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What Caucasians (Or White) Do Not See

  • Written by Anonymous
  • September 18th, 2015
  • 3 min read

I have read some of your blogs on Thailand and the Farang problems. I have a feeling that some part of the problems have not been looked at and I will list them here. I may be wrong in what I wrote but I have some bad experience with Farang myself. I am of Asian origin and I used to own a guesthouse (not in Thailand).

Right, those problems I am going to mention here may have been brought up by you or the readers in the past I am not sure, nevertheless I believe it is worth looking into if they have not been discussed before.

The Thais (in particular the working class Thais) really suffer and all the talk about election and democracy is absolute bullshit. They work for peanuts and see all these 'Farangs' who don't seem to work at all and they can still live like a lord. You may not live like a lord but to them you are – well, you drink beer in the morning for a start!

They get really upset when you argue with them about 20 Baht or 50 Baht. On the other hand the so called "Farang" who wants to save as much as possible so that he can stay longer in Thailand sees no reason to pay more than the stipulated price. They can see you stay for months in Thailand – how can you say you cannot afford to pay more for what they ask for? They feel they have been exploited. They have an entirely different reasoning, they don't follow the normal "free enterprise, market price", even the agreed price is there for all to see but they still think they are entitled to extra money from the rich Farang.

Farangs still think they are in Europe or America or England where business is conducted on a fair price basis, in fact most know about the law of contract between a vendor and a buyer. But Thais know nothing about this law. Try to get a Thai lawyer and talk to the average taxi or street vendor and ask if they know such a law exists. You get a blank stare from them I guess. Why? Because they are ignorant so that they can be better exploited. They keep people in line by not giving them a good education.

butterflies bangkok

So the average Farang, backpackers retired long term residents English teachers etc. wants or expects the Thais to follow the rule or law. Do they know the Thais think you are taking advantage of their country? You live cheap and enjoy your life while they slog their guts out for a living. To them, that is not fair before you even start talking about overcharging the Farang!

All the abovementioned facts make Thais (not all Thais, but a certain class of Thais) feel threatened when you talk loudly to them about being overcharged. You don't belong in this country and you don't make me lose face or I will kill you! This is what is on their mind. The hatred starts from there and the Thais talk among themselves and they all feel they are short-changed by you rather than you being short-changed by them!

Do Farangs know that they will be short-changed everywhere they go in Thailand? They do, don't they? If you go to other Asian countries, would you be short-changed there too? Yes, you will, and all the more if you stay long-term. So why complain about Thailand and the bad treatment of Farang by Thais?

Not being able to speak good English will make the problems worse. And the police will not be able to solve any of these problems. If people are enlightened on this they can make life a little better in some ways. I know because I live in a Police State, and I am tired, just tired of the ways things get done.


I feel sorry to hear Farangs are murdered in Thailand for no good reasons. My Thai friends told me a lot of professional killings are done by the police themselves who make their services available to the rich. My Thai friends said, "Do you think it is easier to shoot with a pistol while riding pillion on a motorbike?" Police get a lot of training do that!

Farangs are much much better educated on average so Farangs should try to figure out the problems rather than put the blame on Thais. Stop thinking about being fair and stop thinking about justice. If you still don't understand then you shouldn't go to visit Thailand!