Stickman Readers' Submissions March 5th, 2016

Well We Like One Every Once In A While

That makes us forget the reality the mirror shows us. Even over here in softer, less pricy, English-speaking Philippines.

After 15 years between here and Thailand, I like to think I know better. But, last summer, I am in a hospital bed here in Angeles living in my iPhone when one pops up in Viber I have adored since four years back, a magic one 🙂 So it turned out she had just left her boyfriend of three years because he was a younger guy (42) and young guys got to do that butterfly thing.

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So she speaks really good English and she chats me up. I get so excited I fly down to Mindanao to see her and taste that incredible beauty up close. In fact I went twice and she flew up here twice.

But, she was not over the young guy and I found myself buying her things and helping the family until she threw a fit and I kicked her out. At 69, we don't take a lot of guff.

Three weeks later after going back to him, she returned, so she could get better Christmas goodies and make the young guy crazier to the point of offering marriage. I took her to Thailand, bought her a motorbike and braces then the fighting started. Again, apparently I gave her enough.

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To motivate the guy to buy her some ice and propose. Better him than me.

So she left again, and now I do not respond. Pretty much an ordeal as the guy had spoiled her as so many of my countrymen seem prone to do as they are still in that American mindset that gives women so much more power.

Personally, I believe if you spoil someone you cripple them. However, girls with smoking hot bodies and nice faces get away with whatever they can.

Now they will marry and off she goes to America. He is in for a surprise as I did that very thing 45 years ago. And mine got a rich guy and left. This girl will be blowing away the chubby competition back home.

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His friends tell me he became alcoholic over her and has lost his nice job he was able to do from here, so he has to go back to the States.

It hurts us emotionally when they leave even if they are jerks, and many beautiful women are, but once that has passed we get to be ourselves again.

I have mostly butterflied and intend on doing that throughout. Any time I think different it is just a trip to the mirror for a reality check.

I write this because I know many old boys and not so old get duped and drained both here, Thailand, and everywhere there are poor families with beautiful daughters. Being old and broke is no way I am going to live. Just remember when you are with her, the meter is running.

Ray is 83 and sat near me watching the Super Bowl at Philies. In his 4-+ years here he has seen so many broken-hearted and busted flat guys, he can't remember them all.

Maybe a guy thinks his is different and she can love someone 40 – 50 years older. He better have some deep pockets because he will be digging deep and when it is gone, so is she.

I say measure your sanity and reason over here by what your bank balance looks like.

Been around this scene a long time, the wider the age difference the more things don't work out.

She will change after she has you :). I consider now what happened a little set back. She has even had her family call me. I don't answer.

What sticks in my head was her mother warning me after second trip to Mindanao "be careful".

No need to tell you all the insults and abuse she grew to display, many of you have had the same.

Just butterfly if you are in my age group. That is my opinion. And if you have to have a woman in your life, get a chubby, older one.

Personally, I would rather butterfly and let this life end however it does. I don't need one holding my hand at the death bed thinking about how she'll spend what I leave :).

If we want to open our hearts to a beautiful young girl who cannot possibly be attracted to us, we need to consider what lies inside her may very likely be an opportunistic reptile…

Butterflies are happier…

Guess we all go a little crazy no matter how much we have seen…

Stickman's thoughts:

Simple, but excellent advice!

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