Stickman Readers' Submissions October 7th, 2015


Quality over quantity has always been a focus of mine. A lady of true beauty, with dress sense, of laid back sexuality, and a kind and nurturing personality always wins my affections over a tattooed bar girl. Would I find such a beauty in Pattaya?

After three days of porking bar ladies I had come to conclusion that times were indeed dire. Quality and style were lacking in the bars I was visiting and I needed solace and comfort from a true 'girlfriend' experience.

He Clinic Bangkok

Meandering slowly along on a sunny Pattaya afternoon, I stumbled into a small side road in North Pattaya.

The road draws me down its leafy and shaded avenue. An oasis of calm and tranquility just minutes away from the mayhem of Soi 6. A small immaculately presented villa reveals itself nestled in a quiet comer, a delightful courtyard shows itself as I get closer. Frangipani trees provide an intoxicating smell, flowering orchids shining brightly in the shade. A small fountain bubbling and gurgling away.

A Labrador dog comes on over for a sniff and a stretch then lays down in the shade. What the heck is this place?

CBD bangkok

She comes from a small shaded area in the furthest part of the courtyard. A beauty, 6 inch stilettos, black lingerie and suspenders, granting me a dazzling smile. I had entered the world of Japanese karaoke lounge bars!

Being an adventurous type and with the offer of 60 baht beer I was unable to resist the temptation to sit and talk. Lady drinks starting at 150 baht caused some consternation but the ambiance was worth every bit of this expense. She was as sharp as a tack. Perfect communication, with a true sense of beauty and style, this delightful hostess provided an experience that I can only describe as intoxicating. She calls herself… well… I will explain later.

Doing the usual dance around name, age and where I lived was entertaining. Thinking myself a perfect conversationist, I was upstaged time and again by her wit and genuine sense of humour. I had found my new girlfriend in sin city.

Thinking that with my charming personality (arrogance), sense of style and ability to provide a truly sexual experience for this lady, a committed Romeo like myself would ensure she fell head over heels for me. Playing with emotions is wrong and I was punished deeply for this moment of madness… but more on that later.

wonderland clinic

Suggested that she provide me a solution for tonight's entertainment and she was more than willing to leave her lounge bar and be entertained in a crappy 3-star hotel in Soi 4. At this point being a true professional monger, I thought it wise to ensure fees first negotiated. 2,000 baht for long time was very reasonable with her suggestion of a 25% discount if she enjoyed her time with me.

Movie and a small dinner was the agenda she requested. I was more than willing to provide. Arriving at the hotel we proceeded to see if we had that 'connection'… my god, at the age of 50 I thought had seen it all. This 30-year old lady literally had me trembling with anticipation. Her smell, the flashing eyes and the tender sniff kissing, she pulled away with promises of entertainment later that evening.

We agreed that each day we as boyfriend and girlfriend would do something different. The only rules we had were that we had to be out of bed no later than 9 AM each day and that if either of us became unhappy we went our separate ways. I planned a different adventure each day. Cable Wake boarding out the back of a lake in Pattaya, motocross riding, fishing, everything and anything not involved with the bar scene. I had a plan to show her another side of a holiday. I wanted her to want me, mid way through our relationship a visit to the local temple was required so she could get an insight into our relationship from the local monk… was humoured by this visit more so when the monk chastises her for not having gold and jewellery. No she didn't get any of the gold… but she turned the tables on me at that time and gave me a gift of beautiful companionship with no strings attached.

She had a passion for astrology. Chinese horoscope was of immense interest to her. Each day, she had to consider her destiny and what to do. She called herself 'Rabbit', her sign in the Chinese horoscope. To this day I have no idea of her real name.

Connection grew, smoking dope on balcony watching the moon and talking about life, eating at an Isaan food market at 5 AM in morning, drinking 'lady killer' rum and listening to folk music. Thai only nightclubs… sex that involved all the senses and repair work in bathroom caused by the passion (cost me 3,000 baht for hotel manager to repair damage caused by that one night).

As in any relationship I needed to either finish or move it along. She had resisted all my boyish charms. Rabbit was a committed hostess. All about the client and taking care. No feelings towards me. Mortified was a word that suited my demeanour. I became ruthless. Rabbit must at the very least express true feelings towards me. Pressure and charm were increased. Cracks began to show. Little expressions of 'like you very much' started to happen, until the day arrived… she had disappeared on some supposed errand with promises to pick me up at 5 PM for a special night..

She arrived at the hotel riding her little baby blue 'Scoobie' motorcycle. Oh, she was so cute with her high heels, short dress, little pink backpack and a hint of lingerie that my heart was breaking… zipping around the back of Pattaya, we travelled down an unlit small back alley, pulling up to a row of houses… she had brought me to her small one-room house. This was the night. I was treated with deep respect. She cooked, she sang Thai love songs, she danced and then invited me to stay the night. Passion / feelings shared by both of us. Will remember that night for many years to come.

Morning arrived. I had captured her heart, but in my ruthless quest to achieve this I myself had fallen into the abyss of love. What the F@&k? this was not supposed to be happening to a committed player like myself.

She asked me to move in with her. To be a companion, a lover, someone to share daily life with its up and downs.

She didn't want money, she didn't want overseas travel. She wanted nothing other than respect and someone to laugh and have fun with… I ran… ran so hard and fast that will be ashamed of my actions till the day I die.

This little Thai lady… yes, she is a prostitute, yes, she sleeps with many men but then again, I sleep with many women, ultimately is a person who craves love and deserves a better life. She believed that I was the man to be there for her. She was wrong. I was not the man I presented to her.

In fact I was a manipulating whore monger who didn't deserve her love, companionship or for that matter her time of day.

Am so sorry, Rabbit.

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