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Instant Gratification – Drunkenness Ranting

  • Written by Anonymous
  • August 4th, 2015
  • 4 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

Let’s Admit it. It’s all about instant gratification. It’s the easy way to get sex, romance, love, friendship, and get rid of loneliness for a while. It really does not matter that it’s all fake. Well, it matters but this is the only choice you’ve got. And it’s ok. It is better to spend the night with a 27-year-old young beautiful woman than to spend it with a 55-year-old depressed woman who makes you feel that she is doing you a favor. Fxxx that.

Life is short. We will be under the ground sooner or later, all of us. So, let’s enjoy what we have. If my choice is chasing a 55-year-old depressed woman who thinks that she has something to offer or spending the night with a 27-year-old piece of ass, guess what my choice is?

I used to believe in love when I was young. What a waste of time. God must have created that fantasy called love in order to make people get married and have children. Have children for what? I don’t know. I guess so that the children will put you in a nursing home and wait for you to die so that they can collect inheritance.

I’m 60 years old. 60 is the new 40. There is nothing 60 about me. Yes, I look older. I can’t fxxx as hard. But I’m still doing it all. I don’t have children. I’m spending every penny I have on myself. I like drinking beer. I like traveling in Thailand. I like having sex with young women. In this case, young Thai women. Does anybody have a problem with this? These days it seems more politically correct to support gay (i.e. homosexual) people than the most natural thing that a normal man would ask for: tasting a young woman. Incidentally, there is nothing in the bible that goes against a man having sex with a young woman. On the contrary. Also, there is nothing in evolutionary theory that goes against a man having sex with a young woman. On the contrary. But there is a lot against homosexuality in both: creation and evolution.

But we live in a (western) world where it is more proper to be a homosexual than a real man who likes real women. Fxxx that.

butterflies bangkok

I live in Toronto, Canada. Let me introduce myself. I am the only straight man in Toronto. So you may wonder why I need to go to Thailand. Why women in Toronto do not stand in line to have sex with me. Well, first, many are gay and lesbians and women who prefer to such pussies than having a relationship with a real man. Second, women don’t really like sex. Especially western women. Sex became something that they consider to be equated with violence, dominance, etc. blah blah blah.

Ok. Maybe I’m not the only straight man in Toronto but it seems to me that way most of the time. The men here are so beaten down that they either lost all their masculinity or they were gay (homos) to begin with.

My next trip to Thailand is coming up. I can’t wait. You should see the suffering here in Toronto. And I’m not talking only about the weather and lack of sunshine. If you ever come to Toronto, get on a public bus or the subway train. You will see something that I cannot explain to myself. You see, Toronto is the most diversified city in the world. This is true. And when you sit in a public bus or a subway car, and you look at the women, you want to cry or puke. How could God have created such ugly creatures? For what purpose? To make us go back again and again to Thailand? This is a mystery.

Seriously, I am not bitter. <Nah, you're *way* beyond merely bitterStick> I am not exaggerating. I am not putting down Canadian women because most women here were not born in Canada anyway. Not that so called Canadian women are good looking. But, for God’s sake, where did all these ugly creatures come from. I am talking revolting ugliness. And guess what? They think that this ugliness is normal. They don’t think this is ugly. The women here actually think that they have something to offer. What is it? I give up.


My next trip to Thailand is coming up. I can’t wait. Let all the married men here do what they do to make them happy. I guess some fat 60-year-old (woman?) and a visit of the grandchildren makes their day. Whatever. I am going to eat good food. I am going to be in the sunshine. I am going to buy the companionship of young beautiful ladies for much cheaper than what 60-year-old men buy their 60-year-old fat ugly women.

There is a Jewish prayer that Jews say every morning: “Thank you God for not creating me a woman”. I would also add: “Thank you God for creating me a straight man”.

Stickman's thoughts:

I respect your lifestyle choices, even if they are not the ones I choose myself. And I respect that we make the choices we make because we want to be happy. But I have to say that despite claiming to live the life you want to live, you just don't come across as a happy guy.