Stickman Readers' Submissions June 11th, 2015

Fell For A Walking Street Bargirl!

Silly silly me… It was my first trip to Thailand and I really was out and out amazed by the culture. I loved it! The weather and the beautiful women! I come from the UK and because I had a really bad few years being imprisoned by a drug addiction this holiday made me feel like I had overcome something big as I would not have been able to make this possible otherwise.

Anyway, to try and get to the point, I had some real lonely years and I was single for most of my life. I am a nice polite kind of guy but I had so many personal issues it just never happened. I do suppose I probably missed out on the best years of my life. I am 26 now and until today there was a blank filled by a gorgeous girl who I don't want to name.

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I was warned before I went over there about the nature of bargirls. I thought I understood fully. I was with girls in Bangkok, my first time ever with a sex worker. I have to say I was having a lot of fun and I knew I was not going to let myself get attached, even though they were really so down to earth and kind. It helped me get my confidence back. I was having the time of my life! Me and my friend left Bangkok and went to Pattaya. I was overwhelmed! Walking Street is crazy! We visited a bar on our second or third night there and the mamasan encouraged a girl to sit next to me. I took one look at her and it was almost love at first sight. She was not the best looking girl on the strip but already she was the apple of my eye. I felt really sorry for her for being a sex worker. It didn't suit her. She was so shy. She was not really all over me like other girls, all the dry humping hands down the pants carry on that one does get familiar with! We had drinks but I got drunk and could not bring myself to having sex with her for money. I felt way too guilty. She didn't seem like a slut so I paid her and didn't even bring her home. She thought it was something she did but it was me.

I ended up back in the bar again the next night and I saw her again. She got really drunk as did I and we got even more connected. I started to like her more that night she came home with me. Maybe two nights later I was back to her but I had a breakdown because I liked her so much I could just see pain in her eyes over the life she has. I won't lie, I cried in front of her because it hurt me what a girl like her, the girl of my dreams, had to do to make a living. By no means did this girl make a lot of money doing what she did. I kept seeing her on and off for my stay. I almost got in to a fight over her because I just wanted to protect her from someone who started hassling her. I suppose I never wanted to leave her side. I put the fact she was a prostitute to one side. I did not care, nor was I in any way ashamed of the fact I fell in love instantly with her. She did not charge me much, and some nights nothing at all and paid bar bills out of the money I gave her.

I left and came back home and we never lost contact. I was aware that, yes, she is going to be fxxxing men for money, people like me. It took some time to get that in to the back of the mind I must admit, but I still saw her as that sweet, quiet, shy girl. She never really asked me for money. I gave her a birthday present and that was it. She was well aware that I was in a bad way financially, and I was unable to send her money even if I wanted to. She really was there for me through some hard times and just knowing that she was on the other end of the line was all I needed to keep my head above water. I had a beautiful tanned girl that I could ring at any hour and she was ALWAYS there. I spent all my day just thinking about holding this girl. It was an infatuation. She said she loved me and I believed it. It felt like a good long distance relationship even if there were fights she always got me smiling.

I wanted it to never end…but it did. I found out the hard way that love is the easiest word for a Thai girl to say. I was not her one and only she has several boyfriends on the go. Oh boy, I bet this has been said on more than one occasion here! Months have gone by and now I feel it's the end of the relationship. She calls me a liar and claims I do not love her. She does not love me, I see that now. It was so nice to be told that someone loves me every day. I never had that pleasure before but no doubt about it I won't be hearing it from her again. She told me she gave up her job as a hooker and is now a golf caddy but it turns out she is still down on Walking Street and from what I gather is happy doing her job. I'm gutted inside. I was deceived on many levels. Thankfully I was not cleaned out of money!

I do love Asia and I will be back and I will do the whole bargirl experience again. After all, good guys to heaven and bad guys go to Pattaya!

Next time around it will be drink, fuck, club, and sleep with maybe some eating in between but not staying in contact with anyone. I said I would marry a Thai girl, but now no way unfortunately. No offence, it's just two totally different cultures. I don't understand it.

Maybe not as bad as some of the stories on here but I need to vent my frustration. She was the girl I wanted to rescue from a life of doing what she does. Poor girl. I suppose I will always have a thing for here but I will stay away from that bar or it will happen again.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Sometimes it is not she who needs to be rescued, but he….

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