Stickman Readers' Submissions January 14th, 2016

Bangkok 2016

Dear Stickman Readers,

Over the last few years I have read many submissions as well as Stickman weekly about the negative changes to Thailand, Bangkok nightlife and the bar industry. It seemed like the typical sex tourist was becoming an endangered species. I read about the demise of the long-time experience and how you were lucky to get short time at greatly inflated prices. It seemed the girl friend experience was from another era that only old timers spoke about. This submission is an honest account of my last week in Bangkok after a four-year absence.

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Due to work and some other circumstances I had not been able to visit the Land of Smiles so with an enviable grin on my face I landed in Bangkok not knowing what to expect. I am an older gentleman in my late 50s with a few extra pounds on my waist and a receding hairline. I dress decently and I've been told that I give off a jai dee vibe.

Armed with a wad full of baht I head out to my old hunting ground. I always found the freelancer venues more to my liking than the gogos in Nana or Soi Cowboy. I walked up Sukhumvit from the Asoke BTS station to be accosted by a bevy of streetwalkers who have definitely increased in numbers since my last visit. I head to the Biergarten to see the same crew as four years ago. Wow, this place is stuck in a time warp and I do a lap around the bar which satiates my nostalgia but with women older and uglier then myself I don't even order a drink.

I then head down the rubble of the alley to cut over to the next soi. I next head over to Gulliver's where the guys out numbered the girls. Maybe the submissions are correct and things are looking bad. I've noticed the average Thai girl on the street is not nearly as slim as years ago and fast food has increased their waistline and thighs.

I think to myself I've heard a lot about soi 11 which has places like Climax and Oscars so off I go.

I first head over to Oscars where there was barely any room to move. I notice a young hip crowd but again more men then women. After an hour of wasted time I head to Climax where I was pleasantly surprised. The place was no different from the last time I was there some 4 years ago and after midnight it just kept getting busier with all types of ladies. It was basically a smorgasbord for your average monger. I surveyed my surroundings, had a few drinks and before long a pretty young lass was smiling at me from a table close by. She was by herself and I would describe her looks as typical Isaan with dark skin, flat nose, and maybe average height of 5'. Being out of practice, I gather my courage and head over to say hello. Her English was pretty good and a conversation developed even over the loud sound system. She was new to Bangkok only being here since late November. She told me her story about how she borrowed money for her failing pig farm and now it was time to pay off the piper so where else to make some quick cash then the neon lights of Bangkok. After a few drinks she said she would stay all night for 4,000 Baht. The last time I've been with a farmer's daughter it was an arousing experience so off we went.

She ended up staying a few nights leaving during the day so I could take care of business and returning at night. This 27-year old cute lady only wanted to take care of me. An absolute delight in bed and she only wanted make me to feel good with lengthy massages after steaming sex sessions. Wow, only a few nights in Bangkok and I was feeling half of my age. Having been in Thailand for a half a week it was time to try something different so from pig farmer I wanted to try a wannabe hi-so as described by Mega in his last submission. Nothing like a little contrast to create a little spice in your life.

Where else to start my evening but Spasso and I got there early so I can sit at the bar. I couldn't believe that drinks were 420 baht each so I was definitely nursing them. After a while, in came your usual freelancers with a very high opinion of themselves. Some were old and a little over the hill while others were a complete turn on. I noticed one girl from across the bar wearing a beautiful red dress, slim body and tits that stood up like toy soldiers. This girl encapsulated the reason I was in Thailand. Nothing like this lady would even give me a second look in the West and to my amazement she was even smiling at me.

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From everything I read this was going to be a fortune in a place like Spasso's and I was preparing myself for a mercenary experience. Actually the opposite happened, this 29-year old beauty wanted 5,000 Baht to stay the night and as she said “to take care of me” and that's what she did for the rest of the trip. What an amazing girlfriend friend experience.

To sum up my seven days in Bangkok, I felt like I never left. Yes it has gotten more expensive but the people at the hotel, restaurants and bars were as friendly as ever. Lots of tourists from all over the world and the place was buzzing with a good vibe. I believe you can find what ever you are looking for with just a smile on your face and a fistful of cash.

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Stick's thoughts:

Good to hear you had a great time!

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