Stickman Readers' Submissions April 9th, 2016

Shooting Off At The Mouth 2 – Health Precautions

often read submissions about intimate liaisons with good girls (?) and bargirls in Thailand or the greater Southeast Asia area. It certainly makes for interesting reading.

Sometimes I am shocked by the risks some gentlemen take in their pursuit of debauchery or love interests there. There have been many instances where fellows resume relationships with past lovers; be they women or lady-boys. They may only see them infrequently and resume intimate relations for a short time.

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But alas, unless you have an uninterrupted relationship; you have no knowledge of what this person has been up to in your absence. That is: you no longer have a health profile of this person.

On another point, you have spotted a girl you fancy. She claims to be new in the bar….you conclude she is a novice. She seems inexperienced, lovely, fresh, clean and kind. Maybe she claims to have worked in the bar for only two weeks.

Consider this: If she has had one encounter per day (conservative estimate) she has been fu**ed 14 times in the space of two weeks. Maybe twice as many liaisons a western woman has in a lifetime. And since she is prepared to have sex with you, given the right circumstance or the need to have an itch scratched, she will be open to other liaisons; maybe even at the same time she is conducting an affair with you.

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It worries me greatly about the lack of precautions gentlemen take when having sex with any lady….let alone with prostitutes and lady-boys.

To go bareback, have oral sex to indiscriminately kiss any orifice is playing Russian roulette with you health.

The lady or lady-boy you are licking, an hour earlier, may have been initiated to her “penile destiny” by fellow from a country with high rates of contagious illnesses and he could be infected.

You have these linguistic skills, and you wish to practice these extraordinary cunning – linguistic skills on your sweetheart … to send her to nirvana. But be aware, while you are applying your considerable skills; you could conceivably be ingesting the residue of this fellow…. You just don’t know. Sobering thought, isn’t it?

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In fact, if you are not living together or only just met this lady, she could have acquired something dreadful and unknowingly sharing whatever she is carrying with each sexual encounter. It has been mentioned before of the dangers of not protecting oneself from the illnesses acquired from sexual liaisons.

Some of the illnesses are very nasty and incurable…. maybe eventually killing you. If you acquire illnesses of a bacterial nature, most likely medicines can cure these, but with viral illnesses possibly you have them for a lifetime.

You simply don’t know, and she possibly doesn’t know; what his/her bacterial or viral load is within the body.

There are many horrible illnesses able to be transferred from oral vaginal sex, oral anal sex, genital anal sex, genital sex and even kissing is not without danger. Here are a few:

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

HIV infection risk



Chlamydia trachomatis

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C


Herpes simplex virus

If for argument's sake you contract genital herpes, which can be transmitted from a cold sore on the lips to the penis or vagina, you are stuck with it permanently (until medical science can cure viral diseases).

Imagine, you have been infected with genital herpes, you have saved for a year to come to LOS for a good time, you are stressed by the long flight to get to Thailand, your immune system has weakened and you have a massive flare-up.

Warts on the cock head and shaft are exceeding ugly and painful. Even a bar girl will run a mile…. You are not feeling well, but you have to wait a week or 10 days for the lesions to go. What a waste of time and resources. You will spend time eating aroi mak Thai food, looking at the beautiful girls but unable to touch. <Unfortunately, I think plenty would just do the dirty anywayStick>

Heaven forbid if you become infected while on a holiday or business trip, and you break out when you are sleeping with your partner or girlfriend at home.

What will be your explanation be to her? “This fellow in a space suit pointed a ray gun at my cock and these warts appeared”….simply won’t cut it

In the farang world of political correctness, it is illegal to discriminate for many reasons. A person’s privacy is paramount.

Nowadays, the medical profession may not be able to check the health status of a person in a high risk group; admitted to hospital for procedures.

So, consequently this reasoning places the staff (doctors, nurses, healthcare workers etc) in a rather awkward situation.

The unknown health status of people. So the issue of cross contamination arises.

In order circumvent this, healthcare workers have a directive to assume all people are contaminated. Hence, the wearing of gloves, protective goggles, face masks and gowns are used as a precautionary measure; to ensure safety and prevention of cross contamination. A wise and sensible measure.

So why would a monger carry out very dangerous practices, without knowing anything about the person they are dealing with? Absolute insanity!

Take away thoughts (If you have not been living with this person continuously)

1. Always wear a condom, irrespective (whether giving or receiving sex).

2. Always insist the other person (lady-boy wears a condom).

3. Be hesitant of kissing anyone on the lips.

4. If you are a cunning linguist, always use an oral dam or even a polythene glad wrap sheet as a barrier; to prevent viral particles entering your body.

5. Do not allow any secretions of the other person to enter your body.

It’s your life…. make sure, you are here as long as possible to enjoy it. To enjoy the spoils of Thailand /Southeast Asia – and remain in good health.

To be continued….

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