it will pass in time.

Maybe you are in a relationship and you don't know how to escape it. There are kids involved or it's complicated. I get it.

You might be afraid to be alone or you have no male friends and are surrounded by women that are not telling you the straight dope. I get that too. Having a sounding board is important, and women are not interested in active listening. They are never listening, they are waiting. Waiting for you to get back to furthering their desires and dreams and providing them with enough resources that they don't have to get a job.

Don't underestimate a woman's ability to live a lie for years and string you along until she has drained every last drop of your mojo. They only have a few good tactics that have proven to be effective in crushing your soul and they have honed these manipulation skills to a level most men can't fathom, or even suspect exist. They are listening only for key words that they can use to manipulate you more efficiently and record chinks in your armor.

Don't cry, don't apologize, don't change, and be authentic. I've only met a few logical women in my life, and none I would want to see naked.

Beautiful women are like adult children that have no real focus or plan to better the world unless it benefits them personally. Women are selfish and don't love you the same way as we love them…yes, I know I said that before, but it's important to repeat it because redundancy is the key to clarity.

We have been programmed from childhood starting with our mothers to put women on a pedestal and they are vastly overrated and underwhelming. They are the majority of voters in Canada (one of the most gyno-centric nations on earth, perhaps only eclipsed by Sweden) and it's rare to find one that can see things objectively.

Half of the Canadian cabinet are women and they got these political positions based solely on the fact that they share similar genitals and not for the competency of their labor.

Mainstream western media for the last couple of decades make men out to be bumbling buffoons that would crumble without the help of women. Don't believe the constant barrage of lies when nothing could be further from the truth. We don't need women as much as they need us and they are not the magic panacea for all that ails us.

As a western male we have been pussified by feemale educators. We have been born into this matrix and are unaware of this greatest of deceptions. We are undervalued and on our own. The worst thing you can be if you are in real need is a white male.

When was the last time you saw a beautiful homeless women? Exactly, never.

There is a long waiting list of social justice warriors and captain save a hoes, willing to lay down their lives at the drop of a scarf, in an act of so called chivalry for women and these are some of the most dangerous men out there.

Don't be these scarf-wearing, beardneck, topknot men that are under the illusion that they are on the right side of history. This is only their strategy for getting pussy, yet they have no idea that women want thugs not SIMPS. If you are one of these white knights, drive yourself off a cliff with a van load of your similar thinking buddies. You'll do the world good.

Women have no honor and they will rationalize all manner of injustice that they perpetrate on you. If you display good manners and will walk beside them on a tethered leash without flailing about, they might decide you are stupid enough to take care of them till the end of your days.

Look at the faces of their mother and decide if this face, void of makeup, is what you want to see on your deathbed. These faces will not care about you, the words are insincere and the emotions are selfish. You are just a slave to be quickly dismissed, and the only sincere tears will come if you didn't have any resources to leave them.

For those young men (the majority of old men are hopelessly lost and clueless on this matter) reading this, here is my list, because you are not getting it from Facebook.

Don't marry, it's not in a man's best interest and doesn't benefit you much except for routine sex. You can't afford free sex, there is nothing free. You will pay in paper, coin or blood… choose wisely when you have a soft penis.

If you truly think you are in love, wait until you are over 50 and only marry if it's your idea to have children. Children are vastly overrated and generally disappointing and a burden on resources. Love is a trick of nature to persuade you from eating your children during a famine…okay I'm joking here a tad.

Live alone if economically possible and do whatever it takes to find your own space ASAP and turn it into your man cave. Without worrying about women, your resources, time, energy, creativity and confidence will increase dramatically and there is no excuse to be living with anyone you can't trust or like. Life is not short, in fact it is the longest thing any of us will experience. Living with anyone you can't stand, male or feemale, will make you insane.

Don't put up with any nonsense at all. Once the fun stops, bolt. If a woman is constantly late for dates, tell her immediately that you will not stand for this disrespect. If they say it's a women or Thai thing, you are being played like all that came before you and allowed this to happen. Train them from the get go, or else it might be too late, once the hooks are in.

Get a vasectomy or double check condoms for pinpricks and discard them in the toilet by yourself. Many an intelligent man has lost his life to a semen miner with half a grade school education. For most attractive young women, they don't have much to offer but vagina and a womb. Remember you are a man and you created this world and the only reason that women are around is because of an artificial power that we chose to give them.

If you feel you can't say what is really on your mind, it's time to leave. Freedom is not worth the best sex from the hottest women that ever lived. If you are arguing with your women, she is not on your team and is undermining you.

For those few Red Pill men reading this, you're welcome. My tail is dun.

And to Stickman, I've enjoyed your website immensely over the years. We've had our differing points of view and I thank you for leaving Thailand. It is your best example yet. I'm free of this prison for my mind and have rediscovered the Kingdom of the self. Tips fedora #;}>

Obviously Anonymous

Stick’s thoughts:

I guess you make some fair points, but at the same time a lot of your points strike me as unnecessarily over the top. I have heard the philosophy of the MGTOW movement from the odd reader before and it has always struck me as an ideology of extremists – and I have never thoughts extremists, irrespective of what it is you're talking about, are people you ought to listen to or follow.

I acknowledge that relationships are not always easy and there may be commonalities in relationships that go bad. That doesn’t mean you have to objectify women or become a misogynist or be so extreme in your view towards women which borders on hatred. Strong men – and I mean strong personality here – are attractive to women. And strong women are attractive to good men. I have always felt that the MGTOW movement was made for weak guys and I have to say that nothing you have said changes my mind. If you want to be single, sure, I can see the many advantages in that and don’t question that at all. I do think, however, that one does not need to have such an extreme and unhealthy outlook towards the opposite sex be happy.

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