Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2016

Bangkok 2016

This is my second trip report to Thailand in a three-week time period after not returning to the Land of Smiles for almost 4 years. I’m here to set up a business to help with the workload from our primary office in the Middle East. Our labor costs in Dubai are two and a half times higher than in Thailand. On top of that, there are plenty of talented graphic designers who are looking for a change of jobs. Overall, our company offers a very good value proposition so we are not having any trouble recruiting a talented team. We have found a nice office in the outskirts of Bangkok at a very reasonable rent and it’s on the BTS line.

During my last trip I wrote a submission about the pay for play scene and was surprised that I had such a good time after reading so many negative articles on this site. Finding woman who were in to the GFE was easy and it has not changed since I arrived here 25 years ago. One of the ladies who was only an occasional dabbler into the freelancer market was keen on sending messages via Line. We kept this up while I was away and it was enjoyable to have this type of banter. She insisted on meeting me at the airport and had a car and driver waiting. Along with a hug and big kiss I was handed an expensive present. I’ve been around the block a few times and I know as Milton Freedman once wrote “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Since I’m an experienced Asian traveler and knowing Thailand there is always some type of payback or personal ramifications.

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I’m just wondering if the scene has become a lot more sophisticated and ladies are making a bigger investment to snare a good prospect? When she stayed the night there was no mention of money and she wants to see me every night after she finishes work. I’m not a butterfly and when I find a beautiful woman who treats me right I’ll stay with it for a while especially when she is such a tiger in bed.

Over the course of the week, I saw her every night for either dinner or out to the clubs where I met her friends. A few red lights started blinking when all of her friends were on the game. Next, whenever I gazed at another woman I felt her jealousy kicking in. Other than these minor irritations she was a delight to be with and all she did was take care of me in the sack and out. Exceptional service, yet I haven’t given her a penny. I’m really amazed at how almost everything I’ve read about Thailand was about declining customer service and how attitudes have changed dramatically over the last 5 years. <Where did you meet her?; it's not clear here whether you're comparing apples with applesStick>

Having gone out every night to dinner or a club I would say Bangkok was everything I enjoyed as compared to years ago. Maybe it’s even better with so many places to shop, excellent restaurants and great clubs with every type of music. Personally I like house music which I can dance to and there were plenty of clubs that met this criteria. The waiters and waitresses smiled and we’re overall attentive. This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t ever dissatisfied with the service but overall it was fine. The biggest difference was the amount of money you need when partying in the clubs which can cost a small fortune and when you add in the cost of pay for play you better have a fist full of 1,000 Baht notes.

The last night before I was to leave we decided to go to Soi Cowboy to check it out since she has never been there. The first place I took her was to Suzy Wong for the full hardcore experience. Compared to what was next to me the girls doing the shuffle was such a turn off. My babe is skinny, nice enhanced breasts, no tramp stamps and a elegant dresser who I can take anywhere as compared to these raunchy self absorbed girls with absolutely no smiles. She was also turned off and she asked if Farangs were really into Thai girls who looked so disgusting. We left before finishing our drinks and went across the soi to Baccarra. The girls were noticeable prettier but they were also doing the shuffle with a look of disinterest in their eyes.

Now I can understand why there are so many negative articles about the nightlife scene in Thailand. Most of the articles are about the bars in either Patpong, Nana or Soi Cowboy which is such a small part of the nightlife scene in Bangkok. The freelancer market is completely different then the go-go bar scene where short time is the norm while staying all night is the usual when going with a free lancer. I also think freelancers are a mixed breed from the wannabe hi-so to the pig farmer I went out with from Climax. This trip, I went to a few different clubs like Sing Sing in Thonglor to Elevations on Soi 11. These places had some really pretty girls who were so much hotter than what I saw on Soi Cowboy. Honestly, I found all types of ladies in the clubs from solid 9s who were a head taller than me to your usual Isaan woman with dark skin, flat nose and about 5 feet. What ever you’re into can be found.

To sum up my last trip, I had an amazing Girlfriend Experience with one elegant lady who is definitely on the game but was playing the long shot. My last night in Bangkok, I put a fat envelope of cash into her purse and told her I probably won’t be back for some time. There was no issues, drama or attitude just a mutual and professional acknowledgement that we enjoyed a nice week together.

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