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Cuckolds Part 3

"The Fox and the Grapes"

In the story, a fox sees some high-hanging grapes and wishes to eat them. When the fox is unable to think of a way to reach them, he decides that the grapes are probably not worth eating, with the justification the grapes probably are not ripe or that they are sour (hence the common phrase "sour grapes"). The moral that accompanies the story is "Any fool can despise what he can not get". This example follows a pattern: one desires something, finds it unattainable, and reduces one's dissonance by criticizing it.

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Eg, Cognitive Dissonance is the state of an ignorant mind; it is NOT a way to refute what has been put forward. CD is an inability to step out of the darkness of ignorance, and it is a closed minded belief that the only knowable Universe is the one inside your own head. Not one of you 3 "men" put forward a single word to refute or discuss any single point that I made; such is your level of bliss. Name call me with viciousness as much as you want; your attacks only make me laugh.

This closing Part 3 about cuckolds is mostly to address questions I was emailed, to clarify any point I had made in my first two subs.

I can make no direct comment on Thai women, but I most definitely can on Pinay, Hong Kong and Chinese women. In all cultures, language communication is essential. It is impossible to communicate complex thought and emotion with your partner by hand signals.

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Other than that, I have found no important distinction between the fundamental and deep sexuality of Caucasian and Asian women. Their sense of duty for family, and their religious views do not get confused during the deepest levels of intimacy shared while in the bed. Rather, they impact on your lives after you get out of bed.

1 So relationships have no chance to last longer than 10 years – after the love drug has run its course?

Actually yes, relationships can run for entire lifetimes – as long as the love drug cycle is reborn constantly thru out the course of the relationship.

And a lot or most of that responsibility for the rebirth of the love drug cycle falls on us as men. We are the dominant force in relationships; the yang. It is incumbent on us to provide the thought leadership and drive that women in love need. This is no place for "soft cocks", my term for insipid cuckolds.


The very longest lasting of true love-based relationships will be a continuing growth of your shared secret sexuality. The secrets that only you two share, which are kept hidden from the rest of the world are what becomes the glue that binds you both.

First stage, get to know the real her, and she the real you. The rebirth of love is the journey shared by both of you developing your sexuality further, from this stage 1 of truly knowing each other.

I divorced my wife 21 years ago because of what was (probably) a hormonal imbalance that doctors could not resolve, wherein she was irrationally angry and borderline violent for 1 week every month. And that after a total of 18 years together, I refused to live in fear of being stabbed to death in my sleep for that 1 week per month.

Yet the sex between us just got better and better during our 18 years together, and for the 10 years after the divorce too, before I moved to China.

2 Human Taboos, and what limits should there be on the dark side of fantasy shared?

No limits whatsoever, I say. The 3 main taboos in modern human society are sex with minors, sex with animals and sex with family. Pedophilia, Bestiality and Incest are all highly illegal and frowned upon in "decent" society. And yet it is very often these "decent, polite society" people who practice these 3 taboos; just look at the 6% of Catholic priests who were proved by the Royal Commission in Australia to be Pedophiles, leaving us to wonder how many more haven't been caught yet given the vigorous way the Church's highest levels worked for decades to cover it all up.

Human history before today's "modern society" knew none of these 3 areas as taboo at all. And well over 50% of the human population today lives under the rule of law where 14 years old or LESS is the legal age of consent (wikipedia "age of consent").

Let Google be your friend, and you'll find many different research reports on the prevalence of the 3 taboos.

In my own searches years ago, between 8-19% of people have a bestial experience, usually in their teen years with the family pet.

The NORM in the west now is for girls to lose their virginity between 12 and 14. My own son (he's happily married now at 31) was pulling FFM threesomes from when he was 14, where these older girls (17) were also paying for the hotel room.

And let's not forget the NORMAL human development of daughters to go thru a deep, sexual interest in their fathers until the father proves he cannot be manipulated by her. And then there is the prominence of sibling's sexuality in younger years too, from playing "doctors and nurses" to much more.

This NOT to say that the woman you are in love with has any interest or experience with any of the 3 taboos. But the research does show there is a better than 1 in 5 chance that she does have some experience with at least 1 of these taboos.

I have found NO difference in the % of experiences with the 3 taboos between Caucasian and Asian women; they are all roughly the same.

To truly love her, is to truly know all of her. And your true love is likely to take you both to where you are the ONLY man to truly know her. Men who say they don't want to know anything about their lover's sexual past are soft cocks in my mind, and if not already, they are prime cuckold material.

Within the strict privacy of your love-based relationship, set no limits on what you both can share with each other, OR you are asking to be lied to and eventually cuckolded! NOTHING is illegal in the world of shared fantasy, and not even the Nanny nation-states of the UK, Australia or the USA have reached the stage of funding "thought Police Forces". Though they have funded voyeuristic perving on all of our phone calls and emails!

Love is all about your unqualified acceptance of your partner's horny mind, and her every real life experience to date; and true love is your deep appreciation of her trust in you to not judge her badly. Looking at the disastrous state of the human condition as it stands now today, almost certainly you are the only man she has shared her whole truth with. And the best way to convince her of your love and acceptance, is to be very horny about her revelations!

3 How to get your lover to open up her deepest inner sexuality?

It's no easy thing for sure, and it takes time and patience. And one revelation does NOT mean she only has one thing to reveal. It begins with her 100% trust in you, and that you won't judge her badly. And almost always, you must take the leadership and reveal your secrets to her first.

I like to think of it as like a boxing/sparring match. Where my first revelation to her to build trust allows me to gauge her reaction. And that it be a "tit for tat" process, with each jab thrown gaining more insight. If this is done online, then the process can move forward very quickly because the woman (for now) knows she/we are anonymous to each other. If done in the bed as pillow talk with your lover, it will likely take much longer as each very horny progressive milestone reached ends in a raunchy period of the hottest love making. And with the discovery process starting again another day.

Nancy Friday is a world renown psychologist who over decades interviewed many thousands of women about their sexual fantasies. Her first best selling book "A Secret Garden" and her other works contain hundreds of half to one page examples of women's real erotic fantasies. All of the 3 taboos are strongly represented! As are the widest range of other potential areas for women to get hot about.

Side note: I have used this book countless times to crack open women who were otherwise reluctant to share their deepest sexual thoughts. And after they have read how widespread their own deepest secrets are also shared by countless other women, they suddenly "get it" that they are not sick or mentally disturbed. That they themselves are very normal women.

Get her to read this book while you go down on her, to know what makes her the hottest. And also show her those women's fantasies that you got hot over too. True love is the journey you both share to truly get to know the real people that each of you are.

I can send you these books if you want them. They are a must read.

4 Women's Infidelity, by Michelle Langley; a must read for men who want to fall in love and be happy for the long run. One of the most striking things about Michelle's research of hundreds of women who needed desperately to cheat on their otherwise wonderful husbands is the FRAUD and the MYTH that women actually want romance in their lives; that they only want a good boy for their lives.

This fraud begins as they are little girls, and with the pressure that society puts on girls thru to womanhood about who good girls are, and what good girls seek for their lives. Yet it is all brainwashed BULLSHIT. And it often takes women many years after they have married to finally understand what they truly aspire to.

Google as your friend again; 10% of kids born to a married couple in the UK do NOT have the husband as the father! And often this has been a deliberate choice by the wife; that after she has her safe and (financially) secure husband, she wants the father of her kids to be a "hunk" with manly strength and qualities.

5 Love and loving, what's the difference?

True love is NOT about being loving. Being "loving" is how you treat your grandmother! And you are not having a sexual relationship with your grandmother are you?

True love is about knowing the depths of your partner and to be "in love" with her every truth and secret; love is knowing how to press her "hot buttons". True love is about building your own private network of nasty secrets that you both keep from the rest of the world. The truest love embraces what the outside world may see as depraved.

In ballroom dancing terms, the man is the strength and the anchor point, from which the woman can rely on as her pivot as she displays the beauty of her flower, both of you moving in perfect time and balance from your own respective spaces. FALLING in love is to step on her toes, and invade her space; it is the way a teenager dribbles. BEING in love is often coy rather than gushing like a "soft cock" little girl.

6 What if I really can't accept her real truth?

Then you are a very dangerous man, and if you don't treat her with the utmost respect she deserves after her having been so brave to have been so honest with you, you will destroy this woman forever.

But you will have learned a very important lesson. That you are an asshole! A close-minded asshole not deserving of any woman's love.

7 Do cuckolds ever get cheated on?

Yes they do, and I will relate a recent encounter about that happening.

Her name is Nana, and she is a middle class Chinese Corporate professional here in Guangzhou, well educated, and a drop-dead gorgeous 165cm 44kg C cup bra sized 31 year old bombshell. I'm attaching her pics and a 1 minute video here for Stick's benefit only, should he choose to verify she is hot. Yes, I have her consent to show these to others; she's delightfully proud of them and to be seen by strangers, but this is not a porn site.

Her very first words to me online copied and pasted here were "I like to be a cum slut.And my husband would love to watch me get fucked.I like my husband to see that the cum leaking out of my pussy.I always spread my legs for you.I can be your fuck toys." And attached were some of her pics, naked and clothed.

I quickly learned that her husband is actually only her boyfriend for now, but that he is resident in Germany and they love each other very much. That about 1 year ago, she heard about the cuckold lifestyle and that because of how excited it all made her, her German boyfriend agreed to become her cuckold, she the "hot wife" and that they together find her bulls with huge cocks to fuck her. He of course is not allowed to fuck anyone else; it is not a swingers relationship, rather a strictly cuckold one.

She is particularly slim, and as can be seen in the short video I am sending Stick, she cannot even get more than two thirds of these huge cocks inside of her, but she does love them anyway.

As I continued my sex audit of her over the coming days, she admits to having fucked about 50 men in her life so far, but no more than 50. That by cum slut she means she loves no-condom sex; and so she insists that all men have been disease tested within the previous 6 months. That unlike most Chinese women who fear black men, she fucks them because of the size of their cocks. And by fuck toy, she wants to be submissive on the bed, where the men are Kings and she is to obey them.

Yet out of the bed, she is the dominant one, and her boyfriend/future husband is the submissive one.

I tried to sort a quick gang bang for her before she left for a 3 week holiday in Thailand; but there was not enough time to find the men and get them disease tested in time. So a new date was set for when she returned from Thailand.

Hundreds of emails went back and forth between us, including her showing me her chat messages with her boyfriend where he refused to consent to gang bangs by men with average size cocks. This caused a real problem for her, and things were suspended.

After 3 days of her silence, she contacted me again saying that she simply could not stop thinking about being gang banged by strangers that I found and selected for her, how deliciously hot she found the concept of knowing none of these men, and could I please host it. That she loved her boyfriend, and knew that she should respect his wishes; but that she needed to be gang banged even if she had to keep it secret from him.

Yes, even cuckolds get cuckolded. The moral of this story is that prohibition with the human never works; it only creates secrets and lies.

My final words are for those precious darling trolls here.

Thirty five years ago I was a cop, in West Australia. And one of the very first things we learn on the street when knee-deep in dickheads, is that those who yell abuse at us are actually describing themselves in very clear terms, and not all describing who we are. It is almost like they are looking into a mirror, professing to themselves how pitiful they are.

Good luck with that.

And good luck to the greater majority here who are intelligent and open minded.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's hard to imagine anyone quite as full of themselves as you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt after part 1, but I now suspect you're pulling our leg. Yeah, count me amongst those who think you're delusional.