Stickman Readers' Submissions March 29th, 2016

The Barfine Era Will End

Stick's latest column, from 27 March 2016, had a striking passage that points to how the barfine era in Thailand & other
countries will likely end very soon, sooner than many people think.

Stick's estimate of "around 150 or so gogo bars in Thailand these days", led me to chuckle with the thought of how that low finite number, has probably already inspired some Stick readers to try & visit all 150 this year, ha!

He Clinic Bangkok

But on the serious point, there is a lot to unpack in Stick's statement re "visitors who end up in the bars looking more for entertainment and a spectacle than a hot little number to barfine and take back to their hotel room …"

In that comment we see the model for the shortly-to-arrive end of barfining … in favour of a new gogo bar business model, that of a 'cabaret' whose key offerings will be shows of scantily-clad dancers & staff, & sexy female company on the next barstool … but NO barfining, which will be illegal. <Note: there was no mention by me in that article of barfining being illegalStick>

Stick's comments hint at the real truth that most naughty boys aren't brave enough to admit … the lure of prostitution is not the orgasm (which can be had alone easily enough), it is the companionship … and that can be provided in a way less destructive to the women & even to the mongers, who spend cash to soil their souls with exploitation of a girl.

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At present, things are perversely twisted … people come to the naughty districts for the show & the experience of a sexy companion … but the bar owners, discouraged from charging high enough for entrance or drinks, instead push seeking profit from inducing prostitution.

However, the real good idea, is to charge directly for what people came for, a 'sexy atmosphere & experience' .. and leave the prostitution on the wayside (as governments themselves will likely soon require).

Instead of the current model, the 'cabaret' bar with barely-dressed dancers & staff, will earn income from high cover charges (perhaps government-mandated to help spur the new system), high drink prices, & profitable lady-drink sales, but with real service for the lady-drinks, such as promising '20 minutes by your side as long as you remain a gentleman'. Mamasans will be there protecting girls & customer happiness & good manners, & will no longer be pimpettes.

Sex for cash will go where the internet era makes it easier to go – as a private matter, with less trauma & more face-saving for ladies who will no longer be degraded & defrauded through being pimped … and can thus remain, in their persona to others & even in their own minds, as 'just a girlfriend getting some gifts from my boyfriends'.

wonderland clinic

What needs to end above all is the practice of public businesses & other people in general, openly & 'legally' profiting from the prostitution of others. As Stick's pieces on the human tragedy & broken lives of the women in prostitution have shown, it is really desirable that the barfine era come to an end.

There is a particular horror to the prostitute's psychology in that they have been publicly paraded as whores, & that others have profited from this whilst their bodies & minds incurred the scars. What Stick is documenting – and at times reflecting upon – is precisely this huge wrong being done to a significant class of abused women.

Whilst prostitutes tend to bear heavy scars mentally & physically, gogo dancers or bar-stool conversation companions in see-thru bra & knickers (panties) do not … and so in the future, the bar-owners can hold their heads up high, charging a good amount for the 'show' but delivering good value & entertainment, without mauling the poor vulnerable Asian girls eager for a better life.

Stick's thoughts:

There's a lot of honesty here and a powerful message that I hope gets a wide audience and causes readers to reflect.

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