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I'm very new to your site, and I am curious about your advice and feedback on something I have been curious about these past few years.

I'm 56 in a few days, and I've been very happily divorced for 21 years now. Being Australian, but having lived in China this past 8 years, I cannot imagine ever going to bed with a western woman ever again. They are too fat, too hairy and not in the least bit sexy to my way of thinking.

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That said, when I move to live in Hong Kong around Chinese New Year 2016 for tax (free) reasons, I am interested in bringing from either the Philippines or Thailand a sexy young thing to Hong Kong to share a life with me.

I have never gotten into the monger lifestyle. So far, I have considered my ego too large to pay for the attention of a woman. That should be read / understood as my deep love for the process of seducing a woman; and getting into her inner most secret side. And very much, this is best achieved online rather than face to face over dinners etc.

Now, I've been a VERY bad boy in my life after divorcing at 34. I've never been a monger, but I have seduced and fxxked many dozens of married women. MANY. It has always been my goal and desire to find the secret "inner slut" in married women; that naughty part deep inside of a woman that she keeps very secret even from her best friends. That part of her she may not even allow out into the open at all – though fantasizes about it; and with me she is encouraged to become wanton, and to act on her secret fantasies. Even if she doesn't with me. With me she can be open and honest about her secret self.

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So over more than 20 years, there have been hundreds of such women, almost all of them I have known online for a month at least in very intimate chatting before ever meeting them. And even then I have only met and fxxked 82 of them; the rest has been me being their trusted online confidante with which they can be open and honest with. Many of these online relationships have lasted almost all of my years in China.

My point is that I have cuckolded many dozens of husbands over the last 2 decades, as well as encouraged hundreds more women to cuckold their husbands with other lovers of their choosing.

And in this time, I have ALWAYS encouraged the wives to be honest with their husbands about their secret "inner slut" nature so as to open up their marriage to many possibilities. Only one couple has ever divorced to my knowledge, and that was well in process before I knew that wife. Dozens of these women have opened their marriages with frank discussions with their husbands, and have been pleasantly surprised by their husband's excitement with the new turn of events.

So, let's hold that notion of the cuckold husband for now, and I'll come back to it soon.


Although I have never been a monger, I have read thousands of posts over the years on various monger related web sites. And one constant theme reported time and time again are threads by mongers who fell in love with a bar girl and have had their hearts broken. And usually broken after they've spent a small fortune on supporting the girl "so she didn't have to work in the bar any more".

And ALL of these repetitive threads by broken-hearted mongers always raise the same issues. That you cannot take the bar out of the bar girl. That the longer she has been in the game, the more hardened her heart is. And that sponsoring girls is simply stupid, because they often have 3, 4 or 5 sponsors on the go at any one time!

And so here is my question – remembering that I have no experience with prostitutes, yet an extensive history of finding the inner slut buried deep in women who are in a committed relationship.

What if a cuckold fell in love with a bar girl? What if said cuckold was resident in the country, and the couple were living together initially as boyfriend / girlfriend and perhaps later married. And that he WANTED her to continue working in the bar. Could this work?

As in, could the couple be happy with him being excited that she was out with men many times a week doing them short times, and him being excited by her being done constantly by other men? And that she comes home to him to tell him all the details of what fun she had, how much money she made etc.

In the many thousands of threads / posts I have read, I have never read a thread by a cuckold that loved his girlfriend / wife continuing to ply her trade. I've never read a thread where a cuckold got his heart broken by a bar girl. Could this be because their relationship has succeeded? Could it be that bar girls would open their hearts to cuckolds?

Stickman's thoughts:

There are more than a few guys out there who live with a bargirl they have fallen for. It's usually for financial reasons that she continues to work in the bar, yet comes home to him each night after doing a short-time or two. This is not common per se but then it is not entirely uncommon either. Perhaps the big difference between this scenario and the one you raise is that in almost of all thee cases the guy would prefer that she didn’t continue to work but he allows it because he has no money or perhaps has self-esteem issues. I don’t think I have ever heard of a case where he truly didn’t mind, or even encouraged it, as you seem to. So, to answer your question, I am sure that if you find the right lady then this most certainly would be a workable scenario.

Let me add, however, that there is something creepy about the way your portray your actions…that is, if what you say really is true.