Stickman Readers' Submissions October 21st, 2015

Thai Ladies, Do Yourself A Favour, Part 3

I'd like to update my situation so far with my online dating with my Thai lady friend (TLF). But first of all I'd like to clear something up with the submission from the fella who has commented on my previous post.

Starting with the most recent, the last paragraph were he suggests I hit myself over the head with a claw hammer is well, pardon the pun, somewhat a bit of a blow!

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At what point in any of my submissions have I mentioned marriage to my TLF, and indeed at any point have I actually said that this online dating is anything but a friendship?

Then to go on and criticise me for even wanting a relationship with a Thai lady, being that in his opinion, I'm so against the whole Thai / Farang thing! No my friend, these comments I've made are just generalisations based on my experiences.

Just like the generalisations I make about my favourite football club when they lose a game, I say a lot of bad things about my club when they are not performing well, but that doesn't mean I'm no longer a life-long supporter!

The generalisations I made about Thai women were exactly that, as correctly pointed out by you the reader and Stick.

People are open to read them and make their own judgments for themselves, and as for any newbies coming to Thailand looking for love, I'm sincerely hoping you never have to be drawn into an unfortunate situation with a Thai woman. So on that note I hope my comments can be seen as fair guidance to any newbies who read.

Now going back to my Thai lady friend (normal /mainstream) for anybody who's just joined, all these generalisations I wrote have been actually brought up in conversation with her! And stone the crows and strike me down dead! She actually agreed to the vast majority of what I had written.

Ok, it would be fair to say she was not comfortable in agreeing with most of it, but she was pretty much not disputing anything I said. Very interesting indeed, I say!

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Now of course many people who just read the last paragraph will be all making judgments themselves about my TLF, but this is just her being honest and open with me about Thai women and her culture.

But this doesn't scare me from having a future relationship by any means, in fact this is truly wonderful thing me and my TLF can openly share our opinions.

As a matter of fact, without even meeting this lady, through general discussion we have sorted out a lot of the misconceptions each of us had about our own very different cultures. So as some people may like to think about me, I'm not hiding down (SOI THAI PUSSY) flooding my brain with disillusioned thoughts. I'm actually conversing on a very regular basis with my TLF which by the way is developing very nicely indeed.

Now you might be thinking that this is all getting a bit one-sided in the man's favour, but my Thai lady friend also asks a lot about my own Western culture, and has a lot of generalisations of her own. Now to even things out. I'd like to share them with everybody. I will try to write in the same context as she wrote the generalisations about Western people to keep things even more fair.

: I see Western men like to sit in a bar a long time and drink very much beer.

: Western men like many tattoo on arms and body, very hairy skin.

: Many old Western man come stay Nongkhai and come with a very young Thai woman.

: I have a friend who married with Western man and she say Western man very skimpy with money.

: Western people come my hospital, talk to me in Thai with very angry face and think I should understand them. Western people very angry very soon me think.

: Western people all have bad teeth I see not take dental care much. Very big hairy feet with dirty yellow toenails.

: Do Western people shower much or like sweaty skin?

: Western man like come Thailand to have sex with very young Thai woman I read.

: I see Thai lady come my Hospital beaten by Thai man. Western man not beat Western lady much me think not same.

: Western men like Bar Woman she like drink beer much like man. They good together seem happy spend long time Bar.

: Western people have clothes to big, like not dress good.

: Western people like come live Thailand, Western people wealthy so Thailand because very cheap me think.

Ok, these are just a few things my TLF has written, I could go on forever. But these are all generalisations on her part and of course not truly representative of all Western people by any means, and one could be quite easily offended by such comments, but it's her and her humble observations, not just having a dig at us Westerners.

And it has to be said, her looking at us threw her own eyes, one has to agree that a fair majority of Farang in Thailand fit her generalisations perfectly! (Including me).

So I hope I've cleared up things now on the subject of generalisations of people whoever they are. And I'd like to apologise to anybody who has been offended by my comments as it was not intentionally written in that manner

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