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Failure Of Women Rights As Critical Obstacles, Violence, Immorality Against Gender In Thailand

  • Written by SV
  • May 14th, 2015
  • 4 min read

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The news about human trafficking in developing country such as Thailand has been increasing lately, both in terms locally and internationally. Land of the Smiles or home to the City of Angels is no exception lie ahead. However, the main source behind this growth is found not in westernization, but in the country itself. Due to the cultural norms that define Thailand and the prominent force of country for corruption, prostitution and sex trafficking. The steady growth of prostitution is a result of various different poverty factors.

More than just out of obligations to the family, many young women in this generation tired of living in rural poverty with no future, take a chance at a new promised life by agents. These women have been exposed to living in luxury. Prostitution has simply become a way of life for the Thai people. Due to the lack of education many are tricked, trafficked, or forced into the business to pay off debts. From his studies, a majority of Thai men have their first sexual experience with a prostitute with most acts having part in hazing rituals. Thailand’s officials ignore the reality of prostitution.

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Prostitution has become a social activity. Not only does polygamy of the men affect prostitution, but the lack of rights for women also increases the rate of prostitution. In Thai society, women hold very little power and have almost no rights. Today prostitution is illegal in Thailand but this law is generally not enforced. Anyone who has spent even the smallest amount of time in Thailand will have noticed that it is a country with a prostitution problem. Without a legal precedent, other police officers will rarely agree to arrest someone charged with prostitution. However, the main reason that prostitution is a lasting industry in Thailand is the many Thai men of all levels of society, especially government officials, actively protect and promote the sex industry, the latter through entertainment-related media and activities.

According to the online article titled “Slavery in Thailand Today” another reason why child prostitution still exists is because of the corruption of the government and political system which causes the issue of sexual slavery to be overlooked and minimized. Many police officers are paid off by owners and are themselves regular customers, thus not only overlooking the problem itself but also participating and supporting it.

Child Trafficking and labor trafficking cases are rising. Thailand has low cost of living, at the same time low morality with the growing materialism within society. This country is also premiere hospitality of Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS/GRS) this is another factors that threatening women, and it is morally wrong. Thai society has its own unique set of often contradictory sexual.

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Visiting a prostitute or a paid mistress is not an uncommon, though not necessarily acceptable behavior, for men. Prostitution in Thailand can be found in a number of venues, including brothels, massage parlors, saunas, hostess bars, go-go bars, "beer bars" and karaoke places. According to new research, the number of male prostitutes in the country has tripled in the last two years. The market which until recently had almost exclusively focused on a gay or bisexual male clientele, has become increasingly popular with Western women from Europe and mainly the UK. The money a prostitute is able to make in Thailand is much higher than the wages of say a factory worker. Children are increasingly trafficked across Southeast Asia for prostitution, with Thailand being the main destination.

Thailand is listed by the both a top destination for victims of human trafficking and a major source of trafficked persons. Bangkok is a notorious destination for sex tourism. There is no one answer to this question because there are many different types of hookers. Thailand is a very traditional and conservative country with strong Buddhist beliefs, but at the same time they will tolerate open prostitution and the outrageous flaunting of sexual ambivalence shown by lady boys. Scientifically speaking, this is one of the medical and technological breakthroughs and it means the progress of science in the human race. From Christian bible, this is said that there would be abuse and conflict in the male-female, husband-wife relationship (Gen. 3:16) Confusion, discomfort, and incompatibility exist where harmony reigned. Destruction of sexual gender is serious.

These studies have prompted further research to find out more about the women role in Thai society. Thailand is a staging point for the international trade in prostitutes and illegal workers, with facilities for the production of false travel documents and processing of foreign nationals to third countries.

Looking forward to discuss for future cooperation, in the meantime, please feel free to contact. I really admired the UN Women value of Placing women’s rights at the centre of all its efforts, the UN Women will lead and coordinate United Nations system efforts to ensure that commitments on gender equality and gender mainstreaming translate into action throughout the world.