Stickman Readers' Submissions November 2nd, 2015

So You Think Thai Women Are Mercenary?

'Mercenary' is a term often used in the 'manosphere' to denote women that are upwardly motivated and inclined to bargain for the best possible outcome, at the cost of men's personal needs or feelings. A mercenary woman holds out until the last possible moment to make a decision, and strings guys along, often called 'orbiters', until she finally settles on a choice in a man. She even is willing to string guys along, guys in the 'friend zone', after she has settled.

There are many Thai women that broker their looks and charm with little regard for a man's feelings and needs, of course. Particularly bargirls. However there are also many decent, sweet ones out there. They have their flaws and immaturities and superficialities but they are also not particularly sadistic in their pursuit of the best possible outcome.

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What if I told the reader that there is basically an entire nation of 'coyotes', of such mercenary women out there? You ain't seen nothing yet. Even if you have hardened yourself against of falling in love with the youngest, most adept exploitative women in Pattaya or Phuket, you are not prepared for the degradation, the psychic terror that a Korean woman is capable of.

I have lived and worked around Koreans off and on for many years. I have visited the country, and interacted with many Korean women. The only culture I have had more exposure to is Latin Americans/Mexicans. Full disclosure though: I have not had as much experience dating Korean women as some guys out there, and feel free to chime in if you have spent a few years in Seoul or Busan. I welcome your critique.

Part of it is that Korean women are often better at speaking English than many Americans or Brits. But part of it is simply culture. South Korea has always been a nation under attack. From China, from Japan, from Mongolia, and recently from North Korea. So it is a war-like culture. The men and women both are pretty mercenary, as friends or lovers.

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My problem is that I have little control over my attraction to Korean women. Perhaps it is because I have been so exposed to Koreans for so long in the USA. Add to that a general 'yellow fever', and a dangerous predilection towards femme fatales (mercenary) women in general, and it is a dangerous game I play.

A Korean women will test your will and resolve at every turn. She will call you a pussy, question your manhood. She will expect full devotion and submission on her terms, at her pace, when she decides. She will twist your words and peel back layer after layer of human psychology, only to reveal yet more layers. Even the ones critical of the darker aspects of Korean culture still possess traits of said culture that they will likely never outgrow. The war-like nature of someone born and raised as a native Korean is ingrained and as permanent as anything.

This power struggle is imminent. It will permeate every aspect of your relationship. Not all, mind you. There are good ones out there. But rest assured, if you want a good, supportive wife, girlfriend, mother, your chances are better by leagues in any S.E. Asian country than in Korea.

My problem is, I am a fiend. I appreciate the sharpness, the tenacity, the dramatics of Korean culture in general and that is likely part of why I am more physically attracted to Korean girls than Thai, Chinese, and even the overtly similar Japanese. And I am talking about the natural Korean women, not the whatever majority percentage of the female Korean population that has gotten augmented.

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I can't quit, and it could kill me. In the Hongdae or Itaweon neighborhoods of Seoul you will frequently see knock down, drag out fights between women and men. Simple conversations often have the tone of a heated argument. Power struggle and tension is built right into the very fabric of the tones and sounds of the Korean language. The women will fuck with you, test your meddle. But whoa are they absolute tigresses if and when you get one into the sack.

I need help. I have a sweet, loving Thai girlfriend. The sex with her is great, but in a different way. It's mutual, loving. When I am with Korean woman I want to dominate her, tie her up, smack her, blindfold her. These women are fluent in English, cynical, self aware, and deep.

I see a lot of guys on here complaining about Thai women, have read this site off and on for a long time and posted under different names. But look, if you make a decent living, treat the women in Thailand with some decency, keep yourself healthy and reasonably trim (read: not a fat stinky bastard), you will do well. Guaranteed. If you have any doubts about that come date in Seoul for awhile. You will get steamrolled. They will take you for everything you have. Not all of them mind you. But it will happen, because you are a white guy.

Me, I don't know what I will do. I'm addicted to those bodies, those bad attitudes. Those bitches. One minute I think I have the upper hand, I am in control, the next minute they have brought me to my knees. Part of me wants to reform them, to be better than their prior boyfriends, than their opinion of men and mankind. Part of me wants to save them from their rampant, high level of depression and despair. And part of me just wants to sleep with just one more. Just one more I tell myself.

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