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Is She A Good Girl?

  • Written by Anonymous
  • August 22nd, 2015
  • 5 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

I met a girl 6 years ago on Facebook. She is a graphic designer, independent and well settled in Bangkok. She earns almost 50,000 baht per month and has her own house in Bangkok along with a 30-year loan from the bank. She and her sister each pay for the house. She is still paying off a loan she took out to study. And living with her are her mother, her sis and bro-in – law and her sister's son.
She has been to India 3 times to meet me and stayed here for almost 3 months in total.

This year I asked for her Facebook password but she refused to give it to me and she told me that she is talking with another Indian guy. She said she started to like him but she told be that she did this because we had some arguments before and she thought I would dump her. She has deleted that conversation. She told me her password and I downloaded her account history. I found when we had fight and did not talk each other for one month she started talking with other guys. With one guy she even had sex chat. I have not read the full history yet. After five years I get to know that she had a boyfriend in past with whom she had a physical relationship too. Every time I ask her about her past but she never told me. And I get to know 2 days before she is an Isaan girl and same story like other Isaan girls. She came to Bangkok 16 years earlier to study, has a bank loan and sends money to her mom.

She is 38-year old and I'm 24. She never asks for money from me. Yes, I have only paid her for a one-way ticket which cost around $300. When I ask her is she was a working girl, she becomes angry and said if she was the prime minister of Thailand she would send all people who do that to jail!

So the thing I want to know is whether she a working girl. I found info with people saying that all Isaan girls are working girls.

Should I dump her? What shoud I do? I don't know what to do, maybe because of the info I read about some girls. When I say something bad like that she becomes angry and says I have disrespected her family by saying this about Isaan girls. She says if I am always like that she will go to live in a temple as I have seen her Facebook history abd I don't trust her. She had two sentences of sex chat and she previously told me before that she had had love chat with someone. When I asked her if she was a virgin, she said to me that yes she was a living virgin. But this year I forced her to tell me the truth so she told me about her ex-boyfriend. What I wanna know is if in Thailand every girl marries after 30. I read that nobody likes to merry with Isaan girls in Thailand.

So the things I wanna know is how to know if she was a good girl or a working girl (as I read how to know that girl was a bad girl like tattoos). She has no tattoos. She learned English from an airline institute. She never spends money for creepy thing. She doesn't drink or smoke. She does not have many friends. She told me that she always like to study and she told me that she has worked from the age of 12. She told me she had a Thai boyfriend before and after a 2-year relationship he went to Australia and they never saw each other again. I asked her why she did not find any other boy. She said she was waiting for him because back then she has no house. She has financial problem AND AFTER 7 years I met her. I'm so puzzled and I'm thinking to break up with her and move on. Yeah, I love her but I don't wanna be with a bad girl. So please tell me what I should do. And tell me about her and about Isaan girl. I need your help to get out of this depression.

Stickman's thoughts:

You need to stop reading some of the junk you have read online. One of the terrible stereotypes you'll find online about Thai women is that many women from Isaan go on to work as prostitutes. This is a nonsense and it is perpetuated because a lot of the women who work in bars where Western men flock do come from Isaan. But what needs to be understood is that it's a relatively small number of women from a region of 22 or 23 million people. So, no, of course most women from Isaan are not, nor were they ever prostitutes!

You need to consider your suitability with this lady, and what each of you is looking for. I think you also need to consider that everyone has a past, and the older we get the more of a past we each have. You've been an adult for, what, 4 or so years? She has been an adult for, let's say, 18 odd years. As such she will have something of a relationship past. You need to respect her past, accept it and you also need to consider her privacy. You don't have any right to look at private messages from her Facebook or any other accounts!

My advice to you is to let this lady go and do a bit of thinking about yourself, what you want and also think about respect in relationships and how best to treat a lady. I'll give you a clue, put respect right at the top of the list!