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Cuckolds Part 2

Absolutely FASCINATING hate mail guys; haha and you do crack me up!

It had not occurred to me that my direct email address would be published when I made my first sub to Stickman on the subject of cuckolds; but it is really not a problem at all for me. I am known in my public life as a male slut and as a sex teacher by all those who know me or know of me.

What has tickled me however is the level of hate mail I have received in such a short time – that I am the worst of the worst of men out there because my sexuality is devoted to cuckolding married men by teaching their wives to act on and enjoy their inner slut nature. Haha, and this hatred coming from whore mongers! Many or most of whom are married!

So, this sub is to put a little more context to my role in women's lives.

Firstly, I am not an overt hunter of women to seduce, married or otherwise. I don't go out to bars to find women for sex.

Up until 8 years ago, I had been addicted to dancing and I would dance an average of 6 hours per day/night, every day of every week and I did this for 6 YEARS. My typical day started with me dancing in my boots, undies and headphones on my balcony – wearing nothing more as the sun rose above the next door office building. And every night I would seek out live bands to dance.

Yet I NEVER took a woman home from the dance floor. It has never mattered to me how horny she was, nor how beautiful. If I have not known her online for at LEAST a month of intense chatting, and unless I have done a complete sexual audit of her – then I have no interest in her whatsoever.

My name "Bad Boy Phil" did NOT come from me being a seducer of married women on the dance floor! Rather it was given to me by dozens of the musicians of Melbourne, because of the way I always told drunk women who would approach me on the dance to "FXXK OFF and don't touch me. I'm here to dance".

Rather my style of seduction is more what I call "spider and the fly". That is, I am a seducer – yes, but only of those women who come into my life by their own energies and actions ONLINE. Only after that has happened do I seduce them. And it is extremely effective and easy to do, using "spider and the fly" tactics. So easily a woman gets caught in my web, because of my mind, NOT my body.

I'm only 5'9". I only have an average penis size. I NEVER take women out to dinner, I never romance them, and I never buy gifts for them EVER.

These women seek me out; I never seek them. About 98% of them made first and unsolicited contact with me online via ICQ, MSN, Skype, QQ (China's massive IM system), Yahoo Messenger etc. None of these women knew of me beforehand or from my public life. It was never ME per se they were looking for. Rather they sought the attention of an anonymous male online, often with them somewhat confused as to what they were looking for, yet very often feeling lonely.

Some women approach me out of revenge on their cheating husband. Some out of sexual frustration because their husband is shit in bed, or their relationship has gone stale over the years. Some are just lonely and confused about their sexuality. And whilst they almost never lead with having a sexual agenda, I quickly bring all discussion to be one of a sexual nature.

If they just want to "practice their English", I get rid of them very quickly – when that does prove to be their true motivation.

Am I a sexual predator, as one hate mail called me? Yes, in the sense of the "spider and the fly" tactics I use in my seductions. And only then of women who are in a committed relationship; which seems to be what has pissed off so many readers here. Whilst they are whore mongering, they hang shit on me for not treating marriage as sacrosanct. Haha, I still can't stop laughing at this perverse reaction by the haters here.

Some research based facts for you guys.

1. Roughly 50% of women hate it when the man makes advances towards her, because they feel bullied. Roughly 50% of men hate it when the woman makes advances towards them, because they feel robbed of their masculinity and that the woman must be a slut. Roughly 50% of men have no capacity to make the first move, usually out of shyness. And yes, roughly 50% of women need the man to make the first move for her to feel she is a desirable woman.

2. Sciences tells us that "love" is a drug made by our brains. That this love drug tends goes thru 2 stages. On average, the first stage lasts for about 2 years (but can burn very brightly, and then burn out much more quickly), and the second stage lasts on average about 8 years. Essentially enough time build a nest, and to squirt out a few brats.

The first stage of this "love drug" is passionate and deeply lustful – blinding the parties to the obvious fact that the other person has "faults" they would not like otherwise. But they are blinded by the overwhelming power of this first stage of the "love drug" and they just follow their passionate, instinctive reaction to this love drug.

The second stage of the love drug is where it eventually changes to become more like an endorphin; where there is less passion and more a sense of comfort and well-being. The "faults" in the other person are now more visible, but there is an undeniable acceptance of these "faults" because of the second stage of the "love drug".

This tells me that the human is a "love drug" addict! And it tells me that after (on average) 10 years, there's no more fxxking drugs guys!

Now some (wild) speculation by me, the horrendous and worst of all men – Bad Boy Phil.

A. Contrary to what I have read several times in the subs here, MOST women become much more sexually stimulated and passionate from the age of 40 years old.

All humans have a mix of male and female hormones in their systems. From about the age of 40, women's female hormonal levels fall away, leaving behind a much higher balance of male sex hormones which they are almost powerless to deny or resist.

Added to this, mature women have less fear and more confidence in being more aggressive sexually.

Further, from after age 40 – 50, men's male hormone levels tend to drop away, leaving them with less aggression and sexual desire because they have a higher balance of female hormones in their system. And the ONLY way men can resolve this is to maintain a high level of physical exercise each day so as to maintain their testosterone levels.

Sure, it is very common for girls in their late teens (early teens now in the west) to go thru a slut stage in their lives. But this is more of a rebellion as they enter adulthood, and self discovery phase rather than a truly slutty nirvana they have reached in their lives.

B. Nature designed women to be sluts. And (I say) that the proof of this is her ability to have multiple orgasms. Whereas men need time to get hard to "go again"; she simply needs to yell out "NEXT"!

Want more proof? There are millions of gang bang porn movies online. But NONE of them have 1 man at the centre of 4 or more women.

C. Almost all people have deep and dark sexual fantasies. Most of these fantasies and fixations are formed for their lifetimes at around puberty. Almost no people share these most nasty and wild thoughts with the person they "love and trust" so much as to be married to them.

Question. Why is this so? Why is it that almost no married couples love or trust their partner so much as to be open and honest about their deepest and most dark fantasies?

D. It is my strongest belief that most humans have little to no sexual skill whatsoever. That almost all humans are actually only masturbating with their sex partners (wives), because there is ZERO communication about their deepest sexual thoughts and fantasies when they have sex.

That they are using their partner's body rather than their hand to masturbate; and that only those couples who are actively communicating sexual fantasy during sex are actually making love with their partner.

E. Fantasy is greater than reality. In a love based relationship, the IMPERATIVE is to find the inner slut within your lover. Or you will be cuckolded sooner or later by a bad man like me!

This is imperative, so that you can share the deepest and darkest fantasies with each other at a FANTASY level, doing so with the love and trust that should exist between you both.

And in doing so, know that fantasy is almost always greater than reality, and that the hottest sex based on shared fantasy during that sex exhausts the need for it to become real and acted on in real life.

It does NOT matter if the shared fantasy is about legal sex or not. Fantasy is never illegal.

F. Sex with a woman, when you know all about her secret inner slut nature, is thousands of % better than sex with someone who is only in your bed for money.

When you know so much about her, including her every past sex partner, and her every early thought about sex since she was a young girl, you will be stunned with the depths and levels of sexual joy you can have with her. It is REAL power. And it is honest power. Fact is, it is long lasting power too.

Women don't leave men when they know that with almost no other man can they be so totally honest with their deepest secrets. Women don't leave men who so totally exhaust them sexually.

Is it difficult to cuckold husbands? It's like shooting ducks in a barrel.

And who's fault is that? Is it the fault of the woman for being sexually frustrated? Or is it the fault of the man who knows nothing about her secret inner slut?

Actually, it is the fault of parents, the Govt/state and churches for treating sex as a subject that should not be talked about, and that sex is somehow shameful and dirty. All of what I have said above should be taught in schools and around the dinner table.


I almost never meet a woman unless she is already in a committed relationship. Unless the woman is cheating on her husband or boyfriend to be with me, I have no interest in her whatsoever. This is how I learned as much as I do about women.

It is common that I require the woman to visit my home whilst not wearing panties; and if she is, I send her home immediately. It is common for me to shave her before sending her home to her husband; having given her instructions to fxxk her husband when she gets home after fxxking me – so that she has fucked 2 men in the same day.

I absolutely have no feelings of love for these women. I have never felt any desire to take them away from their husbands. Only rarely do I ever agree to meet any of these woman more than 3 times, so as to avoid them developing feelings of love for me. Yet I do retain them as trusted friends for very long times. And yet almost always their marriage regained its lost passion and excitement.

My seduction process is one of becoming their sex teacher and trusted confidante. My process involves doing a complete and exhaustive sexual audit on them from their very first thoughts of sex as girls, thru to their maturing lives into marriage. I have found this is best done by taking the "thought leadership" and revealing myself to her first, before then opens herself up to me second.

The world already has enough wives out there. No need for me to add another one.

But unless you want to be cuckolded by a man like me, you must explore, find and develop your wife's inner slut nature. Do it with shared fantasy while making love. Hold no negative judgement about her honesty for whatever nasty fantasy she reveals to you. Rather, work with it and develop it over time.

And by all means, keep it as shared fantasy – unless you both want it explore the fantasies in the real world.

An ebook well worth reading is Women's Infidelity, by Michelle Langley. And its subsequent sequel. She researched and interviewed hundreds of women to understand her own feelings and needs to cheat on her husband, to cuckold him and not let him have sex with her.

It is truly fascinating reading, and I can send them to you if you wish.

As I close this sub, I am reminded of the old adage;

"Treat a slut like a lady, and treat a lady like a slut". There is some truth to this.

Lastly, very few sluts become whores; as they feel being paid for sex demeans their slut nature.

Bad Boy Phil