Stickman Readers' Submissions June 23rd, 2015

What The Girls Get Up To Went You’re Not Around

One thing I have not seen discussed on any bar scene sites is what I would consider "recreational or situational" lesbianism in the ladies working in bars. If one gets to know the girls they will quite openly confess to indulging in the pleasures of other ladies at sometime or another. And I don't mean just a handful, as one would expect, there are many, many of them right under your noses while you watch them in the bars.

The first time this subject came up was when I was talking with a particularly HOT girl in a local go-go bar and I about fell off my bar stool because I would never in a million years have guessed this about her or why she would even consider it because she was so hot she could have had her choice of any man in the area. But then the story came out and reluctantly I began to understand. Then I was on a quest and gently brought conversation with other girls around to this subject and found that lots of them get involved.

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This happens due to the fact that a lot of them live in tiny rooms with 6, 7, or 8 girls packed into these tiny one room apartments, sometimes provided by the bars or on their own. We males tend to forget most have sexual desires of their own and after a long sweaty night on the poles, getting their lady parts stimulated by customers, who then leave, with several drinks under their belts, they can end up quite randy.

Some of them seek relief with the male workers like DJs and bartenders in the bars, who get more action FOR FREE from the girls than the average punters get in their forays into the bars.

Talk to the always smiling bartenders and ask them about it and if you know them well enough they will let you know that it is an awesome responsibility and keeping track of who's "turn" it is such a problem they delegate that job to the girls themselves to figure out and just take the one the girls decide is next LOL.

The girls live in close proximity in these tiny spaces and nudity is common place even to showering together. I was quite surprised the first time I got invited to one of these "bar apartments" and found several girls in all states of undress and or nude walking around like it was the most normal thing, even with a male that knows them from the bar in the room. My presence didn't bother them one bit.

However, if they can not "hook up" with their male worker of choice they will often turn to the girl next to them in the tiny room for solace.

If the hunt for a male ends up a bust they go home to the tiny apartment filled with other girls and get to talking after their late shift ends and sometimes it gets around to "I'm horny as a billy goat and can't find a guy" and the result is sometimes "I can do something about that for you" from another girl and a night of fun begins.

To be sure some of the girls are introduced to the practice by confirmed, lifelong, lesbians that lurk while dancers or being mamasans in the bars and take advantage of the naiveté of the younger girls to their advantage. The new girls arrive from upcountry somewhere with few or no friends in Bangkok and these sharks take them under their wings and some of them get pressured into it by the very women that control their careers and they know these sharks can make life miserable for them if they don't go all to get along.

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But the majority of these "interludes" happen spontaneously after a night's work, with hormones raging, and the body lying pressed up against you happens to be another female.

Most of the interactions do NOT result in a "conversion" to liking other females permanently but is just considered by them as a night of fun, nothing more, and the majority still prefer the company of males if it is available. Most of the ones in it for "the fun" receive the favors from other ladies only and don't not reciprocate.

Some of them enter into long term commitments with other females but still go "off" with male customers. If you watch carefully you can see the committed ones "showing affection" with their chosen lady partners, even while dancing, and sometimes they will "confer" with and get the permission of their partners before going "off" with customers.

I know some of you are thinking well that could make for a night of fun watching or indulging right along with them but I'm sorry to dash your dreams but the majority of them will NOT "do it together with another female" in front of a male …….. sorry about that.

However there are some that will for the right inducement (money) as with anything else in bar land. They will most likely like the option of picking the other half of the team rather than the one you may fancy. Most likely it will be their lifestyle choice and not just someone that had a few nights of fun with another lady.

But like anything in life here there is a dark side when one lady decides to make a lifelong commitment to another lady and after some time living together one or the other makes the decision to end the commitment. One of the girls that was a waitress in a local go-go bar that I talked about in another submission.

I talked about some of them committing suicide. This particular friend became "involved with" and started living openly with another female and completely changed her lifestyle to make a total commitment to the new "love of her life"….then was devastated when her lover decided to move on. For her it was doubly bad not just losing a new lover and being heartbroken from being abandoned but also the, in her mind, huge loss of face because she had told her family and friends that she would now be living with and loving another female.

People that knew her tried to help her through the problem and told her she was not alone but she was never quite the same again.

Sadly she endured for a few weeks but couldn't take it anymore and ended her own life which is doubly sad because she had been a very open, always happy, without a care in the world, girl and was so special she had many many friends in the bar and customers loved her. RIP.

Meanwhile back at the bars if you are still around towards the end of the evening you may be able to see what I have been writing about. With a couple or more drinks under their bikinis, if you watch them dancing on the stage some of them indulge in grabbing chests, pulling down of bikini bottoms, and bumping lady parts or butts with their current fascination quite openly, and they have great fun while doing it and continue further when they get back to their accommodations later.

While it is quite common to see the girls, during their "pitch" or while on stage trying to induce a not yet convinced customer, making the gesture for male oral sex made buy puffing out one of their cheeks while making the "jerk off" hand gesture at their chin. What is more rare, but can be a good indicator, is catching the girls giving the sign for female oral sex to another one of the dancers. For those of you that have not caught them at it yet the sign is to put a backwards piece sign or the British two finger salute on their chin while simultaneously sticking out their tongue or even wiggling the extended tongue. It can be hard to catch as they do it very quickly in the hope that no one will catch them at it.

Some of them will flash this sign at a male but usually it is done to a long time repeat customer that has performed that service on that particular girl and she is just reminding him of what is to come. I can't remember ever a girl using it with a new prospective customer to entice them.

So while you are sitting there watching them dance remember that some of them aren't smiling at you but the lady sitting next to you. And they may be thinking of doing the same thing to the lady with you that you were thinking of doing.

Stickman's thoughts:

And away from the bar scene too, a lot of Thai women go through a phase where they have a girlfriend. It can last a while and just like the ladies of the bar, it often starts with a lady they are rooming with. It's a phase quite a few go through when they're at university – and living away from home.

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