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Every Dog Has Its Day

  • Written by Kenada
  • June 20th, 2015
  • 6 min read

I'm not referring to this site as a dog, just a metaphor, but it appears as though the Stickman site has run its course, however that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The site, while simple, it is extremely outdated, the photo sections are eight years old, some of the articles in the different sections are close to the same and no longer relevant. It also seems that subs are rarely being submitted, and when they are, do we really need to hear how Bangkok has changed so much the past twenty years. If a place doesn't change in twenty years, do you really want to live there? TL is gonna change whether we like it or not, and they're not gonna change any immigration laws to accommodate falangs anytime soon, so deal with it.

The site had a good run but I don't understand the hanging on part. The owner has moved on to what he says is a happier life in another country, and I can tell you from experience that the longer you're gone from Thailand the memory fades fairly quickly. I haven't spent years there like others, mostly 3 – 5 month stints, but I haven't been back in over a year and think less and less of it. Even writing weekly articles when your interest is dwindling will be a tough task I would suspect. People become part of their surroundings.

Thailand Scum

Stick recently admitted that someone he was close to turned out to be a pedophile, this is the type of degenerates that Thailand is full of and anytime you associate with any falang in TL you may find yourself being guilty by association. When that guy gets arrested, people talk, 'hey didn't he used to hang around so and so a lot?', who needs that? Hard to shake that connection, and might torment a person for life.

A recent sub from a Hawaiian reprobate consisted of a two part series of 'The condom broke'. First of all why didn't you go to the drug store and give her a morning after pill for 150B, ya think? Then his attempt at humour and reconciliation was further embarrassment of bringing her condoms, maybe 500B on a box of chocolates might have been a nice touch. Then this miscreant thought he would post a touching letter from a friend of his that made him cry. Did he tell this friend of his his voyeur activities of taking secret pictures of unsuspecting girls. Technically this isn't pedophile behavior, but if there is a behavior an eyelash above that, this is it. Thailand is full of vile, repugnant pigs like this, and a site allowing material like this is another reason to pull the plug. If there is no moral standard then it's time to fade to black. I guess who am I to judge when I've indulged in the naughty side of Thailand, but I don't care if a ninety year old shags a twenty year old as long as they are of age and consenting, who cares, but sneaky pictures or anything non consensual just rubs me the wrong way, and I shutter to think what else might be on that phone.

Maybe I'm disgusted with myself as know I was one of those guys who has walked the streets with the pond scum that troll the shady areas of Thailand. Even though I haven't done what the previously mentioned used pieces of toilet paper have done, am I guilty by association? While trolling the areas of Sukhumvit, it is easy to start to feel less and less relevant in the world, if I was smeared all over the pavement, my pockets might be cleaned out first, then be pointed at and have some pictures taken, embassy notified, then flown home to people who have long since stopped giving a shit about me, with good reason. When I say I'm going to Thailand alone for a four month trip, what do the people that I tell think, probably that I'm no better than our Hawaiian lowlife.

Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, it's been a year since my last trip, five months long, four in Samui and one in BKK, way too much drinking, uncomfortable heat, and not a real urge for another near 30 hour flight. I also learned that I didn't have much to do if I wasn't drinking most nights and acting stupid. We all have our opinions about Thailand, for me I've never been concerned about fitting in there, maybe because I've never lived there. It's always served the purpose for me, warm weather and fun for the most part.

Finally, it seems like Stick is defending his move home and regularly trying to prove how happy he is, to what I assume is a group of wolves back in TL waiting for his return and the 'I told you you'd be back', when/if he returns. If he really is happy at home, then why not cut the cord and truly move on, it was good while it lasted. I've never met Stick and never will, just a guy reading the site, although less lately.

Stickman's thoughts:

This site has an old look and always has – it's part of what makes the site what it is and most long-term readers who have actually taken the time to comment on the look of the site don't want it changed. As photo galleries not being outdated – there's thousands of photos in recent weekly columns. As for submissions not arriving in the numbers they once did, it's great to see people posting on their Facebook pages and whatnot. Of course much of what is written about has not changed but as people change they find it less interesting. I don't see that as a big deal.

Finally, as for why I would continue to keep writing the column, that was a condition of the sale of the site and compensation was negotiated to do that. I refer to life in New Zealand and compare it with Thailand not for the silly reasons you intimate, but because it's an easy topic to write about. I'm in New Zealand so why not write about how it is here if I can find a relevant Thailand-slight? Why should I not write about the reasons I left and how I am finding life away from Thailand?! Many people wanted to hear about the process for making what some see after almost 17 years as a pretty big move. I never thought I would enjoy writing the column from so far away but the truth is I now feel free to say things I wouldn't in Thailand – and there have been a lot of positive comments from readers about exactly that.