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Stick Will Return To Live In Thailand

  • Written by Anonymous
  • August 11th, 2015
  • 5 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

In my submission “Instant Gratification – Drunkenness Ranting” I reiterated what many here before me did regarding
western women. Stick injected a comment saying “Nah, you're *way* beyond merely bitter”. This is when I realized that Stick is unhappy back in Farangland and that he will be going back to live in Thailand. Maybe six months from
now, maybe three years from now. It is just a matter of time. And the longer he stays in Farangland, the more he will become like the men there and the more he is going to resent having to pretend that he does not know any better than them.

Psychology is amazing. Here is a case of simple psychology. Following my above submission, Stick says in “Stick Thoughts”: “I respect your lifestyle choices, even if they are not the ones I choose myself”. Which life choices is he referring to? I assume the idea of going to Thailand to have fun with young women. This may be the interest of most men reading submissions in this website but it is not the thing that Stick would touch. His life style is different.

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Some readers who have not taken psychology 101 might wonder what is going on with Stick. “I respect your lifestyle choices, even if they are not the ones I choose myself”? Why would a man who created this website write something like this? It seems inconsistent. Stick, who became an expert on prostitution in Thailand and made a living out of it says something like this. What happened? This does not make sense.

But it does make sense. First, he is trying to convince the woman that he is with that unlike all the men in the world who prefer good looking young women, he is not that kind of man. This is what western men do. Otherwise, they will not get to have sex even with their 60 year old woman. Second, Stick is trying to disown prostitution by dumping it on somebody else. Now on his readers. Very basic psychology. It is so transparent.

But most important. Stick is trying to convince himself more than anybody else. He is trying to convince himself that he made a good choice by going back to Farangland. Otherwise, he would not make such a comment (which is laughable considering what he has been doing for the past twenty years or more). Yes. Stick will go back to Thailand. He is fighting it now. He thinks that suddenly denying that western women are not feminine will make him happier in Farangland.

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Just this morning, here in another Farangland, I was in the supermarket. I was choosing some peaches (why do all fruit here taste like water by comparison to Thailand?). Suddenly, I noticed that my shopping cart was moving. A woman (I guess) was pushing my cart with her cart and when I told her to say “excuse me” she was laughing (not sexy laugh. She is too fat and too revolting). But this is not the whole picture. She had a little girl of about 10 years old with her. The girl walked away (with what seems to be her grandmother) imitating this woman by laughing. You can guess how feminine this little girl will be when she becomes a fat aggressive woman.

Am I bitter? Well, let’s see. Am I supposed to think that this is a wonderful atmosphere to be in? Am I supposed to think that this is better than being in a world of feminine, happy (not to mention beautiful, young, and sexy) women? I would have to be out of my mind to think so. We live here in a society that does not make sense any more. Men are becoming pussies and women are becoming men. It is more acceptable here to be homosexual than to be a feminine woman.

How long has Stick been out of Thailand? How many times will he run into these kind of situations before he realizes that western society does not make men happy? Women took over. Then homosexuals took over. How long will Stick put up with this after he has known better? He knows that it does not have to be this way. He will look at faces of women in the west and he will see the depression that has been in their faces since 1970 and they still don’t understand what caused it. He will see the aggressiveness of their behavior. He will see women who like to eat a lot but cannot cook if their life depended on it (and it does). He will see women who dress like men, walk like men, and talk like men. He will see 50 year old women who think that they are 18 years beautiful slim women. And he will puke.

Now, Stick probably won’t publish this submission. It is too painful and realistic. But consider the options. Fighting it and wasting years in Farangland. By the time you go back to Thailand, you will find that life moved on without you and that your options are more limited. Or going back now to continue the life you like where you don’t have to defend western women and where you can express what you really feel. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you made a mistake. We all do.


Stickman's thoughts:

The difficulty I have with your argument is that it asserts that sex with young, pretty Asian women is, if not perhaps the only motivator, certainly the primary reason for living in Thailand. It isn't and for most Westerners moving to these days it's not even part of the equation. If that is what someone wants, great, fill your boots! But for the rest of us, other things are more important.

Quite simply, the lifestyle New Zealand offers me is preferable at this time in my life. If I wanted to pay young Asian women to have sex with them then, yes, I would be better off in Thailand than New Zealand. No doubt about it. But frankly, that lifestyle has zero appeal. If that is the lifestyle you wish to pursue, all power to you.

Who knows what the future holds but in terms of moving back to Thailand any time soon, no, it won't be happening.