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10 Myths About Mongers (and their Thai Bargirls) – Part 2

  • Written by Anonymous
  • August 7th, 2015
  • 12 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

Stick-Myth #3 The girls like what they do.

Personally, unless I have misunderstood him, I have to say Stick’s refutation of this myth is dangerously mythical itself – or an extreme generalisation. For example, his assertion that: ‘Outside of the naughty bars, no-one suggests the girls like it,’ is the opposite of my own experience – I have overheard ‘mongers’ suggesting that many bar-girls don’t like their work and have equally heard others, with no personal experience of the bar-scene, claiming that surely the girls must enjoy their work otherwise why would they do it… Neither belief, in my view, is particularly accurate…

I do agree that many bar-girls are driven (or at least encouraged) to drink, and maybe drugs (I have no personal experience of the latter amongst Hua Hin bar-girls…), and yet, contrary to Stick’s statement, I have frequently been told by these bar-girls themselves they don’t like their work – such ‘honesty’ seems to be used as an attempt to get guys to take them out permanently. But I have long maintained the Hua Hin bar-scene is very different to Nana Plaza… A girl who goes ‘short-time’ four or five times a night (as has been suggested on this site), and whose primary objective is to return to the bar as quickly as possible is never likely to enjoy her job – as Stick says, ‘They [only] like the money.’

But most Hua Hin bar-girls simply don’t seem able to be this mercenary. In my experience of watching/studying these ladies I doubt if 5% regularly get taken out more than once a night. On the other hand maybe half of the Hua Hin bar-girls don’t get taken out more than once a week, and many simply aren’t escorted hotel-wards more than once a month. I offer these figures after years of talking to bar-girls, and their friends, and surreptitiously paying attention to the pay-outs at the end of the working day. It could be more accurately said that Hua Hin bar-girls don’t even like what little money they make…

Finally, on this point, although many Hua Hin bar-girls might dislike their basic job description (and become adept at avoiding nocturnal offers from customers) most of them seem not to be here for the money, per see… but for the longer term.

However, there is one point being omitted here. No mention is made of the (many?) women who not only enjoy sex, but who enjoy sex with strangers… I have no idea what the percentage might be (and any suggestion would be no more valid than the figures above) but it would certainly be a myth to suggest that women, ‘working’ or otherwise, (anywhere in the world) simply do not like sex. OK, the attitudes might be different in the details but not all men who frequent the bars are sex-mongers, and not all women working in the bars hate sex-action – as a simple statement, this is not a myth.

Remember the lady who arrived at my door unannounced – to be blunt, she had an itch – not the ‘catching’ kind, but one that still needed to be scratched. On that occasion I did not oblige. About six years ago I had a lady visit me about once a week who simply flattened me, she was so insatiable. I would pick her up in time for an early dinner, and return her to the bar almost 24hrs later – she even brought a change of clothes, for the following evening. During the night, and the following day, primarily at her behest, we made love 5-6 times – something I’ve never achieved before or since. In no way could one suggest she hated her ‘work’. And these two ladies were not unique.

I met another (new) lady one evening whose manner was so delightful and charming she had to be too good to be true, but I took the risk anyway, and she was astonishingly good company. A couple of nights later I discovered she had already returned home. From what I was told by the Thai bar-owner, who is also a friend (and which was later confirmed by the lady herself), she is taken care of by a nice old codger in the North who returns home twice a year. The lady accompanies him to the airport (he needs assistance), and then gets a bus to Hua Hin, where she has a few night’s action, before happily returning home. I saw her again the following year, and again helped with her predicament, and heard her story. It would be fatuous to suggest she even disliked, let alone hated, her nocturnal pursuits in Hua Hin…

OK… these are only small samples but they are not unique, and are not uncommon (in Hua Hin, at least), but perhaps do refute any claim that, in reality, and despite what sex tourists might think, not all bar-girls hate their work… And also bare in mind that many people around the world receive very little job satisfaction, and would always like things to be better – it’s perfectly natural, and not to be scorned, but it’s all relative. I was fortunate to get considerable job satisfaction before I retired which only makes me more aware that I was part of a small sample.

Stick-Myth #4 Freelancers are dirty and you're more likely to catch something from them.

Perhaps sadly, Hua Hin is not inundated with freelancers – there is no equivalent (unless I’m being amazingly naive) of the Nana Hotel car park (as was – and sorely missed…), or the Beer Garden on soi-7 (not personally experienced apart from strolling around a few times, but never enticed into taking a seat). Thus I’ve only experienced freelancers on a handful of occasions, when on a ‘shopping’ trip to Bangkok, when I usually wander around, for research purposes you understand, but rarely indulge – I tend to prefer the generally older lasses in Hua Hin (with whom I’ve chatted, first) and rarely feel inclined to pay double for an unknown commodity… Therefore I have never taken a lady from a Bangkok bar, but have succumbed to the Nana maidens – one was a waste of space, three were rather a waste of my time, and one was just incredible, and was enjoyed again two nights later… It’s not much of a sample but I didn’t catch anything…

Stick-Myth #5 The girls like sleeping overnight in a customer's hotel room.

This old myth seems set to run and run… Those who claim to have been told such ‘stories’ by bar-girls tend to believe it – those who have never heard such nonsense invariably choose not to… I’m not sure, as with so many myths/generalisations, just what to believe…

As Stick says, ‘communal living is the norm’, back home… but many of these ladies have been away from home long enough to have had new experiences and, just perhaps, have come to prefer them. Of the ladies I’ve met in Hua Hin I would suggest about 25% live above or behind their bar, in small rooms the size of some 5* bathrooms (apparently – I say apparently because it’s about 20 years since I saw a real 5* bathroom…); about 50-60% rent similar rooms privately, something the first 25% would prefer as well; and the remainder rent rooms, and live alone – something that many of the others hanker after…

I have had several ladies, two hours or so after arriving in my rooms, asserting they would like to go home now, having previously agreed a ‘long-time’ deal… I never argue – what would be the point of coercing a lady to stay who doesn’t want to…? It’s hardly likely to be a memorable night/morning… However, I always insist they accept the ‘short-time’ fee, and give a few baht extra for a moto-taxi.

I have also had ladies, known to me, and recently returned to town, with ostensibly nowhere to stay, to request a bed for the night. I usually comply, and they usually take the spare bedroom. There is rarely any hanky-panky. And I don’t pay them for the privilege of having taken care of them. Although, when the lady is a particular ‘friend’, I do give them enough to eat for a couple of days.

On other occasions I have fallen asleep with a lady in my arms… and woken in the morning with her still there, and with me in her arms. When I’ve asked, later, if they prefer to sleep alone they invariably giggle and say: “Khon dii-oh…” (‘Alone…’). Well, come on… who or what are you going to believe…!? I imagine most of us believe what we want to… so this is another ‘myth’ that could be founded on truth.

As for staying in their own room, with their friends, many (most?) bar-girls in Hua Hin seem to arrive with nothing more than a contact number. Very few seem to have friends in town. And (it seems to me) very few make new friends, so far from home… but it depends on your definition. I would define a friend as someone you can phone at three in the morning and not get the answer-machine, or the dulcet tones of: ‘Welcome to Call-Back service…‘ Many of the ladies in Hua Hin bars don’t even know each other’s names, or ages, or home towns… Business colleagues. maybe. Friends…? I don’t quite think so.

Many ladies have confided in me about their problems and subsequent, discreet and diplomatic, ‘cross-examination’ with their friends indicates they are not conferring with these ‘friends’. When a lady says I must keep it a secret, and not tell others in the bar, I will always comply… but I years ago learned how to professionally get answers without the subject realising my motivation. I’m not saying I’m always right, by any means but… I feel I sometimes do better than most other ‘mongers’.

Finally, I do accept Stick’s point: ‘that many girls are terrified of spending the night with a stranger, especially a foreigner who is bigger and stronger than she is, who might be a drinker and who could, if he so chose, do whatever he wanted to her.’ This is assuming the lady is sleeping with a guy she’s just met, although I have heard that, these days, many ladies (around the world) initiate ‘one-night-stands’ with total strangers…

Stick-Myth #6 The difference between sex you pay for and sex you don't pay for is that sex you pay for is cheaper.

Perhaps regrettably I cannot consider myself any sort of expert on this one. I have never searched the internet specifically for girls to date (and more…) because those I’ve encountered online seem to be mostly in Bangkok, and there seem to have been (in the past) very few in the Hua Hin neighbourhood. However Stick’s figure of around 4,000 ฿ for a bar-girl in Bangkok might be halved (or even less) in Hua Hin – a couple of drinks, bar-fee, your own room, and less than 1,000 ฿ for the lady… but that’s penny-pinching of Stick’s theory. What Stick doesn’t add is what happens after the third or fourth date – a bar-girl will continue to cost the same (or gets dropped) but the ‘girlfriend’ is liable to start talking ‘gold’, designer clothes, car etc., and will, surely, cost more.

And don’t forget the comment earlier: We all pay…!

Stick-Myth #7 Sex tourists are old, fat, bald dudes who can't get laid in their homeland.

Here I now have to come clean. Being one of the ‘old duffers’ (as described in a recent contribution on this site…) I can nevertheless claim to have a fine head of hair and, although I could certainly lose 5 k. or so (for my height), and 10 would make me happier, I have difficulty seeing myself as one of ‘those’… When I was last ‘back home’, some twenty years ago, I didn’t experience any particular problems having girlfriends, and neither was anybody trying to make me feel guilty – unless I’m so naive I didn’t notice…

Stick-Myth #8 It is the girls' responsibility to protect themselves, not the customer's.

I don’t go along with this myth at all. Neither do I accept the opposite view. I am totally committed to both parties being responsible. Otherwise I completely agree with what Stick asserts. Whenever I’ve reached the point where the lady is mumbling, “Khon-dom...” I have always asked her where it is and, if she recoils in horror, I quickly reassure her, by presenting one of mine… but then give a little discourse on the perils of not carrying her own – and telling her to get larger ones than she might otherwise buy…

Stick-Myth #9 Escorts are a higher class.

I have no experience or knowledge of the ‘professional escort service’ scene, though my automatic fancy is that the ladies might potentially be more elegant and/or presentable – at least, at first sight. However, those few I’ve seen online have not convinced me my surmise is correct. I have no interest in booking someone online, ‘sight unseen’ – I much prefer to chat with a lady, perhaps over two or three days, before thinking of bar-fees, though some of the nicest ladies I’ve encountered in Hua Hin have been those taken on a whim – a glint in her eye, a turn of the head…

That’s all folks… Pip, Pip.

Hua Hin Harry.

to be continued…