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Yao and Pink – Two Breaths Of Fresh Air

  • Written by Ishiro
  • July 8th, 2015
  • 6 min read


Pure Bangkok Escorts

Yao was one of the friendliest girls I had encountered in Thailand – an effervescent personality that made you feel as if you could sit and talk with her all evening. She worked out of one of the small beer bars in Soi 7/1 Sukhumvit and I ran into her (literally) as I turned the corner from the BTS into the soi. I was quite familiar with Soi 7/1 as I had frequented The Eden Club and had also known one of the other bar owners down the far end of the soi – where Nat and I would hang out on occasions. But the period when we would hang out at that bar was now long gone. The former owner had moved on and it was now in the hands of a new lessee. Nat and I had each moved on in different directions and my association with Yao was something brand new and quite accidental.

She was from Khon Kaen and she told me about her life and how she would like me to go and meet the family. From my experience with Thai girls, that is a normal thing for them to ask – but, although I did like Yao, I really didn't know her as it had been such a short time since I first "ran into her". We went to one of the "short-time" hotels, twice – the first time was "short-time" but the second time was a "long-time" stay until around dawn.

Each time I would go into Soi 7/1, Yao would be standing with a few of the girls, not far from the entrance, just inside the soi – and she would always come forward and throw her arms around my neck. I thought that was nice – but I also realized that she was merely "marking me" as her territory to show the other girls.

Christmas was not far away when I dropped in to the soi but Yao was not there. I sat beside one of her friends in the area outside the bar where she usually worked – and I bought her a drink. I don't remember her name but she was very pleasant to talk with. I asked her "Where was Yao?" She told me that Yao had to return home for a funeral service for a family member and she was not sure when she would return.

"We are sisters – and we look after each other".

butterflies bangkok

Of course, it is common for the girls to refer to others as their "sister" – but it does not mean they are related at all in the same family. Mainly it is used as a term of familiarity and a desire to look out for the welfare of the other person or persons.

I looked at her and asked her if she would like another drink – "Chai – korp-khun krup" – so off she went to get one for herself and a beer for me as well.

When she sat down, we clinked glasses and I looked at her – "Chokh-dee krup".

"So, who looks after you?", I asked.


She told me she has a Farang boyfriend who pays for a room in the upper end of Sukhumvit "But he is never there – I hardly ever see him".

I nodded my head but said nothing – trying to fathom why anyone would set up a situation such as that. Farangs sure do some queer things in Thailand – and one has to question the sanity of some of the actions.

My next question was why she did not try to find a place of her own and be independent.

"It costs so much to do that – and the money we earn is not big, so I not think that is possible for me".

I knew where this was going, if I persisted – so I figured I better not push the issue. After a little more small talk, I thanked her for the company and wished her well, then set off for my hotel.

Somewhere along the way I lost track of Yao – but I sometimes wonder what became of her – and of her "sister".


Two establishments that I frequented quite often were Geisha Massage Club and Thonglor Massage 2 (which, incidentally, is not at Thonglor – it is at Phrom Pong – just behind Emporium Department Store). Thonglor Massage and Spa is the cleanest and most well-fitted-out establishment one could wish for. All the facilities are modern and private, with rates among the best in Bangkok.

I first met Pink one afternoon in 2007 and found her to be one of the most delightful ladies I have ever met. We shared 2 hours that afternoon – but I wished it had been for twice that time-frame. The massage and extras were just perfect – lots of time for talking and, best of all, we ended up singing Thai songs that both of us knew. One, by Parn Thanaporn, is my very favourite – Eek Darn Kong Nang Marn Rai – อีกด้านของนางมารร้าย – and Pink knew all the words for the song. She was surprised that I knew the song – and I think that made the encounter more personal than it would otherwise have been – especially when I pulled out the working chart for the song, in Thai, from my carry-bag. Laying quietly together and talking in the afterglow was just so pleasant that I really did not want to leave.

A few times since then, I have returned to Thonglor 2 Massage and Spa – and each time I have asked for Pink. On each of those occasions, Pink was not on duty and I was disappointed. However, I selected one of the other ladies (Puu) who is a very nice person and does a fine massage as well. I always book in for two hours and we share a couple of drinks during the session as well. Pink still works at Thonglor Massage and Spa so I guess, if I want to have the services of Pink at any time in the future, I will need to book ahead. Of course that is with the proviso that I do, at some time in the future, return to Bangkok – but the likelihood of that is becoming more remote as time passes by.

Mostly, the fire has gone out in me for many of the things that I once enjoyed about Thailand – it's like the will has gone from me to even take the trouble to get on an aircraft to get there. You know how you get to the stage where all the bullshit attached with Security issues, Immigration and Customs all seem to become such unnecessary hoops that we are forced to jump through? Perhaps I've become a rebel as I've gotten older – but I really resent the measures that we are forced to endure just because there are certain brain-dead bastards in this world who have cursed us all with the threat of terrorism. May all of those arseholes rot in hell forever and suffer indescribable pain.

Thank God there are people like Yao and Pink in this world.