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When Bargirls Leave Their Mark (Literally)

  • Written by JasonX
  • July 21st, 2015
  • 4 min read

It’s mid morning and I am starring at myself in the mirror rubbing ice on three hickeys given to me by a gogo dancer. I am stunned, hung over, and most importantly scared out of my mind. Good thing the wife is not with me on this journey, but I am to visit her family in three days and I’m going crazy.

Out of all my escapades in Thailand over 12 years, this is the first. What was she thinking?

The night started out slow during my first evening in Phuket. This is also the first time I journey to Thailand alone since being married and sadly I have failed to meet other people during my journey. I am a very outgoing person, but perhaps creeping up to my forties, it’s just not the same as being a young lad and meeting up with others my age the way I did back in the day.

It is true what they say about the changing demographics of people visiting Thailand. At bus and train stations, I see a lot of young families roaming around. In Phuket, I notice a lot of Chinese tourists who seem to like taking pictures of the bar scene at Patong’s famous strip. I realize it is low season, but all I hear from the bar managers and the girls is that this is a very bad year. Anyhow, back to my story…

So I am doing the walk of shame up and down the strip looking for some cutie to catch my eye. Silly me, it’s only 8 PM and I am told most girls show up around 9 PM. Ok, fine, I sit at two different bars and order a drink. Come 9:00, I finally see some eye candy and I stop by and order her a drink. I find it interesting how prices fluctuate in Thailand. In Bangkok I paid 150 baht for a lady drink. Hua Hin 110 and now in Phuket I am told 200. Oh well, craving some company I cave in and also buy a drink for the mamasan. After an hour of chit chat I inquire about nearby discos and soon learn that the barfine at this open air beer bar is 1000 baht. Well that shocked me a little, so I decide to check bin and return to one of the first bars I stopped at to have one last drink.

However, once I downed that beer and feeling a little drunk, I am convinced to make one quick pit stop at a gogo bar called Suzy Wong's which is located right next to the beer bar area I was at. It is at this moment my night became very interesting and eventually leading to battle scares on my neck.

I am quickly surrounded by three girls who usher me in, sit next to me and begin putting their hands inside my shorts. WHOA!!! Ok! Drinks all around (I am such a sucker). So much for an early night. I ended racking up a bill of around 4,000 baht, including the barfine of a very sexy maiden.

It is pouring rain but she is ok to walk back to my hotel. Once in my room we shower and then we get busy. While I was drunk and needed some extra attention to be able to perform, I noticed that she was trying to have sex with me without a condom. WHOA!!! Not gonna happen, learned this lesson the hard way two years previous while in Pattaya in which I detail in my first ever submission to this site, How I Discovered Your Site.
So I am pretty shocked that this good-looking gogo dancer is willing to do the deed bareback. So I open up a condom, do my best to get things started, but I am too drunk so we end up going to sleep.

The next morning I am good to go, we have our fun and now I want her to leave and she doesn’t seem to get the hint. After 30 minutes of talking of how I have things to do, she finally gets the hint and leaves. (I am beginning to understand why many say ST is always the better option.)

When she left my room, it was still a bit dark. When I open the lights I noticed she left a gold ring near the television and a watch near the bed. Now this is also a first for me. Is she hinting that I should go back to see her? And then the bombshell when I go to brush my teeth; 3 FRIGGING HICKEYS on my neck. What was she thinking?

I plan on going back tonight for some answers, give her back her stuff and maybe buy one drink maximum. This whole experience has put an added damper on an already lonely holiday.

Now I am lying on my bed thinking of how I can postpone seeing her family and get myself out of yet another Thailand misadventure.

Stickman's thoughts:

Ooooh, I hope they clear up quickly because your wife (who I assume is Thai) is going to notice that…. Oh boy! Do let us know what happened next!