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Thailand, It Is What It Is

  • Written by Anonymous
  • September 10th, 2015
  • 5 min read

Having read endless submissions on Stick's site, I thought I'd add some more of my thoughts on Thailand and its people. These are just mere observations I've picked up on my many trips to the Land of Smiles and by no means am I implying that I'm an expert – I just lay down what I see with empathy applied to the best of my abilities.

Let's start with a little about me: I'm a 40-something farang divorcee, who like many in my situation spends my holidays in the naughty places like Pattaya, Patong, Bangkok, a monger as many might say! And with that said, a happy and contented man (at this moment in time). I just wanted you readers to know that I'm your average man in the street and everything I write is of my own humble opinion.

Now having read some comments on this site I would tend too agree with the notion that many Western people who come to visit Thailand arrive with the attitude that their Farang pooh is superior to the local people's, and indeed put a lot of energy in to expressing that online or just plain old ranting down at a soi bar or gathered around a hotel pool. I have experienced both situations to my discomfort but just accept it as part of the mongering lifestyle.

Now getting back too the subject of comparing people with people, here is a list of the most common topics I hear most ranted about in no particular order.

* Thai women (relationships)

* Working ladies

* Thai attitude towards Western people

* Thai infrastructure

* The rising prices in Thailand

I'd like to add my humble opinion to each of these topics which are purely based on my experiences alone and not influenced by anything I read on this site or have heard from a drunken farang sat at a bar stool in Pattaya. This is just my take on things. I'll start with the old favourite.

Thai Women

Ok, let me be perfectly blunt here, WTF do men who come to Thailand expect from a Thai woman that is so remarkably different from the Western woman in their own country. They must be so disillusioned in their minds through bitterness or whatever that they think with a Thai lady they are getting something completely different? BULLSHIT!

I've personally had my share of intimate contact with these ladies via internet and face too face. I quickly came to the conclusion that these ladies share all the same women values when it comes to relationships as their white female cousins in the west. Of course, everyone has their own distinct personality but their ideals are pretty much the same. Now throw in a language barrier and things start to get a whole load more complicated!

Now, I'm not saying these barriers can't be broken down and a relationship can't be formed but at the end of the day she is a woman and that's exactly what you get. Women are women the world over….accept it! My advice would be to deal with these women exactly how you would Western women. Look for all the positives and negatives and make your own judgment based on your expected values of her as a woman.

I personally have no problem with Thai women simply because I see them as women. And in most cases they are comfortable with this and generally I get on fine with them.

Thai attitude towards Farang

I could go on forever and a day on this subject but gonna cut straight to the chase. Yes, it's true what has been written about Thai people and there idea about values, honesty and integrity amongst other things but at the end of the day, we encounter this everyday in our own countries. We are commonly referred too as Western pigs and if we take a deep look at ourselves, it's not far from the truth. Again, I could give many examples of our disgusting Western traits but I think you know what I'm talking about. But of course Western pooh smells sweeter! Lol

Thai Infrastructure

In a recent post on Stickman, someone commented on the abundance or rats on Pattaya Beach. Well, there's reason for this – these rats are (even by their rat standards) too embarrassed to be seen in the same buildings as people on Soi 6 Pattaya….lol. Joke!

Yes it's true I'm afraid to say, the lack of a democratic Government is mostly to blame.

Their lack of forward thinking truly is astonishing. Every time I come back I see something that absolutely blows my mind. It's almost beyond belief how these people exist on a day to day basis. Now I'm not being disrespectful to these people but ya got admit the place is a sight for sore eyes at the best of times…..

But having said this, they do exist remarkably well so us as tourists must respect their country and culture and our time spent here should be respectful of there hospitality as it is presented. We all as Westerners are accustomed to much higher standards so in my mind there's no point moaning about it as nothing changes fast in Thailand.

The Rising Prices in Thailand

Now this is a no-brainer to me. People moan their butts off about this when in Thailand but again completely ignore the fact that prices worldwide have risen too.

I live in Australia and anybody who is planning a holiday here will really see the meaning of the word expensive. Extortionate is the word. Come here for a holiday and you will soon wish you were back in Thailand. New Zealand is worse I've been told (Stick).

Thailand in my opinion is a fair place pricewise. I think that's a good assumption.