Stickman Readers' Submissions October 12th, 2015

Modern Day Colonisation Of Thailand By Farang (Sort Of)

Let us for one moment forget about whorehouses in Thailand and engage in some wholesome talk about Thailand (well, mentally wholesome so to speak).

In some ways it appears that Thailand today is being colonised by Farangs in a very subtle or perhaps insidious ways. We will go into details later, meantime we will first look at the so-called good old colonial days.

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When the British wanted to trade with China in the early century China refused and closed its door. Why? Because before the British arrived in China they were already in India exploiting the Indians in whatever ways they could for more than a century. So Indian traders when they went to trade in China they of course told the imperial Chinese government that the Farangs were up to no good. If they ever set foot on the soil of China, they would do the same thing to your imperial empire, exploiting you no ends.

So the Imperial Chinese government said "Piss off" to the Farang and closed its door. Now then, the British government together with the big companies (East India Company one of them) got together and discussed this problem. They just couldn't leave such a huge market alone (well, in other words, they just want to go in there to steal all the money- comparable to the Bush administration in Iraq- don't forget the American troops stole lots of priceless antiques from museum in Baghdad.)

So they launched the "Gun Boat Policy", they lined up the battleships and blew up a few harbour's buildings to show the Imperial Chinese government the fire power to be reckoned with if the Chinese refused to sign the trade agreement. Well, the Chinese were pissing in their pants when they saw the huge canons on board the battleships had no choice they signed and henceforth Hong Kong became a British Crown property.

Now let us come back to Thailand modern day colonisation by the Farangs. To cut a long story short, Thailand should behave like Bhutan. The King of Bhutan went to Kathmandu in Nepal and saw a lot beggars in the city. He asked where all these beggars came from – and he was told they were farmers but they abandoned farming and came to the city to look for work. They failed to find work and became beggars.

The King decided there and then that it would not happen in Bhutan and he was determined to see to it that it would not happen in Bhutan. He made sure that farmers in Bhutan would be able to cultivate their fields and earn a living with dignity and pride. Now that's wise.

To stop colonial style exploitation in Thailand, be willing to pay more, stop screwing very young whores (any pussy below 24 years old), in fact stop screwing whores if you can help it. Because supporting prostitution is a form of colonisation – you may not agree but it is – so it should be minimised wherever possible, not quite possible to completely eradicate though.

Support any business that benefits the poor owner directly so that money doesn’t go to the big corporations who are sucking people's blood all day long. Stay at guesthouses where owners themselves are running the business even if you could afford to stay in 5-star hotels.

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Check the price of pharmaceutical products in Europe and you find they were produced in Thailand – paying the Thais peanuts but selling the products in Europe at how many percent profits? Do your calculation and you will agree this is modern day colonisation. The Thai workers just earn enough to get by. They go to work in trucks without air conditioning.

For those who say they love Thailand and its culture, be prepared to pay more even if it means a shorter stay. Even small seemingly insignificant things you do to help undo the colonisation has an effect, it's just that you don't see it.

Why should I pay more? I went there because it is cheap in the first place – I take full advantage of whatever I can get and even bargain it down to a "drop dead price" for the owner. That's a very subtle and insidious form of colonisation of Thailand.

To change your thinking is kind of difficult – it needs understanding and compassion…

Buddha died very disappointed because he knew his message would be misinterpreted (especially in Thailand – my personal opinion on this matter.) This is going to be the next topic.

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