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Careful Or Just Too Careful?

  • Written by Anonymous
  • July 23rd, 2015
  • 4 min read

Pure Bangkok Escorts

After not doing the step for 6 years, I finally did it and came for the fourth time for a 60 day vacation. Been before in 2001, 2006 and 2009, the first two trips took one year each and included many countries in the area. 2009 was only 3 months in Thailand and Philippines.

I hated the idea of the sort of short 7 day vacation in Thailand I could take every year and instead took it somewhere nearer to my home, here in Israel.

I landed last Thursday afternoon and started enjoying my time exploring around. I attacked every durian stall on my way. The new ones are much less smelly than in previous times and unfortunately the taste is a bit less sweet and deep, but I still love it. I also love the new, almost smokeless traffic of today’s Bangkok.

I also think that Bangkok girls are even more attractive than when I left them.

Later that Thursday I arrived in Patpong night market and soon my way was blocked by the usual boom boom ping pong promoters showing me their notebooks of sexy girls. I gently refused them. One of them locked my arm in his palm and made me stop, repeating and encouraging me to come upstairs just to have a look. I’m not fond of prostitution but when one of the working girls went down to street level and started pressing the right areas in my body, I thought to myself just a look….why not!?

I went upstairs to see a bunch of just mildly attractive, mature ladies. When they felt I was about to turn my back and go back down the stairs an amazingly super sexy young girl with a big warm smile, hot body and shiny hair and skin was brought in front of me.

Love at first sight…

I was silent, not as a business strategy but just because I couldn’t find something to say!

The woman in charge said massage plus shower and sex and I pictured myself doing all that with this goddess. I was wearing my biggest smile and staring for a while. I enjoyed staring and she enjoyed me staring her.

Boss lady in charge said 1500 baht. I couldn’t agree or disagree. I was just happily staring. Then she said 1000. I hated to start my dream vacation in a brothel and looked for reasons to step back: 1000 sounded fishy. I also tried the age category but it was ok. 20 years old. On the other hand it felt really terrible to depart from this attractive Thai creature melting me with her smile.

That special feel of warm blood mixed with love hormones flowing, just like my first time with a girl.

I said ok paid at the desk after making sure the price including everything and no added charges would be asked for. Remember, I am in a second floor bar in Patpong!

The love of my life took me by the hand and we walked together trough the corridor to our honeymoon room.

We entered an ok room. The bed cover was stretched nicely and towels were artistically folded in the shape of a lotus. Is sex tourism so bad in Patpong that I get all that for 1000 or there is something else going on, I briefly asked myself.

Then she sweetly looked in my eyes and sweetly said to me something like "mi(s)ter my bo(ss) lie you….me no 20 me 19! Me only nex(t) month 20."

The optimistic side of my brain translated the new information to "so what" just go for it, you dreamed about it for 6 years! You deserve it!

The realistic (or paranoid side) added that information to the too attractive price and translated it to a big scam situation, I remembered that I read before somewhere that formal legal age it Thailand is 20. 18 is a common mistake.

I said something like "I no go with you! You're not legal!"

I went out of the room straight away to the little surprised looking boss lady raising my voice, "You lied to me! She is not 20!! I want my money now!"

She said as I had already turned on the air-conditioning in the room there would be no money coming back. I made an angry face (I was more afraid than angry) and surprisingly I got my 1,000 baht back.

Walking down the stairs I considered girl was recording / videoing her words to me with her phone as evidence to scare me later.

But who knows, maybe I’m just too careful and there was nothing wrong there.

I passed 3 times more that evening with mixed feelings, wishes of adventure and kicking myself in the butt for leaving.

Only in this land I can get from super happy riding the clouds to super terrified hiding my shade even twice a day.

Stickman's thoughts:

Actually, 18 is legal….