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First Time Gogo Impression

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I’ve been to Cowboy / Nana a few times over the past few years, mostly when someone in the group was feeling curious. Earlier this month though, I spent 4 nights in BKK and another 2 touring the islands around Pattaya with a group of guys in our late 20s from Singapore. This would be the first all guys trip to Thailand for some of us, without the baggage of girlfriends / wives and platonic female friends to judge us. 6 men behaving like teenage boys in Thailand, plenty of cash and one of us getting married soon. It sounds like the perfect reason to hit the gogos and have some fun, right? Well, it wasn’t.

What I’m going to describe and say might offend a lot of the readers here but these are solely my personal opinions and observations, so hopefully everyone reads this with an open mind. The girls at both Cowboy and Nana are ugly. Like I wouldn’t want to sleep with you even if you beg me ugly. There, I said it! Now, please allow me to explain.

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Being Asian, farangs might assume that we just prefer fairer-skinned girls. While that might be true, Asians generally don’t give a fxxk about skin colour if the girl is hot. What I saw on my trip was a bunch of soulless creatures attempting to dance on the stage. If anything, that’s like the perfect place to lower your testosterone. What happened to all those Noi(s) and (insert bargirl nicknames) that I read about who were supposed be to hot, as described by esteemed readers? The whole place was downright depressing. Girls doesn’t seem to be having fun or even attempting to, and the older dudes sitting alone really make you go "Please don’t let that happen to me when I’m old!"

"I am average looking, relatively well off and can pull birds in my home country" is a sentence I’ve often read on this site, which makes me wonder, why the hell would you pay those ladies to sleep with you then? No really, the tattoos, the cellulite and the pudgy face? We spent one night in Nana and my friend managed to talk to a girl who’s probably the only pretty one there. She’s a coyote and offered my friend 7,000 baht for long time because she wanted to come clubbing with us. Bitch, please, there’s a whole lot of girls in RCA who would party together with us and who look better than you!

We spent 1 night trying out the different gogos and decided never to go back. Unless you are 60 years old and can’t dance more than 2 steps, there really are a lot more options available. Clubs like RCA, Scratch Dog are pretty popular with foreigners and I’ve seen guys in their 40s hooking up with girls. Even the G clubs are a better option. Sure you pay, 2K – 3K in ladies drink and maybe another 2K – 3K on drinks for yourself, but the quality of the ladies is just top notch. I think I spent a total of 13K over 3 days at a G club, comparable to what you would spend in a gogo too if you drink like we did. The only downside is you aren’t guaranteed sex. But, honestly, I enjoy the hunt. It’s pretty satisfying when the girl invites you up to her place. You also get some contacts which you can use in future, not the ''come hotel now I want sex', pay 3K after 1 hour and bye type. But more of, "Want to go club with my friends? Or hangout at my hotel after work?'' situation. If you are an expat or travelling frequently to BKK, surely this would be a better option?

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What about those pretty waitresses, sales girls and receptionists? Why not chat them up? They have far better English and you don’t have to keep paying barfines and short time fees. Not that it costs a lot but surely you would both have a better time knowing your relationship wasn’t based on monetary benefits? Or at least in the beginning. Now you could argue that, a 1-2 week vacationer has no time to go the longer route. Gentlemen, may I present to you the internet! No really, I’m serious, go make an account on ThaiCupid.
I know it scares you to think that all these girls are looking for marriage, but I specifically said I was looking to make new friends and got a ton of requests. I think most of my nights were spent with ladies from dating sites. There’s
a "market" for everyone on the sites. I’ve spoken to a lot of girls who prefer guys who are 10 – 20 years older and most prefer westerners. I’ve even had some girls visit me in my country and stayed in my place, granted
Singapore is just 2 hours away so it might be difficult for some of you. Although, I doubt they would complain if you reimburse the flight cost.

So, yeah, there are a lot more options for us to explore. Stop confining yourself to a few places and wax lyrical on them when it is clearly not the case. Sometimes the results can be quite satisfying when you put in a little more effort. After all, we are in a foreign place and it's the perfect opportunity to shed that introvert personality. I mean, if all you want is just sex with no fuss, the soapies are a better and a cheaper option. But since you prefer a gogo bar, it would mean that you are looking for a bit of GFE too. There’s a lot of ladies around in Thailand who can provide that so stop abusing yourself in the gogos please!

Once again, I apologize if this comes across as offensive. It’s just that I can’t imagine how a bunch of intelligent and well-travelled people can convince themselves that these girls are beauties when they are quite honestly, the ugliest I have seen in Asia!